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History of California Outdoor Movies

California was at the center of the drive-in craze and the American film industry. The 1950s represented Hollywood's Golden Age, when stars like Marilyn Monroe and James Dean graced the silver screen and seeing the latest flick was the most exciting thing you did all week. Nothing symbolized this era better than the drive-in movie theater, where young and old alike came together and enjoyed a film from the comfort of their vehicles. Today, you can watch movies and TV shows anytime, anywhere, on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. There's no longer a strong public desire to head to the cinema to see the big blockbusters. With media being more accessible than ever, we've lost the once-popular cinematic magic that brought people together. Our mission is to bring the outdoor movie experience to a modern audience with cutting-edge technology.

California Event Rentals for Drive-Ins

FunFlicks® modernized the classic drive-in experience with state-of-the-art technology. Audiences are able to watch all the action on our enormous inflatable movie screens and hear the movie from the comfort of their vehicles as audio is transmitted to their radio.

All California outdoor movies can be enhanced with our premium-quality projector screen rental equipment and skilled technicians. We are the nation's most cost-effective source for audiovisual equipment, including crystal-clear laser projectors, booming high-definition speakers, and the finest inflatable movie screens.

If you want to amaze guests with an unparalleled drive-in experience, book with your local California FunFlicks®.

#1-Rated California Inflatable Movie Screen Rentals

Because of our vast assortment of screen sizes, FunFlicks® California movie screen rentals can entertain a broad range of audiences. Events can take place at the park, in a gym, next to the ocean, on top of a building, or almost anywhere in your area. Your FunFlicks® California inflatable movie screen rental team will come to your location, set up our audiovisual technology, and dismantle it all at the end of the night. For parties of 5 to 5,000 people, we offer the specialists and equipment to make your gathering a success.

It's an honor to provide our communities with excellent services as the top California outdoor movie screen rental company.

California Outdoor Movies are Experiences for Everyone

California movie screen rentals bring families, friends, communities, and strangers together under the magic of the silver screen. Whether we bring our California projector screen rental services to a huge city event in downtown L.A. or to a small family birthday party, those who attend will have a fantastic time. We offer premium personalized events for diverse types of clientele across the Golden State.