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Inflatable Movie Screen Rental in Utah

Utah outdoor movies are a beloved tradition, combining our strong sense of community with breathtaking desert landscapes. From the drive-in era of the 1950s to today's FunFlicks® events held in Salt Lake City parks, Canyonland, and across the state, our people have cherished open-air cinema for decades. Under starry night skies, outdoor movie events allow for valuable family-friendly recreation and shared memories. A variety of films are viewed at such screenings, including timeless classics and local independent films. Among towering redrock formations and city skylines, each event is a cherished celebration for everyone.

Utah Drive-In Movie Events

With revolutionary technology, FunFlicks® Utah has updated the old-fashioned drive-in experience. We offer the most affordable yet professional inflatable movie screen rentals for your drive-in, featuring high-resolution projection, booming high-definition sound, and a broad choice of inflatable movie screens to accommodate any audience size. Audiences may see the movie from the comfort of their own automobiles with our Utah outdoor movie screen system, while audio is transmitted to their radios. Our ENORMOUS inflatable movie screen will astound everyone in attendance from the time it appears, towering over everything in its vicinity. With our expert technicians and cutting-edge Utah projector screen rental equipment, you can create a spectacular drive-in.

#1-Rated Utah Inflatable Screen Rentals

As Utah's top-rated movie screen rental company, our goal is to give back to our communities. Local FunFlicks® personnel will arrive at your event venue, arrange our inflatable movie screen equipment, and then uninstall it all at the end of the night. We provide vital support and technology for crowds of 5 to 5,000 individuals. Our movie screen rentals can entertain a wide range of audiences due to our large selection of screen sizes. Events can be held at your church, backyard, park, or anywhere in the nation.

Utah Outdoor Movies are Experiences for Everyone

We offer customized services to a wide spectrum of clients. FunFlicks® Utah projector screen rentals are suitable for a variety of occasions, ranging from large film festivals in Salt Lake City to tiny gatherings in the middle of the desert. The silver screen draws families, friends, and strangers together for a time of unforgettable memories.