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Atlanta LED screen rental is available anywhere in Georgia!

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What are LED screens?

Our professional quality trailer and modular wall screens use light-emitting diodes (LED) with powerful electroluminescence to display anything you can imagine at any time of day. Unlike other display technologies, FunFlicks® Atlanta LED screens operate amazingly under full sunlight. Want to watch the big Atlanta Falcons game? You’ll be sure to catch all the action, day or night, on our high-resolution screens.

FunFlicks South LED fleet

Atlanta LED Trailers for Rent

Each LED trailer is designed with state-of-the-art technology so that we can bring the best audiovisual experience to you. Your Atlanta LED trailer reservation includes a hydraulically powered lift with 360-degree rotation, high-definition speakers, a Blu-ray/disc drive, and a gas powered generator. Delivery, setup, and removal are all included, along with an on-site technician.

FunFlicks 12x7 LED Trailer

12'x7' LED Trailer

-For crowds of 100+ people

-Pixel Pitch: 4.81mm
-Resolution: 728x416p
-Trailer Dimensions: 17'x7'x9'

FunFlicks 12x7 LED Trailer
HD Audiovisuals 16x9 LED Trailer

16'x9' LED Trailer

-For crowds of 300+ people

-Pixel Pitch: 3.9mm
-Resolution: 1142x640p
-Trailer Dimensions: 21'x8.6'x11.6'

HD Audiovisuals 16x9 LED Trailer
FunFlicks 17x10 LED Trailer

17'x10' LED Trailer

-For crowds of 500+ people

-Pixel Pitch: 4.81mm
-Resolution: 1040x624p
-Trailer Dimensions: 21'x8'x12'

FunFlicks 17x10 LED Trailer
FunFlicks 23x13 LED Trailer

23'x13' LED Trailer

-For crowds of 1000+ people

-Pixel Pitch: 4.81mm
-Resolution: 1456×832p
-Trailer Dimensions: 30’x8’x10′

FunFlicks 23x13 LED Trailer

Interested in Renting an LED Wall?

Atlanta Jumbotron Screens in Action

Not sure what large LED screen rentals are used for? The sky's the limit when it comes to renting a high-quality LED screen for your party or event. Our LED screens have been used in a variety of ways for people all throughout Atlanta to enjoy. Get creative; we're always looking for new ways to use our LED equipment.

Golf Tournaments, Live Concert Displays, Graduation Ceremonies, Live Sports Watch Parties, Live Sports Footage, Business Advertisements, Presentation Displays, Church Services, Movies, Video Game Parties, And More!

Your Local Atlanta LED Screen Rental

Are you looking to rent a professional quality screen with crystal-clear display at any time of day? Look no further than your local Atlanta FunFlicks®!

Eric Thomas is the proud owner of FunFlicks of Atlanta®. For over two decades, Eric and his team have provided the people of Atlanta with amazing community experiences. At every event, experienced technicians will arrive at your location on time, set up our state-of-the-art equipment, and leave with no trace left behind. It really is that easy. Rent LED screens for your music festival, school event, corporate celebration, church service, or any occasion anywhere in Georgia!

Common Questions

What is the set-up time?
For LED display trailers, it takes approximately 30 minutes to set up with minimal staff.

Do I need to supply power?
All LED mobile trailers have onboard power generators. Therefore, no additional power source is required.

Are your LED trailers weatherproof?
All LED trailer panels are rated IP65, meaning they are both dust and waterproof. The ability to perform an event really depends on the circumstantial severity of rain, snow, or wind. We will work closely with you in making sure your event is both safe and fun.

Atlanta LED screen rental side view

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Why Rent FunFlicks® Atlanta LED Equipment?

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#1 Atlanta LED Screen Rental Service

If you want a screen that can display day or night in almost any environment, renting an LED screen is the best option for you. Using electroluminescent technology, our LED screens generate light safely and effectively at any time of day. Hence, it isn’t a problem if you want to watch a morning show or an evening movie on our LED screens. Our panels and trailers are rated IP65, which means they are both rain and dust proof! Perfect for withstanding Atlanta weather! All of our mobile LED trailers have onboard generators used to power the display. Therefore, no power supply is needed. Atlanta event technicians are available to bring LED trailers and modular walls anywhere in Georgia for you to enjoy video games, live sports, movies, advertisements, or anything on!

Atlanta LED screen rental trailer at a Pacsun party

LED vs Projector Screens

There are numerous differences between LED vs projector screens, with the main one being that LED screens are visible 24 hours a day in any setting, whereas projector screens require minimal lighting for optimal viewing. This does not mean that LED screens are inherently the better choice; it all depends on your event type, circumstances, and location. Follow the guide below and keep in mind what attributes are most beneficial for your event to find the best screen for you.

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