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History of Arizona Outdoor Movies

The history of outdoor movies in Arizona is an intriguing tale that ties the magic of cinema into the beauty of the desert landscape. Since the 1950s, the state's red-rock mountains and beautiful skies have offered a great setting for outdoor screenings. Iconic drive-in cinemas, such as the West Wind Glendale Drive-In, once thrilled Arizonans under a blanket of stars. With the rebirth of outdoor movies in parks, botanical gardens, and urban settings in recent years, the tradition has evolved, producing a modern cinematic experience steeped in the state's stunning scenery. The history of outdoor movies in Arizona demonstrates a dynamic interplay between technology, culture, and the wide southwestern countryside, where viewers continue to enjoy the magic of cinema against a backdrop of Arizona's beautiful sunsets and towering vistas.

Arizona Event Rentals for Drive-Ins

For Arizona outdoor movies and events, we give the excitement of an old-fashioned drive-in cinema experience, as well as trained personnel and equipment. Look no further than FunFlicks® if you're looking for a local and well-rated Arizona movie screen rental provider. We are America's most economical supplier for audiovisual gear, such as crystal-clear laser projectors, booming high-definition speakers, and premium-quality movie screens. Our massive inflatable movie displays are breathtaking. Viewers can enjoy the film from the comfort of their own cars, while audio transmits from their car stereos.

Make a reservation with your local Arizona FunFlicks® if you want to wow your audience with an exceptional drive-in experience.

#1-Rated Arizona Inflatable Movie Screen Rentals

FunFlicks® Arizona movie screen rentals can amuse a wide range of audiences because of our large selection of sizes. Events can be held at a park, inside a gym, on a building, beside a pool, in your backyard, or nearly anywhere in your neighborhood. Your FunFlicks® Arizona inflatable movie screen rental personnel will arrive at your site, operate our audiovisual equipment, and take everything down at the end of the screening. We have the technicians and technology to make your party a success for groups of 5 to 5,000 people.

We're honored to be the number one Arizona projector screen rental company because we give back to our communities by offering outstanding services to everyone.

Arizona Outdoor Movies are Experiences for Everyone

Under the glow of the silver screen, Arizona movie screen rentals bring families, friends, communities, and strangers together.

Your guests will have a great time, whether we provide our Arizona projector screen rental services at a major metropolitan event in Phoenix or an intimate family gathering. We provide incredible events for individuals of all ages around the country.