Top 10 Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

FunFlicks LED Wall at a fundraiser presnetation

Providing a unique activity or service is highly effective in generating donations for a nonprofit organization. It attracts a larger audience, bringing people together to have fun while supporting a good cause. FunFlicks® has helped nonprofits host a variety of events for over 20 years with professional audiovisual rental services. If you're looking for fundraiser event ideas that all ages can participate in, allow us to offer some amazing recommendations. Drawing from our experience, we've compiled our Top 25 Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits to help charities across the nation raise awareness for their causes through quality entertainment that brings the community together.

Huge crowd gathered for a FunFlicks outdoor movie party at the park

1) Outdoor Movie Party

There's nothing like watching a movie under the stars to bring people of all ages together in celebration of a charitable cause. It's a low-cost yet high-yield activity with tons of opportunities to raise money through ticket sales, concession booths, and corporate sponsorships. Simply find an open area (such as a park, sports field, or parking lot) and call your local FunFlicks® to handle the rest. We provide state-of-the-art audiovisual technology, set up the equipment, stay onsite to operate and oversee the setup, and then tear it all down at the end of the night. It's the perfect activity to unite a community in support of a nonprofit and an easy way to raise significant funds.

Family-friendly New Year's Eve party drive-in

2) Concert for a Cause

If you're seeking to effectively raise funds for a nonprofit, consider celebrating music and charity with a concert for a cause event. It's an ideal fundraiser that attracts large crowds and generates revenue through ticket sales, merchandise, and concessions. One of the most important factors in organizing a successful fundraiser concert is choosing musicians that’ll bring lots of people to attend the show. Collaborate with popular artists or talented local acts who are willing to support the cause. By marketing the concert using online and offline strategies that highlight the event's purpose and key details, more people are likely to arrive. FunFlicks® provides LED trailers and video walls ideal for displaying sponsored ads, custom graphics, and live footage, enhancing the overall experience.

FunFlicks LED screen at a fundraiser banquet

3) Activity Workshop

There's no better way to demonstrate the essence of your nonprofit than through community engagement, such as hosting an activity workshop. For instance, at a soup kitchen, you could organize presentations by passionate individuals involved with your organization, offer nutritional education sessions, conduct guided tours of your facility, and provide opportunities for participants to volunteer and serve meals. These activities creatively showcase your organization's mission and services, fostering community understanding and support, which can lead to increased donations and involvement.

Nonprofit subscription package

4) Subscription Package

If you're looking for a quick way to raise funds for your nonprofit, consider offering unique services through a monthly subscription that appeals to supporters. This strategy can establish reliable, ongoing revenue streams. Offer perks such as access to organized events, exclusive content, special merchandise, online classes, gift packages, discounts, or membership privileges to make the subscription worthwhile. Promote these benefits prominently on your website and social media platforms to attract and retain subscribers who align with your nonprofit's mission.

Fundraiser marathon using a FunFlicks LED trailer to show runners

5) Fun Run Marathon

Promote a healthy activity that unites the community in support of charity with a fun run marathon. The more participants join, the greater the opportunity to raise funds through registration payments. Begin planning by gaining approval from your local officials and securing sponsors to support the event months in advance. Next, encourage runners to easily sign up online, where they can also make voluntary donations. With support from others and careful organizing, fun runs can garner lots of money for your nonprofit.

Indoor Christmas movie party at a school gym

6) Holiday Festival

Celebrate upcoming holidays with festive nonprofit events. For Christmas, create a dazzling winter wonderland adorned with lights, offering bake sale treats, photo opportunities to promote the event, holiday film screenings, and donation opportunities. Halloween calls for fun, safe events like Trunk-or-Treat, where families can distribute candy. Even in summer, host a patriotic 4th of July fireworks dance party to fundraise, bringing the community together for festive celebrations.

DJ at a FunFlicks silent disco

7) Silent Disco

Hosting a silent disco for a fundraiser is a unique chance to bring music enthusiasts and people together, enjoying good music without having to worry about noise concerns. It's an experience that can be totally customized by the individual, who is able to select the music channel they prefer. It's easy and cheap to organize, and select FunFlicks® locations may provide hundreds of headphones and equipment that allows you to control the music.

Christmas bake sale cookies

8) Bake Sale

If you know bakers who are willing to create a variety of treats, consider offering a bake sale for the community. It’s a cost-effective effort that’s capable of quickly raising money for a small nonprofit project. Especially during Christmas time, bake sales attract lots of people who’re wanting to buy cookies, cakes, or pastries. To organize one, coordinate with volunteer bakers and advertise the event, clearly detailing the cause profits are going towards. Allow cash, card, and payment app purchases to be made both in person with treats available at a stand or online with the option to pick up or ship out orders.

Paul the Outdoor Movie Guy's table at a FunFlicks Mamma Mia party

9) Dinner Party

Dinner parties are excellent social events that can generate significant funds through ticket sales and food/drink purchases. They offer the perfect opportunity to thank large donors and welcome new supporters to your nonprofit. Simply choose a location large enough to accommodate guests with tables and chairs, and serve food with the help of local chefs. Enhance the evening with live music, presentations, or a raffle to raise additional funds.

Audience watching cars at a FunFlicks drive-in movie event

10) Classic Drive-In

FunFlicks® provides the ultimate drive-in experience, preserving its nostalgic essence while enhancing it for today's audiences. Audio is transmitted directly to your car's radio, allowing you to relax and enjoy the movie from your vehicle's comfort. Our giant inflatable screens set up in minutes, ensuring you don't miss a moment of the action. It's affordable and can generate significant funds for your nonprofit. Generate money by selling tickets, concession sales, or even a raffle with free tickets to a future event. We'll handle the setup and operation of the equipment, so you can enjoy a memorable evening under the stars.

Summer Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

Raise money during the summer with outdoor activities like concerts, movie nights, or marathons. These events can accommodate larger crowds, boosting your fundraising potential. With kids out of school and families seeking engaging activities, summer is the perfect time to attract more participants and maximize support for your cause.

Fall Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

In many parts of the United States, summer can bring extreme heat that's hard to endure. The cooler temperatures of fall create the perfect opportunity for outdoor festivals. From Halloween trunk-or-treats to Thanksgiving food drives, there are countless reasons to host a community event in the fall.

Winter Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

Winter is an ideal season for community fundraising, as people are often motivated to donate during the holiday season for year-end tax purposes. Activities such as bake sales, drive-in movies, and indoor Christmas or New Year's parties are excellent nonprofit events during this time of year. These events capitalize on seasonal cheer and the desire for indoor activities during colder weather, making them effective for raising funds and engaging supporters.

Spring Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

After enduring a long, cold winter, people are eager to get outdoors and enjoy community events. Additionally, many people stay closer to home in spring before summer travel plans begin, increasing the potential attendance for your event. This makes spring an opportune time to attract a larger audience and foster community engagement through your nonprofit activities.

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