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Mobile LED Screen Sizes

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HD 85 Transparent Compressed (Square)

8' x 5'

HD 127 Transparent Compressed (Square)

12' x 7'

HD 158 Transparent Compressed (Square)

15' x 8'

HD 1710 Transparent Compressed (Square)

17' x 10'

HD 2313 Transparent Compressed (Square)

23' x 13'

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Our giant California LED screen rentals are serious entertainment for all events including:

Live Shows & Services

Sporting Events & Scoreboards

Concerts & Live Feeds

Presentations & More

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Why Rent FunFlicks® California LED Screens?

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Why We're #1 for LED Rentals in California

FunFlicks® is the top-rated California LED screen rental provider for a reason: a dedication to providing cutting-edge audiovisual technology at events that bring communities together. We're able to help Californians create lasting memories almost anywhere in the Golden State, with local services available from the northern redwood forests to the sandy beaches down south. Whether you're looking to advertise your business in a bold way or have a blast watching the big 49ers vs. Rams game, our team has you back. FunFlicks® technicians stay onsite for the entirety of your event to ensure everything runs perfectly.

Our passion goes beyond offering state-of-the-art LED screens; we're here to help you create lasting memories within the community. For the best LED screen rentals in California, book an event with your local FunFlicks®!

Quality LED Equipment Rental

LED utilizes an array of light-emitting diodes, similar to the pixels on a video screen. Today, you see LED everywhere, from TVs to marketing billboards to traffic signs. They provide innovative versatility and a vibrant, crisp image that can't be beat.

Inflatable or LED Screen Rentals

If you need LED screens for your upcoming event, we've got you covered. We also offer inflatable movie screen rentals anywhere in America for indoor and outdoor movie events.

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