Summer Pool and Swim Club Movie Night Events


Are you looking for a new way to give the guests at your swim club something fun to do this summer? Try hosting outdoor movie nights in your lawn, parking lot or right from the pool on a jumbo projector screen from FunFlicks®.


As America's #1 Outdoor Movie Equipment Rental Company, we provide screen rentals and more for community pools and other businesses across the United States. Work with us to tap into the nostalgia of classic drive-in theaters from Hollywood's Golden Age right from your property for a memorable night of swimming and entertainment that will draw eager guests time after time.


We're the perfect choice for a neighborhood or apartment community pool party!


FunFlicks Pool & Swim Club Events


FunFlicks outdoor movie parties are fun for pool guests of all ages, and the process is a breeze for your staff. Our pool club events include the following:

Night pool party ideas include a screen placed on your pool deck for an outdoor movie
Poolside apartment resident movie equipment rental set-up for a "dive-in' movie night by FunFlicks®

Apartment Pool Party

Community & apartment complex pool party ideas includes a complete outdoor movie theater equipment rental, delivery, set-up, removal and FunFlicks® Host. Residents will be amazed with the extreme quality - guaranteed!  You simply provide the movie and invitaions to your tenants - we provide the rest!

Prices start at $599+ depending on crowd size, location and event type.

An Enormous Inflatable Movie Screen

We offer movie screens in various sizes to accommodate between 200 and 5,000 guests. The inflatable screen comes with a powered blower for inflation and all the ropes you'll need to keep it secure. Thanks to a lightweight build, the screen won't damage your lawn. Our screens also include advertising space to help you secure event funding.

Mobile LED

Neighborhood DAYTIME events and activities can be enhanced with our mobile LED screens and walls.  Using our LED screens, your neighborhood pool party idea can include any media or presentation during the DAYTIME!

A Powerful Sound System

You'll receive a sound system that packs enough punch to deliver clear, full audio that your guests will hear throughout your pool club. Many of our FunFlicks hosts receive more requests to bump the volume down than turn it up, even in open outdoor settings.

A Friendly FunFlicks® Host

When you rent our equipment for your poolside event, we'll send a representative to stick around for the night. They'll oversee the event, address any technical difficulties and even serve popcorn if included so you can focus on facilitating a great night for your guests.

Crystal-Clear Digital Projection

Our equipment connects to a DVD/VHS player and projects a crisp picture onto the screen that captures the authentic essence of the film you choose. Our standard equipment is best for nighttime events, but choose our LED screens for daytime viewings, too. Our staff will set up a control table in an inconspicuous location that holds your projector without getting in the way. If you want to let your guests watch from the water, we offer back-projection compatibility to make any configuration possible.

Complete delivery, technical set-up and removal for your fall and summer programs in the park.

Worried about the
 We gotcha covered!

Add a rain date Guarantee to any event - to ensure
momma nature doesn't stomp on your parade.

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Community Pool Party Ideas

Community Pool Drive-In Movie

Your neighborhood and apartment complex can host a Drive-In event complete with cars and FM transmitter for sound.  Any parking lot can be transformed into a 1950's style drive-in movie theater!

Swim Clubs & Meets - Host That BBQ

Your neighborhood barbeque can include a community outdoor movie night!  If it is in the Fall, think s'mores & campfires.

Swim Club Fundraising Ideas

Invite the community to a "Dive In" movie as a swim club fundraiser.  Sell tickets and concessions to raise monies for your swim team or local charity.

Neighborhood Pool Party Idea

Outdoor movies are the perfect neighborhood pool party idea.  Since the event is poolside, invite your guests to bring their favorite float - so they can watch the movie while drifting in the water!

Apartment pool party ideas include a FunFlicks® hosted poolside outdoor movie night
Backyard pool party theme including a movie screen next to the swimming pool

How Do Outdoor Movies Work?

With FunFlicks on your side, hosting outdoor movie nights at your swimming club is as easy as a day sunbathing poolside. To get started, find a rental location near you and reach out to discuss your property schedule the event. Your local branch will help you decide on the right screen option for the occasion, as well as other offerings like popcorn cart rentals starting at $199 for the equipment and kernels.

With your event and rentals scheduled, it's time to start promoting. Renters can find premade marketing materials for free on our site to help maximize attendance at their event.

When the day of your event arrives, we'll send a crew during daylight hours to set up your screen, projector and sound system exactly how and where you want them. Installation takes less than two hours. Have your guests show up in the evening for a showing that starts 10 minutes before sunset. During the showing, our FunFlicks Host will ensure everything runs smoothly on our end.

Seeing unexpected rain in the forecast? Save yourself the stress by adding a rain date guarantee. Give us a call for prices.

Movie Licensing

You can play nearly any movie of your choice for your poolside movie night at the swim club. However, you need to obtain a movie license from one of the two major companies, Criterion Picture or Swank Motion Pictures, to show movies in public legally. Each company represents a handful of studios, so check which one holds the rights to the film you want to play.

A movie license is necessary, even if you're not charging admission. Contact the licensing rep from the company of your choice to see how admission fees will affect your licensing costs.

Not Big Enough?

We have
Bigger Screens

LED Screen Rentals available for DAYTIME events, too!

UPGRADE Screen sizes from 26'-40' for audiences from 200-5000

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Pool and Swim Club Event Ideas

With an outdoor movie event at your swim club powered by FunFlicks, your guests can dive back into the charm of the 1950s. Work with us to plan a retro drive-in night in your parking lot, set up a screen on your lawn for a family movie night or host a watch party in the water.

A FunFlicks® night pool party idea quickly transpires into a wonderful Family Fun Night. Pool Members, Residents, Staff, Management, Security & Maintenance come together to experience a movie at your pool.  This wonderful family fun night creates a relaxed, controlled & safe environment for your families.  Use your parking lot as a neighborhood drive-in or the feild for a community movie night.

There’s something about sitting on a blanket with your kids and their friends, hearing the sounds of chuckles and laughter when Dory spells “escape”. Or the tears the audience shares when Nemo hugs Dad....Share this with your fellowship!

Outdoor movies make a unique nightime pool party idea that is different than watching a movie at home or at the theater.


Theme ideas for a pool party


There's all types of theme ideas for your pool party!

Theme your pool party with any movie genre.  Comedy, Action or Adventure.  One of our favorite pool party themes includes the movie "Jaws".  Another favorite is "Caddyshack".

Make it a beach themed pool party and show the movie "Beach Party"  Throw a Hawaiin Luai and show the film "Lilo & Stitch".

Guests of all ages will love coming to the pool for aquatic-themed blockbusters like "Moana," "Aquaman," "Finding Nemo," "Ponyo" or "The Little Mermaid." Or, host a daytime Olympic watch party to gather in support of U.S. athletes competing in swimming, diving, water polo or beach volleyball. If you can dream it, FunFlicks will help make it a reality.

A themed movie night words well for a backyard pool party or any community event. You will find the hardest part is choosing the movie because there are so many choices.


Schedule a Movie Night at Your Swim Club or Community Pool

For more on how you can make a splash with a FunFlicks movie night at your pool or swim club, contact your local rental location today!