Winery and Vineyard Events


Owning a winery is more than just producing and distributing wine to vendors - winery events are happening at vineyards nationwide. Through organizing winery events, you can make the most of your property to increase and diversify your revenue streams.


When organizing events at your vineyard, you attract people who would have never thought of visiting your winery before. Events can spread your winery’s name, growing your reputation to become a staple in your community.


Most importantly, hosting events at your winery can be a fun, new experience for your staff and your property. Investing in your events only increases the value of your winery to increase your profits.


Host A Winery Movie Event

Couple at Winery Movie Event
Private Winery Movie Event

Movies in the Vineyard
Movies in the Vineyard include complete outdoor movie theater equipment rental, delivery, set-up, removal and FunFlicks® Host. Everyone will be amazed with the extreme quality - guaranteed! You simply provide the movie - we provide the rest!

Prices start at $599+ depending on crowd size, location and event type.

Super-Sized Inflatable Movie Screen
Our gigantic inflatable screens to ensure that everyone who attends your winery movie event will be able to see the screen. With the super-sized screen we provide, even those in the "nosebleed section" can watch the plot unfold in crystal-clear high definition. Depending on your event size, we have screens large enough for a crowd of up to 5,000 to view the movie comfortably.

Mobile LED Screens
DAYTIME winery events and activities can be enhanced with our mobile LED screens and walls. Using our LED screens, your winery event idea can include any media or presentation during the day!

Upgraded Sound Systems
Sound is one of the most crucial parts of the movie-watching experience. You never have to worry about your audience members struggling to hear the movie when you partner with FunFlicks®. With our top-quality sound equipment, your movie will be loud and clear.

Our sound equipment is impressive and reliable, providing consistently clear audio no matter what kind of event you're throwing.

A Friendly FunFlicks® Hosts
We'll handle all the technical details about operating advanced movie theater screen equipment. FunFlicks® will send you a reliable, experienced host to help ensure all the equipment runs properly and your event goes smoothly. Your FunFlicks® host will stay for the entire movie night event, so help is readily available in case any technical difficulties arise.

Every FunFlicks® host is warm, professional and dependable, so you can rest assured that your winery event is in capable hands.

High Quality Digital Projection
Our projection quality is excellent.  Many film festivals across the nation use our services for their presentations.  We utilize this very same movie equipment for your vineyard events.

Complete delivery, technical set-up and removal for your winery movie events.

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Winery Event Ideas


The best vineyard event ideas bring in people of all interests, not only wine connoisseurs. Popular events that can diversify your audience can include live music, movie nights or drive-ins.

Winery Outdoor Movie Night

What better way for people to spend their leisure time than sipping wine and watching movies - especially outdoors.

Hosting an outdoor movie event can be a cost effective solution for winery events. By utilizing your outdoor space, you can easily recommend that guests bring their own picnic blankets and lawn chairs for seating instead of providing it. Your guests can set up wherever they please to ease your planning and need for staffing. You can also include a complimentary glass of wine or beer into ticketing for guests over 21+. This built-in charge can justify the price of your winery event.

Screening the movie for your winery event is as easy as renting an inflatable, outdoor movie screen. These types of outdoor movie screens are light and won’t do any damage to your vineyards grounds.

More than logistics, this event provides you creative liberty. By hosting a Sips and Cinema Screening, you control what movie you’ll be showing and what your drink menu will look like. You can put your wine on display by creating wine pairings for classic films.

This event has even more potential when hosting food trucks. Offering food trucks at your movie night can build relationships with other business owners in your area, to provide an all-inclusive food, wine and entertainment experience.

FunFlicks Movie Event Wide

Vineyard Drive-In

A different route to movie night at your winery can be a vineyard drive-in. For wineries that have the space to host this on their lawn or in their parking lot, a vineyard drive-in can diversify your audience to attract more people.

Drive-in movies are a slice of nostalgia that can’t be replicated anywhere else. They are a fun opportunity to utilize the grounds of your property to invite families, friends and couples to your winery. All your guests need is a car and an FM radio.

Just as movie an outdoor movie night, a great way to screen your movie can be an inflatable outdoor movie screen. They’re so light they will hardly leave a dent in your vineyard. To take the quality of your screening to the next notch, LED screens can show your selected film through the most vivid colors and details.

Your vineyard drive in may be quite popular, pressing for this event to become a regular event. You can host your very own film festival, switching up the movies whenever your event is hosted. These events can celebrate films to connect with your community.

Winery Concert

In a different direction than movies, your winery can host its very own concert. A winery concert is by no means a full-blown performing event, but rather a casual show that can support local artists in your area.

Winery concerts can attract people to your vineyard that wouldn’t have considered visiting if it weren’t for the music. To really showcase your performing artist, you can rent a small LED screen to accompany their performance so everyone in your crowd can see. To encourage visitors there for the music to try your wine, you can build in a free glass of wine into their ticket price.

It’s easy for your venue to become a staple spot for local artists to perform, which gives you the opportunity to really invest in a different side of your winery. If you’re going the outdoor route for a winery concert, you can recommend guests bring blankets and lawn chairs so you don’t have to provide seating for everyone.

Winery concerts can be great opportunities for food trucks to set up, your winery provides the drinks and they provide the food to keep your guests satisfied on both. A winery concert can strengthen your connection with your community by providing a place of gathering to support small businesses and the arts.

Not Big Enough?

We have
Bigger Screens

LED Screen Rentals available for DAYTIME events, too!

UPGRADE Screen sizes from 26'-50' for audiences from 200-5000

Vineyard Outdoor Movie Ideas


To get you started in planning your vineyard movie night, a little inspiration might be required. Here are some thoughts to get your brain going, but don’t forget to trust your own creativity.

Classic Films

No matter what time of year, there is nothing more iconic than the combination of wine and classic films. Pulling in the nostalgia of outdoor movies, classic films can be a choice that tends to mesh well for a vineyard movie showing.


A few notable classic films are Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) and Casablanca (1943). It’s easy to pair classic films with a wine of your choice, to enhance the experience of your guests while really branding your movie night.

Themed Events

With cult classics like Star Wars and Harry Potter, you can’t go wrong showing these for your winery movie night. Movies this big typically ease your ability to theme the night around the movie you’re showing. A theme gives you an enhanced atmosphere as well as a natural structure. It allows your guests to become really involved, generating excitement before the event even happens.


You can’t go wrong with choosing a movie that reflects the season you’re in. For example, October contains beautiful foliage, pumpkins and Halloween. Choosing a scary movie near Halloween would be entirely appropriate for a winery event in October.

Step Up Your Winery Event With FunFlicks

Whatever event or movie you choose, stepping up your winery events to include people of all interests only builds the bond between your vineyard and the community.

If you’re interested in screening a movie, or leveling up your winery concert - we provide outdoor screens, premium projection, sound systems, equipment cables and more. A rental from us even includes a complete delivery along with an event technician to set-up and remove the screen at the end of the night, to help you focus on your winery first.

Find a location in your state to reserve your equipment, or simply call or email one of our FunFlicks owners.

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