Outdoor Movie Screen & Inflatable Projector Screen Rental & Sales

Outdoor Movie Screen Sales 

Buying outdoor movie screens from America's leading outdoor movie event provider is a smart choice.  In short,  we’ve perfected our inflatable projector screen design through our Nationwide projection screen rental business.  Movie screens sold are the same designs we use on a daily basis.  Most importantly, if they work for us in the rigorous movie screen rental market, they will work for your outdoor movie events.

Rent Projection Screen & Equipment

First, have you considered the idea to RENT projection screen and equipment for your outdoor movie events? If you need to Rent projection screen, and sound systems for your movie nights.  Click here for our Outdoor Movie Screen Rentals.

Outdoor Movie Screen and Projector Packages

For one price, you can purchase one of our outdoor movie screen and projector packages.  FunFlicks® can provide you with an inflatable outdoor projector screen, sound system and projector for your events.  Although there are hundreds of outdoor movie screen and projector choices, we are happy to in your decision.

We offer various outdoor movie screen and projector packages.  Each  vary in quality, size and price.  Questions?  Call us today:

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To RENT projection screens, click to visit FunFlicks® projector screen rental locations.

Choose Your Movie Screen Size & Quality

Premium or Professional

Premium Quality
Outdoor Movie Screen and Projector

Airscreen Equipment Package Image

Premium Screens by AirScreen®
Packages can include sound system, outdoor movie screen and Projector

Premium Quality:

  • 16′ airscreen cinema screen priced from $4595
  • Reliable source with 20+ year reputation
  • Patented features, field tested & stable up to 24 MPH wind
  • Seamless outdoor cinema quality viewing surface
  • 3 year warranty
  • Local FunFlicks® support to help train staff & manage events (additional cost)
  • Various screen sizes available: 12′– 80′
  • Complete Outdoor Movie Screen and Projector Package Including Inflatable Outdoor Projector Screen, Sound System &
  • Projector from $9595

Call FunFlicks® Today to order your Premium Quality
Airscreen® Movie Equipment for your outdoor cinema events.

Professional Quality
Outdoor Movie Screens

Screen used for Projection Screen Rentals

Various Inflatable Projector Screen Sizes Available

Professional Quality:

16′ Industry Grade priced from $3995

  • Affordable Pricing
  • Reliable & used in the outdoor movie rental industry
  • Field tested & stable up to 19 MPH wind (depending on size)
  • Seamless quality viewing surface up to 21′
  • 90 day warranty
  • Local FunFlicks® support to help train staff & manage
    events (additional cost)
  • Various Outdoor Movie Screen sizes available: 9′– 40′


Call FunFlicks® Today to order your Professional Quality
FunFlicks® Inflatable Projector Screens

FunFlicks® Professional Quality Outdoor Movie Screen
Price & Sizes:

Smallest Indoor Theater Size

9' x 5' Screen
Up to 20 guests
Starting at $1,495

Inflatable projector screen for backyard parties

12' x 7' Screen
Up to 75 guests
Starting at $1,995

outdoor movie screen and projector sized for backyards

16' x 9' Screen
Up to 250 guests
Starting at $2,495

Rent projection screen for school events

20' x 12' Screen
Up to 500 guests
Starting at $3,595

Rent Projection Screen for Parks and Recs

26' x 15' Screen
Up to 750 guests
Starting at $4,795

Sized for Company Events

30' x 17' Screen
Up to 1000 guests
Starting at $6,695

Projection Screen Rentals for Drive In Movies

40' x 20' Screen
Up to 3000 guests
Starting at $9,595

Inflatable projector screen size for mid sized events

12' x 9' Screen
Up to 75 guests
Starting at $1,995

FunFlicks® offers Outdoor Movie Screens | Projectors | Speakers & More.

Yes, we know our movie equipment is priced less than the other companies.

YES, our screens are of great quality at close to half the price of others!

We produced over 5000 events last season - using this movie equipment.

They work GREAT for us, they will work great for you!

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Why Buy FunFlicks®
Outdoor Movie Equipment?

Inflatable Projector Screen Sales 

Our inflatable projector screen has been custom designed over the past 12 years through our FunFlicks® event network.

Our industrial grade inflatable projector screen is MADE IN THE USA which has proven to be a key ingredient in the growth of our Brand.  Were happy to share our screen technology in effort to fuel the outdoor movie industy.

Contact FunFlicks® Today: (877) 263-0480

Why Purchase from FunFlicks®?

  • Industrial Quality – proven in the vigorous rental market
  • Incredible Value & Pricing – since we buy in volume
  • Masterfully Designed & Excellent Projection Quality
  • Seamless White Surface up to 32′– Made in the USA
  • Superior Performance for the Outdoor Environment
  • Local FunFlicks® Representation – initial set-up & on-going support

Movie Equipment Ownership is for:

  • Organizations With Frequent Movie Events
  • Building Your Own Outdoor Home Theater
  • Parks, Schools, Pools, Apartments & Churches
  • Starting Your Own Outdoor Movie Business

Have you considered Starting Your Own Outdoor Movie Business?

Partnering with FunFlicks® makes it a breeze, and we’ll provide
customer leads and support to help you GROW! 

Outdoor Movie Screens by FunFlicks®

Discounted Pricing & Proven History

We have obtained wholesale discounted screens direct from multiple manufactures since we continue to purchase on a regular basis for our National network.  12+ years of experience has perfected our design.

Durable & Easy to Use

Most screens above are designed with a self-supporting, free-standing inflatable frame. Minimal roping and stakes required. Many times you do not have to secure the blow up screen, unless the winds are high. These projection screens are excellent for using in areas where staking is limited (i.e. parking lots, tennis courts & gymnasiums) along with outdoor movies on fields, lawns, etc. Wind rating is easily 20+ MPH. Most can be inflated with 1 person.

All portable screen surfaces are wrinkle-free and removable for easy machine washable cleaning. Seamless, front or rear projection is allowed on most sizes.

To Buy Screens, Projectors and Sound Systems, Call (877) 263-0480

Again, we can’t express it enough-We use these blow up screens on a daily basis – if they work great for our screen rental business, they will work for your outdoor movie night, event, series or inflatable screen rental business!