About Us

Learn about FunFlicks' roots and why we do what we do.

We're focused on bringing generations together in local communities by creating extraordinary experiences, one event at a time.

All FunFlicks® locations are family-owned and operated. Our owners all emphasize the FunFlicks® philosophy of business management with premium customer service and cutting-edge audiovisual technology. We've modernized a piece of outdoor movie history for people across the United States to enjoy today. The goal is to provide you with fun, friendly, and professional service at a price that is fair and affordable for everyone.

Our National Team

Our FunFlicks national team helps communicate our values to customers throughout the United States. Get to know some fun facts about our national FunFlicks® business team below.

Outdoor Movie History

Learn about how and why FunFlicks came to fruition with our timeline. We've included key moments of FunFlicks' life as well as important milestones for the industry.

Customer Testimonials

We recognize that good reputation comes with good service. That's why we strive to make your night a success. Read the stories from our outdoor movie night rental customers across America.

Experience the Future with FunFlicks® LED

High-Resolution Viewing for Day or Night Events