Other Services

Top Movie Picks

If you're searching for the perfect film to show at your outdoor movie party, look no further than our Top Movie Picks page. With countless suggestions ranging from cinematic classics to modern blockbusters, we have the perfect movie recommendations for any occasion.

Movie Licensing

Most films require a movie license to be shown in public, such as in a park, school, amphitheater, or even your place of business. Purchase proper licensing for your outdoor movie party or learn more about the requirements on our Movie Licensing page.

Event Marketing

Not only do we provide cutting-edge audiovisual equipment, but we also want your event to be an unforgettable experience for everyone. Download some of our free promotional material or request custom graphics to advertise your party or decorate the event location.

Purchase Screens

From building an epic backyard entertainment center to hosting community-wide screenings that bring the magic of the silver screen to your friends and neighbors, there are many reasons to buy your own inflatable screen. Purchase your own state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment from us!

Job Opportunities

Are you reliable, well-groomed, customer-oriented, and have a friendly attitude? We are looking for those with minimal to advanced A/V technical skills to host FunFlicks® indoor and outdoor movie events in your area. Apply today and join the FunFlicks® family.

Become an Owner

For decades, we’ve brought people together with our cutting-edge technology and professional services. You can do the same if you start a pop-up cinema business with FunFlicks®! Bring the ultimate audiovisual experience to your local community.