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Parks and Recreation events made easy by FunFlicks®! We help organize and host your community park and rec programs including outdoor movie nights in the Park or Parking Lot.


Innovative Parks and Recreation Ideas


Innovative Parks and Recreation ideas includes a community outdoor movie night!

Innovative parks and recreation ideas include an outdoor movie night for the community hosted by Fun Flicks
Parks and Recreation programs can include a drive in movie night as a summer program

Movies in the Park
Movies in the Park include complete outdoor movie theater equipment rental, delivery, set-up, removal and FunFlicks® Host. Everyone will be amazed with the extreme quality - guaranteed! You simply provide the movie - we provide the rest!

Prices start at $599+ depending on crowd size, location and event type.

Super-Sized Inflatable Movie Screen
Our whopping inflatable screen comes complete with advertising space, blower & roping. The Premiere sized Park and Rec screen will comfortably please the eyes of up to 250 guests. We can also provide larger screens to satisfy up to 5000 in any field, park or lot.

Upgraded Sound Systems
Your audience will hear loud and clear!  Share future parks and recreation event ideas message before the show utilizing our concert grade sound system.  Your outdoor movie presentation will be clear, intense & exciting.

A warm and friendly FunFlicks® Host
We come, and we stay to oversee your special events.  FunFlicks® technicians are always friendly, professional, clean-cut, honest & dependable.  We will take care of all technical components and we'll serve your guests popcorn if included.

High Quality Digital Projection
Our projection quality is excellent.  Many film festivals across the nation use our services for their presentations.  We utilize this very same movie equipment for your parks and rec events.

Complete delivery, technical set-up and removal for your fall and summer programs in the park.

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Parks and Recreation Fundraising Idea:

Add Popcorn for an easy Parks and Recreation Fundraising Idea.  Popcorn Cart Rental & Kernals

Worried about the
 We gotcha covered!

Add a rain date Guarantee to any event - to ensure
momma nature doesn't stomp on your parade.

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Parks and Recreation Programs


Parks and Recreation Programs and ideas include a Drive-IN or Movies in the Park

Park & Rec Drive In
Your Park & Rec can host a Drive-In event complete with cars and FM transmitter for sound.  Any parking lot can be transformed into a 1950's style drive-in movie theater!

Prices start at $799+ depending on screen size required for your park and rec event.

Mobile LED
Parks and Recreation summer activities can be enhanced with our mobile LED screens and walls.  Using our LED screens, your park and rec ideas can include any media or presentation during the DAYTIME!

Parks & Recreation Barbque
Your parks and recreation barbque can include a community outdoor movie night!  If it's Fall, think smores & campfires.

Parks and Recreation Fundraising Ideas
Invite the community as a park and rec fundraiser.  Sell tickets and concessions to raise monies for your park and recreation events.

Parks and Recreation month ideas includes hosting an outdoor movie special event
Marketing ideas for parks and recreation includes an emerging trend of outdoor movies in the park

Not Big Enough?

We have
Bigger Screens

LED Screen Rentals available for DAYTIME events, too!

UPGRADE Screen sizes from 26'-40' for audiences from 200-5000

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Marketing Parks and Recreation


Marketing ideas for Parks and Recreation include a Drive-IN or Movies in the Park

Every outdoor movie night transpires into a wonderful Family Fun Night. Park Members, Residents, Staff, Management, Security & Maintenance come together to experience a movie in your Park.  This wonderful family fun night creates a relaxed, controlled & safe environment for your families.  Use your parking lot as a park & rec drive-in or the feild for a community movie night.

There’s something about sitting on a blanket with your kids and their friends, hearing the sounds of chuckles and laughter when Dory spells “escape”. Or the tears the audience shares when Nemo hugs Dad....Share this with your fellowship!

Outdoor movies make a unique park and rec event idea that is different than watching a movie at home or at the theater.


Parks and Recreation Month


Parks and Recreation Month Ideas - Host a Drive In or Outdoor Movie Night with our help!

Seeking Parks and Recreation Month programs?  Host an outdoor movie night or share a Drive In movie event with your community.  An outdoor movie series is an emerging trend in Parks and Recreation.  Need a unique summer program?  Movie nights are one of park and rec's favorite special events.


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