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YES - We are LOCAL and offer professional Montana Movie Screen Rentals for Indoor & Outdoor Events at Schools, Parks, Churches, Businesses, Apartments, Backyards, & More.

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Our HUGE portable screens, sound systems, and high-resolution projectors are
available for indoor and daytime use with FunFlicks® Montana Event Rentals.


Inflatable Movie Screen Rental in Montana

Montana outdoor movie events are a spectacular experience beneath the shining stars of Big Sky Country. Our people have gathered together for decades to enjoy open-air cinema, from classic 1950s drive-ins to modern FunFlicks events enjoyed in alpine meadows, along the Yellowstone River, and across the state. Audiences are unified for a time of recreation as they lay their blankets on grassy fields to watch their favorite films. Even during the harshness of winter, the party doesn't stop with indoor screenings becoming popular. The combination of communal recreation and picturesque views of the Rocky Mountains makes movie parties special in Montana.

Montana Event Rentals for Drive-Ins

FunFlicks® has recreated the iconic drive-in experience with cutting-edge technologies. Viewers can catch all the action on our giant inflatable screens in the comfort of their own vehicles while audio is transmitted to their radio. We offer the nation's most economical yet excellent inflatable movie screen rental services, which include booming high-definition sound, crystal-clear projection, and cutting-edge displays of various sizes. Our professional projector screen rental equipment and trained staff will improve your Montana outdoor movie event.

Book a memorable drive-in event with your local Montana FunFlicks® if you're looking to wow your guests.

#1-Rated Montana Inflatable Movie Screen Rentals

With our extensive assortment of screen sizes, FunFlicks® Montana movie screen rentals can amuse a wide spectrum of crowds. We provide the services and technology required for the success of any occasion, whether there's 5 or 5,000 people there. Events can be held almost anywhere in the United States, including in your backyard, at the park, or even indoors. Our inflatable movie screen rental professionals will travel to your location, arrange the equipment, and then take it all down at the conclusion of the event.

We love supporting the communities of our state as the #1-rated Montana movie screen rental provider.

Montana Outdoor Movies are Experiences for Everyone

Our Montana projector screen rental services are suitable for a wide range of events, from huge film festivals in downtown Billings to tiny backyard birthday celebrations held throughout the state. The silver screen brings families, friends, and strangers together for a time of camaraderie and lasting memories. We provide custom services to a diverse clientele throughout Big Sky Country.