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The local Las Vegas LED screen rental service for sporting events, corporate presentations, graduations, concerts, or any community gathering in Nevada.

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Our state-of-the-art trailer and modular wall screens use light-emitting diodes (LED) with powerful electroluminescence to display anything at any time of day. Unlike other display technologies, FunFlicks® Las Vegas LED screens operate amazingly under full sunlight or even in rainy weather.

Las Vegas LED Trailer Rental

FunFlicks® LED trailers are built with cutting-edge technology to provide the finest audiovisual experience anywhere in Nevada.

Highly Portable

Our displays, which have onboard power and are highly portable, may be installed practically anywhere the trailer can fit.

30-Minute Set Up

An experienced FunFlicks® technician will arrive and stay on-site during the event to oversee our equipment. Fortunately, it takes less than 30 minutes to set up an LED trailer. Read more...

Las Vegas LED Video Wall Rental

FunFlicks® LED Video Walls are high-resolution displays ideal for any event in Nevada, regardless of the time of day.

Small Footprint

LED modular walls, with their incredibly tiny footprint, are ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments. Where an LED trailer or inflatable screen cannot fit, a FunFlicks® LED Video Wall will.

2-Hour Set Up

Every event includes onsite assistance from a local FunFlicks® technician from beginning to end. Read more...

Mobile LED Screen Rental in Las Vegas

Prices from $2900

Contact FunFlicks® of Nevada for your Mobile LED Outdoor Screen Rental

Choose Your Size

We provide the largest and most portable LED screens available!

15' x 8'
Mobile LED Trailer
Starting at $4500

An incredibly portable and self contained solution with on-board power & production. Bright for crisp and clean images throughout the day.

-Pixel Pitch: 4.81mm
-Screen Resolution: 936x520
-Screen Max Height: 10' (Bottom of Screen)
-Trailer Dimension: 21'L x 8'W x 11'H
-Trailer Weight: 7,500 lbs


23' x 13'
Mobile LED Trailer
Starting at $8500

Our largest Mobile LED. Still portable and still self contained. Rocks on-board power & production. The same brightness and crispness you've come to expect.

-Pixel Pitch: 4.81mm
-Screen Resolution: 1456x832
-Screen Max Height: 15' (Bottom of Screen)
-Trailer Dimension: 30'L x 8'W x 10'H
-Trailer Weight: 13,000 lbs


12' x 7'
Indoor Video Wall
Starting at $3500

Video Walls for places a trailer can't get to. Not portable, but still stunning. LED Video walls are great for:

Tradeshow Exhibits - stand out from the competition
Music Concerts- spotlight the performers
Advertising- a jumbotron grabs attention
Rallies - Even participants in the back get a front row seat
Long Terms Rentals - great for museums or conventions

-Pixel Pitch: 3.9mm
-Screen Resolution: 588x366
-Screen Max Height: 6' (Bottom of Screen)

FunFlicks® LED video wall at a corporate presentation

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Subject to Availability and Additional Travel Costs

HD 85 Transparent Compressed (Square)

8' x 5'

HD 127 Transparent Compressed (Square)

12' x 7'

HD 158 Transparent Compressed (Square)

15' x 8'

HD 1710 Transparent Compressed (Square)

17' x 10'

HD 2313 Transparent Compressed (Square)

23' x 13'

Available Add-Ons

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Our giant Las Vegas LED screen rentals are serious entertainment for all events including:

Live Shows & Services

Sporting Events & Scoreboards

Concerts & Live Feeds

Presentations & More

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Why Choose FunFlicks® Las Vegas LED Screen Rentals?

LED screen rental trailers parked next to eachother

1) No one else can offer professional-quality LED screens at a great price like us, delivered right to you almost anywhere in Nevada.

2) FunFlicks® LED screens are crafted by industry veterans with vast backgrounds in audiovisual technology and LED trailer manufacturing.

3) Unlike many other display technologies, our LED trailers and video walls produce high-resolution footage at any time of day or night.

4) Our panels are waterproof and dustproof. Nothing is stopping you from throwing a rainy day marathon or the ultimate concert in the desert.

5) We love the people of Las Vegas and are committed to supporting local communities throughout Clark County and Nevada.