Neighborhood and HOA Event Ideas


When the snow melts away, and the sun is shining again, everyone is anxious to get back outside and enjoy the weather. The spring and summer months are the perfect time to build community engagement and bring your neighborhood closer together.


If you want to take advantage of the weather and encourage community building, but you still need some ideas for neighborhood social events, then this list is for you. We've compiled several social event ideas for communities that will be sure to bring your neighborhood together for fun and fellowship!


Neighborhood and HOA Community Events


Innovative neighborhood event ideas include a community outdoor movie night!

Outdoor Neighborhood event
Fun Neighborhood event ideas

Movies in the Neighborhood
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Upgraded Sound Systems

Sound is one of the most crucial parts of the movie-watching experience. With our top-quality sound equipment, your movie presentation will sound clear, intense and exhilarating for the whole neighborhood.

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Neighborhood Event Ideas


The best neighborhood event ideas bring people of all ages together. Popular events that can diversify your audience can include live music, block parties, garage sales, movie nights, and more.

Neighborhood Movie Nights

One of the most popular HOA community events you can host is a movie night. Bringing the neighborhood together to watch a movie under the stars is one of the best ways to spend an evening.

Depending on how large your neighborhood is, you might be able to host the movie in someone's backyard, or you might want to use a nearby park or open field. People can bring lawn chairs and blankets, mingle before the event and sit back and relax as they enjoy the movie.

Typically, family movies are the best option for a neighborhood movie night. If you want to make the night even more memorable, see if your HOA has the budget to rent out a slushy machine, popcorn stand or cotton candy maker.

Movie nights also require a large screen, but at FunFlicks, we make outdoor movies easy and affordable. We offer high-quality screens with several different size options based on your expected turnout, and we'll deliver the screen, projector and sound equipment right to your location. For a fun and easy community night, look no further than FunFlicks!

Garage Sales

Another way to encourage community engagement is to host a neighborhood-wide garage sale. Decide on a specific date and notify your neighbors. When the date arrives, every family can host their own garage sale, and the crowds will be more significant because of the promise of multiple sales.

Be sure to advertise the event by putting up yard signs about a week in advance. You can also spread the word on social media and encourage others in your neighborhood to do the same.

For those interested, a neighborhood-wide garage sale is also the perfect time to have a bake sale. Fresh cookies, brownies and other delicious baked goods are always a great draw.

Your vineyard drive in may be quite popular, pressing for this event to become a regular event. You can host your very own film festival, switching up the movies whenever your event is hosted. These events can celebrate films to connect with your community.

Community Block Parties

Even if you don't specifically live on a block, you can still throw a block party to get to know your neighbors. You can gather in someone's backyard or even across a few backyards, you can reserve a space at the nearby community park, or you can even block off-street traffic and have the party in the middle of your development. Though, you will likely need a permit for that last option.

What you do at your block party will depend on your budget. If you are part of a homeowner's association with money set aside for events, you might be able to bring in a caterer, bounce houses, sports equipment and more. If you don't have much of a budget, you might be able to get each of your neighbors to contribute a small amount of money toward the event.

Even if you're operating without a budget, there are still plenty of fun neighborhood block party ideas! Organize a potluck meal, where everyone brings their favorite dish and a drink to share. People can also bring their favorite games and sports equipment, and soon everyone will be having a good time.

A block party is an excellent way for a neighborhood or homeowner's association to bring their residents closer together.

Ice Cream Socials

You can't go wrong throwing an ice cream social. These events combine two of humanity's favorite things, dessert and friendship, and they are sure to guarantee good attendance.

Ice cream socials are easy to put together, too, making them one of the best neighborhood social committee ideas. Buying a few large tubs of ice cream, spoons, bowls and an assortment of toppings is all you need to do to prepare for a successful social!

You can also come up with new ideas for neighborhood social events by mixing events together. An ice cream social can be a great standalone event, but it is flexible enough to work as the precursor to other events. Hosting a community sports day followed by an ice cream social, or serving ice cream during a movie night, will turn these engagements into can't-miss events.

HOA Community Outdoor Concert

Outdoor Concerts

If your homeowner's association or neighborhood has the budget and planning skills to pull it off, a community concert is a great way to bring the neighborhood together. Hosting a concert is one of the loftier HOA event ideas, but the entire neighborhood will have a great time if you can pull it off successfully.

Outdoor concerts are a perfect way for neighbors to get to know each other while enjoying the summer weather and great music. You can choose a family-friendly band for one significant event, or you can book different bands every night of the weekend to appeal to different age groups in your neighborhood.

Don't let fears of not being able to find equipment stop you from hosting a concert! You can rent stages and sound equipment online. For example, FunFlicks offers high-quality LED screen rentals at affordable prices for events like these.

Pool Party Events

If your neighborhood has a community pool, hosting a pool party is sure to draw a crowd. Pool parties are great for kicking off the summer season, staving off the mid-July heat or sending off summer in the last days of August.

Whether you go all out with snacks, drinks, balloons, pool toys, water slides and more, or whether you invite the neighborhood out to swim for the afternoon, you can't go wrong with swimming with friends under the sun.

To make the pool party even more memorable, consider hosting a block party at the pool, or position your outdoor movie screen near the pool and show a water-themed movie.

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Host Your Neighborhood Event With FunFlicks

Bringing the neighborhood together for a fun HOA social committee event is a great way to build a sense of community. Garage sales, pool parties, concerts and more can all provide a fun afternoon or evening for your community members.

Whether your homeowner's association is throwing an epic block party or your neighborhood is getting together for a backyard movie night, FunFlicks can help you host a fantastic event.

As America's number one screen rental company, FunFlicks has a proven track record of providing reliable, easy and affordable outdoor movie screens that are perfect for your next event. To learn more about how we can help with your event, you can find your local representative by browsing our rental locations!

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