2008-2009: The First Licensees

The word of FunFlicks® quickly spread west, and California wanted in on the outdoor movie action. Lisa Meli took a leap of faith and joined as the first-ever FunFlicks® licensee in 2008 operating out of Los Angeles. Her brother, Nick Collura, now manages the region. Shortly after Lisa joined, Paul Jackman of San Francisco opened shop with services available throughout NorCal and into Oregon. California would soon become one of the fastest-growing markets, and nearby states wanted a piece. Arizona was quick to be added, and around the same time in 2009, Leslie Hernandez in Honolulu started providing rentals throughout Oahu. Back east, FunFlicks® was rapidly expanding with rentals in Long Island, NY. Over in Connecticut, Brett Beaty opened for business, as did Steve and Rhonda Harris in Boston, MA. Services soon began to be offered in Philadelphia, PA, which are now owned by James Gaither.