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One of the Best Golf Course Event ideas.
Get your members together for a fun-filled night under the stars on the driving range.

FunFlicks® will help fill your Country club activities Calendar as Outdoor cinema makes the perfect Golf club social event.


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Country Club Activities includes a Movie on the Greens by FunFlicks Drive In Movies
Country Club event ideas start with a poolside outdoor movie night with FunFlicks®

Why outdoor movies make the perfect Country Club Event
Outdoor movies at your club can take many different forms. Each can provide an amazing experience for different demographics within your club.

• Dive-in at the Pool – Provides a great Kids summer program or camp
• Flicks on the fairway - Great for the whole family
• Golf Cart drive-in - a new take on an old classic
• Movie Par-Tee - Just for the fun of it

Outdoor movies are shown after dark when people are off the course. This can lead to increased food and beverage sales and golfers don’t lose time on the links. A great way to generate additional revenue for your club.

How does an outdoor movie work?
Inflatable outdoor movie screens are light and will not tear up the fairway. They typically are set up in less than 2 hours.

Your guests gather and the movie will start about 10 minutes after sunset.

Using an outdoor movie service provider like FunFlicks takes the stress out of the event making it a turnkey experience for your members and guests with no equipment to buy and maintain. A FunFlicks® event is fully hosted so you can concentrate on your guests.

Why you should try an outdoor movie on the greens
Outdoor movies are all about your community. They provide a cost-effective way of entertaining a large group of people with an experience they will be talking about for years.

As the sun sets on the course children and families settle, the projector turns on, the movie begins and the stars start to shine. A magical experience for all.

FunFlicks® helps you create a successful "Drive-In" Movie
We provide and easy way to reserve our equipment, simply call or email on of our local FunFlicks owners.

Your equipment rental will include an enourmous outdoor movie screen, premium projection, (OR LED for daytime events) incredible sound system, VHS/DVD player for the movie, equipment tables & cables.

The rental also includes a complete delivery and an event technician to set-up and removal at the end of the movie night.

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Add a rain date Guarantee to any event - to ensure
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Country Club Event Success Stories

Outdoor Movies for a Corporate Event

Every Movie night can be an amazing way to finish a corporate outing at your course.

After a day on the links at Half Moon Bay, we set up a screen for a golf cart drive-in.

The golf course provided drinks service to the carts which help the bar and completed a memorable day for the client.

Outdoor movies make a unique company event idea that is different than watching a movie at home or at the theater.

Private Golf Club in Pleasanton, CA

This client typically runs multiple events events each year. Something for everyone!

• A dive-in for the summer kids program
• A drive-in during the yearly members' car show
• A movie by the clubhouse for a family-friendly movie night.

Three different demographics within the club, all enjoying movies by moonlight. Each event was connected to current activity, enhancing the member's experience of the event.

In Marin California, the children love dive-ins, they grab a float and watch a flick. Rear projecting and pushing the screen up to the pool and watching a bright animated movie makes for a great night.

Parents sit around enjoying a lovely evening watching the children play by the pool, a great way to start the weekend.

Scheduling one event per month during the summer makes it the highlight of the month

Top 5 Movies for your Golf Club Social Event

If you are planning for the golfers at the club, try one of these classic golf movies, check the movie rating depending on your crowd.

Caddy Shack – Maybe the most quoted sports movie in history. “It’s in the hole”
Bagger Vance – Star study cast in an underrated movie
Greatest Game Ever Played – Family-friendly Disney golf movie based on a true story
Happy Gilmore – Comedy about a wannabe hockey player who hits the ball a mile
Tin Cup – “I never miss with the 7 iron” classic!

Great event names for your Country Club Event Calendar

A snappy title can make all the difference to caputure your members eye when promoting your event to members
Flicks on the Fairways
Screen on the Green
Cart-in movie
Drive-in at the driving range
Movie Par-Tee

By the pool for kids club summer programs try

Float and Flicks
Dive-in movie night

More Country Club Event Ideas & Events using Outdoor Movies

  • Show the big game or The Masters
    Ultilizing LED trailer technology you can now watch the big game or the final round of this weekends tournament outside.

  • Live Scoreboard for your tournament
    With some tournaments now using electronic scorekeeping systems, connect the leader board to a daytime viewable LED trailer.

  • Long Drive or Skills challenge night – Golf SIM on the big screen
    Move your portable launch monitor outside for a one-of-a-kind challenge for your members. Set up the launch monitor and connect the laptop to a huge screen. Have members compete on long drive and skills challenges.

  • Weddings
    When hosting a wedding at your club, offer screens for “how we met” videos to be displayedIf you want to experience a different, fun, fresh idea, be the first club in your area to host a great outdoor movie night. Whether that is a Golf Cart Drive-in, flicks on the fairway, or a dive-in at the pool, Outdoor movies should be at the top of your list when planning events at the club.

    Manage Activities for a Country Club or Golf Course?

    If you want to experience a different, fun, fresh idea, be the first club in your area to host a great outdoor movie night. Whether that is a Golf Cart Drive-in, flicks on the fairway, or a dive-in at the pool, Outdoor movies should be at the top of your list when planning events at the club. Give FunFlicks® a call to help plan & promote the perfect outdoor movie event at your club.

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