Mobile vs. Wall LED Screens

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The Advantages of LED Screens

Check out the top five advantages of LED screens


Why Choose LED?

You can make any event you're hosting even better with a visually stunning LED display. Using an LED screen allows you to show your guests strikingly clear images and vibrant videos. Whether you're showing a movie or trying to advertise your company's product, renting an LED screen can help you accomplish your goal more effectively. LED screens come with so many benefits it's hard to list them all.

1. Visual Appeal

Hands down, the biggest advantage of LED screens is their remarkable appearance. LED screens provide a bright and dynamic display that naturally attracts people to whatever is playing. In fact, an LED display is so vivid and engaging, you can't help but stare.

2. Adaptability

LEDs have a slim screen and sleek design that allows for easy adjustments. You can also get LED screens in just about any size and shape, making it simple to find the perfect LED screen for your event.

3. Flawless Connection

Each LED panel's modular size and higher brightness works together seamlessly when put together as part of a larger LED display. This smooth connection results in fewer video glitches and a better viewing experience overall.

4. Weather Resilience

Despite being electronic, LED displays can be waterproof, anti-corrosion and dustproof, even under extreme weather conditions. This strong weather resistance makes LED screens a great choice for any and all outdoor media needs.

5. Affordability

LED screens are cost-effective because whether you rent or buy, you won't suffer any sticker shock. An LED display is also a smart investment because LED screens have exceptionally long life spans to go along with their affordable price tags.

Mobile LED vs Wall LED

If you're considering renting an LED display, you'll need to know the differences between mobile LED screens and wall LED screens. We'll cover the main differences between mobile vs. wall LED screens, and what kind of LED display is best for your event.

Mobile LED Screens


A mobile LED screen is an LED display built out on a steel frame and mounted on an open or enclosed trailer. The display system is also equipped with hydraulic lifting and rotation. Here are the top seven advantages of portable LED screens:

1. Convenience

Need to tow your mobile LED screen somewhere? Simply hook the screen up to any vehicle with a hitch and drive to wherever you want to place it. Mobile LED screens are lightweight and safe to tow, making them a convenient option for any event that calls for screens in multiple locations.

2. Easy To Use

Along with being easy to transport, mobile LED screens are easy to use. In general, running a mobile LED display doesn't require much experience with setting up or operating event technology equipment. From setup to tear-down, using a mobile LED display is straightforward and easy to understand so you can pay more attention to hosting a stellar event than figuring out how to run an LED screen.

3. Reliable

You can count on your mobile LED screen rain or shine. In fact, most outdoor LED equipment can withstand a considerable amount of impact from the elements. Specifically, look for a mobile LED screen that's glare-resistant, so the images on the screen are clear and bright, even in full sunlight.

4. Advertising Opportunities

Mobile video walls come with major income potential because they can be positioned anywhere with the highest foot traffic. The screen's bright displays will easily attract attention from anyone walking by, which means more people may see your ad, brand message or sponsor information.

5. Versatile

The beauty of a mobile LED screen is that you can use it for nearly any occasion — outdoor concerts, backyard parties, tailgate events, fundraisers, movie nights and more! You can choose the perfect outdoor LED screen for your event, depending on what screen size, pixel pitch, resolution and power you need.

6. Cost-Effective

A mobile LED screen is a far more affordable event technology option than a custom-built modular LED wall. Compared to a wall LED screen, a mobile LED screen offers a better rental price without sacrificing picture quality. You'll even get to choose from a wide variety of resolutions and pixel pitches when you rent a mobile LED display.

7. Enhanced Value

A mobile LED display can enhance your guests' experience overall. By delivering crystal-clear visuals, your mobile LED screen can leave a positive, lasting impact on people and make your event memorable. The best part is mobile LED displays offer all these benefits while still being time-efficient and cost-effective, which means you don't have to work harder or pay more for this value.

Wall LED Screens


Unlike mobile LED screens, wall LED screens do not move. An LED video wall is an LED display made up of smaller LED panels that are linked together to make the larger display. An LED wall screen display provides similar advantages to mobile LED displays — high-quality pictures, versatility and weather-resistance — but it is not transportable.

Not being on wheels may sound like a minor detail, but it can affect the user experience a lot. For example, a standard LED wall screen needs to be loaded, unloaded and reconfigured at each new event. This process tends to require a skillful crew and a few technicians who know their way around LED technology.

Although transporting and setting up wall LED screens may take a bit more effort, the resulting display is magnificent. Just like a mobile LED screen, an LED wall display creates one giant seamless screen to show off your advertisement, message or featured presentation. There's no doubt that the stunning spectacle of an LED video wall will captivate people's attention.

Which LED Screen Is Better for Your Event?

The answer depends on how much time, energy and money you have to spend on your LED display.

If you're short on time or staff, the easiest solution is to rent a mobile LED display. You only need one person to set up a mobile LED display, and it can be set up in a matter of minutes. As a bonus, a mobile LED screen is easy to use and transport. If you plan to use the display again for another event, you don't have to dismantle and reconfigure the setup.

If you want a more permanent LED screen setup, with the ability for a custom install, a wall LED screen may be your best bet.

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