LED Screen Rentals to Enhance Your Event

To give you a great screening experience for your event, we offer portable LED screen rentals for your viewing pleasure.

Outdoor LED Screen Rental Prices from $2499!*

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Mobile LED Rentals for OUTDOOR EVENTS FROM: $2499 - (2-Hour Event) 

Most Competitive Pricing in America!!

$1499: Event Add On**

$1599: LED Curtain + mileage & time

$2499: 2-Hour Rental + mileage & time

$3499: 4-hour Rental + mileage & time

$4999: Fixed Video Wall + mileage & time

Rental times are flexible, allowing you to use our mobile LED screen rental for two hours, the entire day or for the whole weekend! Above all, our competitive pricing means you won't break the budget for sporting events, conventions, business engagements and more.

* 2-hour event rental for $2499 is for our mobile LED screen trailer for a local (30-minute drive) event. Mileage and time will be added for events more than 20 miles from our central location in your state.

** Event add on = when LED screen is added to a FunFlicks® 32'-52' Event Rental including inflatable movie screen, projection and sound system.

Most Competitive Pricing in America!!

Rental times are flexible which allows you the option to use our Mobile LED screen rental for 2-hours, the entire day or for the whole weekend!  Above all, enjoy competitive pricing that won't break the budget for sporting events, conventions, business functions & more.

LED Screen Rental Event Ideas

Not sure what large LED screen rentals are used for? The sky's the limit when it comes to renting a high-quality LED screen for your party or event. We produced over 5000 events last season alone utilizing our national network of FunFlicks® licensees. And we're always looking for new and creative ways to use our LED screen rentals.

Here are just a few ideas for how to incorporate our quality and reliable LED equipment to entertain the masses:

Rent an LED Screen for college or university graduations, public ceremonies and community events.

Need daytime mobile advertising at your car show or carnival event? Our Mobile LED screen rental can be set up anywhere a car can drive.

Sitting in the nosebleed section is not quite as enjoyable as a ringside seat. LED screens ensure every attendee at your event has a great view.

Enhance your sporting event with a portable LED screen rental. Marathons, football, lacrosse, soccer, horseracing, road races and more — make sure your attendees have the best possible view.

LED Display Screen Rental:

Quality & Reliable LED Equipment that entertains the masses.

Our mobile LED display rentals are also great for:

Bull roasts
School commencements
Concert venues
Camera feeds
Public speaking engagements
Business presentations
And more!

LED Display Screen Technical Data:

Production: Satellite Dish, DVD/Blu-Ray, and Laptop provide the media for your event.

  • Onboard Novastar VX4S Digitizer and sound system
  • Power: 12,000-watt diesel generator
  • Screen Height towering up to 14' high
  • Footprint: 20' x 12'
  • Pixel Pitch: 4.81mm
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • Display Screen Resolution: 936p x 520p
  • Screen Rotation: 360 degrees

Sound too technical? Give us a call today so we can better understand your needs.

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To get started with FunFlicks® LED display screen rentals along with premium sound systems, find a FunFlicks® rental location near you or call today:

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  • (978) 377-8367 - East Coast: MA, ME, NH, RI & VT
  • (440) 271-1177 - Central: Ohio, Pittsburgh & WV
  • (888) 550-8290 - North: WI & IL
  • (866) 304-0815 - South: Dallas TX, LA, AR, OK, MS
  • (843) 823-7070 - Charleston, SC and surrounding areas

We also offer inflatable movie screen rentals anywhere in America for indoor and outdoor movie events. Click here for Projector and Screen Rental info.

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Rent Your LED from a Local Business

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LED Screen Rental Prices Start at $2499.00

Looking for a backyard party or inflatable movie screen rental for outdoor movies at night?  LED is NOT for you!  Click here to find your closest Outdoor Movie Provider using inflatable movie screens for most movie parties and events.

LED Screens are great for daytime events priced from $2499.00

Our mobile LED screen rental is portable enough to set up roadside, while our large LED modular video walls offer a visual spectacle for your guests. Both utilize LED technology to ensure you get a brighter, crisper video quality no matter the time, even in full daylight!

Rent your LED display screen rental from the pros at FunFlicks® for everything from community movie nights to concerts, festivals and other commercial events. Our cutting-edge LED screens will turn your gathering into an unforgettable viewing experience.

Visit our FAQs page to learn more about our LED Display Rental Information.

Why Rent FunFlicks® Outdoor LED Equipment?

There's a reason FunFlicks® is America's #1 screen rental company. We love helping people and communities plan incredible outdoor events. Whatever you need to display, our LED screen rentals are up to the task.

LED utilizes an array of light-emitting diodes, similar to the pixels on a video screen. Today, you see LED everywhere, from TVs to marketing billboards to traffic signs. They provide innovative versatility and a vibrant, crisp image that can't be beat.

If you need LED screens for your upcoming event, here are some reasons to have FunFlicks® on speed-dial!

Industrial Quality Equipment

We've been in the outdoor event business for over 10 years now. That's 10+ years across multiple states providing top of the line industrial quality equipment for sporting events, conventions, business functions and so much more. In all that time, we've proven our expertise in the vigorous rental market by providing industry-leading equipment that's functional, reliable and top-notch.

Besides our downright amazing LED equipment, we pledge to be on-time and professional to ensure you have a successful event rental.

Incredible Pricing Power

The best and brightest equipment doesn't have to be the most expensive. At FunFlicks®, we're proud to offer incredible value in both quality and pricing when compared to the cost of other LED screen rental options.

Local, Fast and Friendly Service

FunFlicks® boasts a national network of local business owners who live and work in your community. Each is committed to excellent service and will ensure that your event or production is a huge success. Get started by finding your closest FunFlicks®.

Sunlight? No Problem!

Daytime events are no challenge with the 1P65 brightness of our LED equipment. Whatever you wish to display, everyone will see a clear and vibrant image on our LED screens.

Concert-Grade Sound System

As an added value, your FunFlicks® LED screen rental includes a concert-grade sound system and an experienced technician. Plus, since we're local, there's no need for us to cross the country to service your event!