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How to: Throw Birthday Parties with FunFlicks

Are you looking for inexpensive birthday party ideas so that you can save money while having a great time? Unfortunately, money doesn’t fall from trees, and parties can be very expensive. We are here to help you have an affordable event with our 20+ years of party experience. There are several ways for you to have a great birthday celebration without your wallet taking a blow. Save money, have fun, and follow our guide for all the best inexpensive birthday party ideas.

Family and friends watching The Little Mermaid on a huge FunFlicks inflatable screen in the backyard. They are celebrating a special birthday with food, party favors, and a movie night.
Family watching a movie on a FunFlicks inflatable screen in the privacy of their backyard.

Choose a Theme

Every party needs a theme, whether it's for a birthday, school celebration, church gathering, neighborhood event, or any other occasion. The theme of your party should be fitting for the audience and something that guests would enjoy being immersed in. When deciding on the best theme, the time of year and audience preferences should be highlighted. For example, having a carnival with candy apples, fair games, colorful balloons, face paintings, and an evening showing of "It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" at a children’s party would be a great choice during the fall. For the most captivating experience, coordinate all aspects of your party with the overall theme. Shop at your local dollar store to find cheap decorations and party supplies. If you plan on catering food, buy cheap utensils that match the theme of the party. Your party can be both affordable and have an amazing theme.

Pick a Location

In order for your guests to have a good time, the comfort of everyone at your party should be of the utmost importance. Make sure the location of your party is suitable for the expected crowd size, along with any additional equipment. Proper seating is important to have so that guests are not fatigued from standing for too long. If renting chairs or tables is too expensive, tell guests to bring their own lawn chairs and blankets to sit on. Encouraging guests to bring their own seating will save you both money and time. If you want to have your event in a public setting such as a park, school, or any property that is not your own, be sure to ask for permission to hold your party there beforehand. Remember to abide by local noise ordinances and purchase movie licensing if you plan on having an outdoor movie event.

Do I need movie licensing?

For almost any outdoor film screening held in a public area, a movie license is required. Movie licensing is not required when holding an event in an intimate setting on private property; this includes places such as your backyard or home. Depending on the film, obtaining a license may be quite expensive. An alternative solution to avoid paying for licensing is to host a movie party in a private setting. Smaller events typically cost less than larger ones, in large part because they don't require a license most of the time. Beware, a sizable fine could be imposed for failing to obtain a license when it is necessary. See our "How to License a Movie" blog for more information, and learn about buying a license from our licensing page.

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Movie Screens for Your Birthday Party

We offer both inflatable and LED screen rentals. Prices vary depending on your location, screen equipment, and length of event.

Inflatable Movie Screens
Cost $$$

Our fleet of inflatables are the best quality of screen that you can rent at an affordable price. Whether your birthday movie party is indoors or outdoors, there is an inflatable screen for everyone to enjoy. Our assortment of inflatable screens have a seamless viewing surface and can be blown up in minutes. We’ll be sure to get everything up and running before the suggested start time. Experienced technicians will be present for the duration of the event and will set-up and take down equipment. At every event, we bring high-definition speakers that will knock your socks off and a theatrical projector with a crystal-clear display. For optimal viewing, an inflatable event should take place in a setting with minimal lighting and winds of under 15 mph.

We're the Largest Outdoor Movie Provider Nationwide

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A Frame Side View1

Indoor 12'
9x5 Display
25 Guests

Backyard 16'
12x7 display
100 guests | 10 cars

Premiere 21'
16x9 display
250 guests | 50 cars

Blockbuster 26'
20x12 display
500 guests | 75 cars

Elite 32'
25x15 Display
750 Guests | 100 Cars

Epic 40'
30x17 display
1500 guests | 150 cars

Xtreme 50'
40x22 display
3000 guests | 250 cars

LED Screens
Cost $$$

If you want a screen that can display day or night in almost any environment, renting an LED screen is the best option for you. Using electroluminescent technology, our LED screens generate light safely and effectively at any time of day. Hence, it isn’t a problem if you want to celebrate day or night. Our panels and trailers are rated IP65, which means they are both rain and dust proof. All of our mobile LED trailers have onboard generators used to power the display. Therefore, no power supply is needed. Similar to our inflatable screens, our fleet of LED screens come in a variety of dimensions for a variety of crowd sizes. Event technicians across the country are available to bring our LED trailers anywhere for you to have a memorable fundraiser movie event.


8' x 5'
8x5 Display
50 guests | 10 cars

12' x 7'
12x7 display
100 guests | 20 cars

15' x 8'
15x8 display
250 guests | 50 cars

17' x 10'
17x10 display
450 guests | 70 cars

23' x 13'
23x13 display
700 guests | 90 cars

Making Your Birthday Party a Success

Family watching a movie on a FunFlicks inflatable screen in the privacy of their backyard.

Send Invitations

Once you’ve completed the planning for your birthday party, it's time to send out invitations. Throw your birthday party on a Friday or Saturday if you want the most guests to arrive. The start of the weekend is a great time to throw parties due to people generally being free from work or school. After choosing the best day and time, send your invitations digitally to save money. Printing and mailing letters to each of your guests will cost more than simply sending them an email, text message, or social media post. Within your invitation, include an RSVP notice for guests to confirm if they can arrive at your party or not. RSVP notices will help you plan accordingly for the expected crowd size. Visit our party invite page for downloadable invitations or contact us for custom designs.

Prepare the Area

Prepare the area before guests arrive after you’ve chosen the best place to hold your event. Sprinklers and nearby lights coming from lamp posts should be turned off if your birthday party's at night and outdoors. If you’re renting a projector screen, the area should be as dark as possible so that the screen is most visible. At your location, confirm that trash cans and restrooms are available. Both are essential to have. Placing several trash cans where guests can easily spot them will minimize the after-party cleanup. Having clean and open restrooms with a proper amount of soap, toilet paper, and paper towels is vital so that guests don’t have to leave the party to go to the restroom.

What if I need to reschedule my party due to weather?

If you’ve booked an event renting our excellent audiovisual equipment, then it is important to know that we offer free weather-related rescheduling on the morning of the party day. High winds (above 15 mph), rain, snow, or any sign of hazardous weather that makes it unsafe to set up our equipment will require a reschedule or cancellation for the safety of you and your guests. We suggest having an indoor location as a backup in case the weather is bad and your party must be held on the scheduled day. It's never fun for us to have to cancel a party due to bad weather, so we'll do our best to work with our customers to make sure the fun can continue on another day. Contact your local FunFlicks® office if you want to reschedule your party due to weather concerns.



WELL WORTH IT! The technician sets everything up and stays on sight in the event there are any technical difficulties. He was very friendly and came way ahead of time to ensure he had everything he needed for the event to begin on time. All in all, we were VERY pleased!

-Vicky M

- Marty

The whole process was easy. Emily was fantastic with her information back to me, and Jose was phenomenal on site, he was kind, pleasant, and very proficient in his job. We will definitely be using FunFlicks again!


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