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Not sure what large LED screen rentals are used for? The sky's the limit when it comes to renting a high-quality LED screen for your party or event. We produced over 5,000 events last season alone, utilizing our national network of FunFlicks® licensees. Get creative; we're always looking for new ways to use our LED equipment.

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LED Screens are capable of sustaining brightness levels throught the day.


Projection Screens are great for movies at night but struggle near bright lights or before sunset.


Our Mobile Screens match the footprint of their trailer and take fairly little space as long as you can drive to where you want to setup.


The footprint of a projection screen is generally larger for all sizes but some sizes like our 40ft+ screens are only available as Projection.


LED panels are rapidly increasing in pixel density with every year but are still beat out by projection imaging.


Projection allows for a higher pixel density resulting in a high quality movie theater experience.


More advanced technology means higher costs in production and due to the weight, higher costs in shipping.


Projection is a mature market that's been around for decades. With that comes reduced cost in technology.

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Why Choose FunFlicks® Indoor and Outdoor LED
Screen Equipment?

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Our mobile LED screen rental is portable enough to set up roadside, while our large LED modular video walls offer a visual spectacle for your guests. Both utilize LED technology to ensure you get brighter, crisper video quality no matter the time, even in full daylight!

Rent your LED display screen rental from the pros at FunFlicks® for everything from community movie nights to concerts, festivals, and other commercial events. Our cutting-edge LED screens will turn your gathering into an unforgettable viewing experience.

Why Rent FunFlicks® Outdoor LED Equipment?

There's a reason FunFlicks® is America's #1 screen rental company. We love helping people and communities plan incredible outdoor events. Whatever you need to display, our LED screen rentals are up to the task.

FunFlicks® LED utilizes an array of light-emitting diodes, similar to the pixels on a video screen. Today, you see LED everywhere, from TVs to marketing billboards to traffic signs. They provide innovative versatility and a vibrant, crisp image that can't be beat.

If you need LED screens for your upcoming event, here are some reasons to have FunFlicks® on speed dial!