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Parks and Recreation events made easy by FunFlicks®! We help organize and host your community park and rec programs including outdoor movie nights in the Park or Parking Lot.

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Innovative Parks and Recreation Ideas

Innovative Parks and Recreation ideas include a community outdoor movie night!

A film festival taking place with a FunFlicks inflatable screen at a local parks and recreation event.
A crowd of people waiting for the outdoor movie to start when the sun sets at a local parks and recreation event.

Movies in the Park

Movies in the Park include complete outdoor movie theater equipment rental, delivery, set-up, removal, and a FunFlicks® Event Host. Everyone will be amazed with the extreme quality - guaranteed! You simply provide the movie - we provide the rest!

Prices start at $599+ depending on crowd size, location, and event type.

Super-Sized Inflatable Movie Screen

We'll hook you up with a gigantic inflatable screen to ensure that everyone who attends your park outdoor movie event will be able to see the screen. With the super-sized screen we provide, even those in the "nosebleed section" can watch the plot unfold in crystal-clear high definition. Depending on your parks and rec event's size, we have screens large enough for a crowd of up to 5,000 to view the movie comfortably.

Upgraded Sound Systems

If you've ever felt your pulse quicken at the start of a dramatic score, you know that sound is one of the most crucial parts of the movie-watching experience. You never have to worry about your audience members struggling to hear the movie when you partner with FunFlicks®. With our top-quality sound equipment, your movie presentation will sound clear, intense and exhilarating.

Our sound equipment is impressive and reliable, providing consistently clear audio no matter what kind of event you're throwing. Even if you plan on hosting your parks and recreation events in a wide-open outdoor area, you can count on our cutting-edge sound equipment to keep everyone wrapped up in the action.

A warm and friendly FunFlicks® Host

Of course, nobody expects you to know all the technical details about operating advanced movie theater screen equipment. FunFlicks® will send you a reliable, experienced host to help ensure all the equipment runs properly and your event goes smoothly. Your FunFlicks® host will stay for the entire movie night event, so help is readily available in case any technical difficulties arise.

High Quality Digital Projection

Our projection quality is excellent. Many film festivals across the nation use our services for their debut screenings. We utilize this very same movie equipment for your parks and recreation events.

Complete delivery, set-up and removal for your fundraiser event.

Movie Screens for Parks and Recreation

We offer both inflatable and LED screen rentals. Prices vary depending on your location, screen equipment, and length of event.

Inflatable Movie Screens
Cost $$$

Our fleet of inflatables are the best quality of screen that you can rent at an affordable price. Whether your movie event is indoors or outdoors, there is an inflatable screen for everyone to enjoy. Our assortment of inflatable screens have a seamless viewing surface and can be blown up in minutes. We’ll be sure to get everything up and running before the suggested start time. Experienced technicians will be present for the duration of the event and will set-up and take down equipment. At every event, we bring high-definition speakers that will knock your socks off and a theatrical projector with a crystal-clear display. For optimal viewing, an inflatable event should take place in a setting with minimal lighting and winds of under 15 mph.

A Frame Side View1

Indoor 12'
9x5 Display
25 Guests

Backyard 16'
12x7 display
100 guests | 10 cars

Premiere 21'
16x9 display
250 guests | 50 cars

Blockbuster 26'
20x12 display
500 guests | 75 cars

Elite 32'
25x15 Display
750 Guests | 100 Cars

Epic 40'
30x17 display
1500 guests | 150 cars

Xtreme 50'
40x22 display
3000 guests | 250 cars

LED Screens
Cost $$$

If you want a screen that can display day or night in almost any environment, renting an LED screen is the best option for you. Using electroluminescent technology, our LED screens generate light safely and effectively at any time of day. Hence, it isn’t a problem if you want to celebrate day or night. Our panels and trailers are rated IP65, which means they are both rain and dust proof. All of our mobile LED trailers have onboard generators used to power the display. Therefore, no power supply is needed. Similar to our inflatable screens, our fleet of LED screens come in a variety of dimensions for a variety of crowd sizes. Event technicians across the country are available to bring our LED trailers anywhere for you to have a memorable fundraiser movie event.


8' x 5'
8x5 Display
50 guests | 10 cars

12' x 7'
12x7 display
100 guests | 20 cars

15' x 8'
15x8 display
250 guests | 50 cars

17' x 10'
17x10 display
450 guests | 70 cars

23' x 13'
23x13 display
700 guests | 90 cars

Marketing Parks and Recreation Events

A little league ceremony taking place with a FunFlicks inflatable screen at a local parks and recreation event.

Bring the Community Together with an Outdoor Movie Night

Every outdoor movie night transpires into a wonderful Family Fun Night. Park Members, Residents, Staff, Management, Security & Maintenance come together to experience a movie in your Park. This wonderful family fun night creates a relaxed, controlled & safe environment for your families. Use your parking lot or field for the ultimate drive-in.

There’s something special about sitting on a blanket with your kids and their friends, hearing the sounds of chuckles and laughter when Dory spells “escape”. Or the tears the audience shares when Nemo finally find his dad. You can share the emotion of unforgettable cinematic moments with your local community at FunFlicks® parks and rec events.

Outdoor movies make a unique park and rec event idea that is different than watching a movie at home or at the theater.

Seasonal Ideas for Parks and Rec Events

Looking to bring your community together for parks and rec events? An outdoor movie night is an amazing opportunity to unite generations under the magic of the silver screen. In the summer, organize a festival with music, food, and a showing of everyone's family favorite film. Nothing beats the feeling of the FunFlicks® cinematic experience as you make memories with your community amongst the evening chirp of crickets under the stars. Drive-in movie events are excellent for bringing people together amidst the cold of winter. The audience is able to have a blast with their loved ones while in the comfort and warmth of their vehicles.

Take Your Parks and Rec Events to the Next Level

While a parks and recreation outdoor movie night is always enjoyable, you can elevate your event to the next level by taking a few extra steps. Go the extra mile by getting input from community members before choosing which movie to show. You could even set up an online poll to have community members vote on which film they'd like to see in the park.

In addition to soliciting community input, offer incentives for registering and attending the event. For example, you could promote early-bird registration prices. If you aren't charging for tickets or not requiring people to register, you could publicize guest packages or an exclusive item like free popcorn for the first people to show up at the park or whoever brings a friend along.

After the outdoor movie night, make sure you take feedback from the community into account. Hearing what community members have to say about the event will help you make your next movie under the stars even more successful.



WELL WORTH IT! The technician sets everything up and stays on sight in the event there are any technical difficulties. He was very friendly and came way ahead of time to ensure he had everything he needed for the event to begin on time. All in all, we were VERY pleased!

-Vicky M

- Marty

The whole process was easy. Emily was fantastic with her information back to me, and Jose was phenomenal on site, he was kind, pleasant, and very proficient in his job. We will definitely be using FunFlicks again!


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