How to Throw a Car Show in 10 Steps

DMC DeLorean at a FunFlicks outdoor movie party

Car shows are excellent opportunities for showcasing unique vehicles within the community, supporting local businesses, and bringing car enthusiasts together for a great time. With proper planning and support, organizing a car meet is easier than it may seem. For over two decades, we’ve helped people across the country host outstanding, large-scale car shows and…

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How to Host an Outdoor Movie Night in 10 Steps

Outdoor movie party at the park

If you want to organize an unforgettable event that brings people together, consider hosting an outdoor movie party. For tips on how to host an outdoor movie night, this unique activity lets guests enjoy the great outdoors while immersing themselves in an exceptional cinematic experience, creating a special atmosphere for the entire audience. It’s a…

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How to Throw a Beach Party this Summer

FunFlicks party on the beach

Whether you’re planning a huge oceanside luau or a small barbecue at the lake, beach parties are an excellent way to bring the community together in celebration of summer. There’s nothing quite like having fun where there’s sand between your toes and a cool breeze in the air. If you’re wondering how to throw a…

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Top 5 Fun Graduation Ceremony Ideas for 2024

Drive-in graduation with FunFlicks

After years of enduring homework, tests, lectures, and a myriad of other stressful activities, the moment has arrived to recognize the many achievements and commemorate graduation. This significant milestone deserves a grand celebration that will be cherished forever. With decades of experience in hosting exceptional graduations, from intimate preschool ceremonies to massive university commencements, we…

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How to Throw a Neighborhood Block Party in 10 Steps

Neighborhood movie party

If you’re seeking a means to unite your community or extend a warm welcome to new neighbors, there’s nothing like throwing a block party. Such a gathering transforms ordinary driveways and cul-de-sacs into lively hubs of excitement, where the air is filled with the sound of laughter and scent of barbeque, creating lasting memories for…

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10 of the Best Employee Recognition Party Ideas

Employee appreciation party on a tennis court

1) Hold an Awards Ceremony Holding an awards ceremony is one of the best employee recognition party ideas because it celebrates the accomplishments of individuals and inspires the collective to continue their hard work. In addition, it allows leaders to express their gratitude for their team amongst everyone in attendance; this inspires the efforts of…

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Transform Your Backyard into a Mamma Mia Party

Paul the Outdoor Movie Guy's table at a FunFlicks Mamma Mia party

A Mamma Mia party will transport you and your guests to the beautiful Kalokairi coastlines, wherever you may be in the world. With a glimmering disco ball, an ABBA-inspired soundtrack, and a screening of the film itself, your event is sure to be an epic experience. Paul “The Outdoor Movie Guy” Jackman, owner of FunFlicks®…

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10 AMAZING Family-Friendly New Year’s Party Ideas

Family-friendly New Year's Eve outdoor movie party

New Year’s Eve is a time to celebrate a fresh start while reflecting on old memories with friends and family. As the year comes to a close, throw a party worth remembering while spending time with your loved ones. Since 2001, FunFlicks® has helped people across the nation welcome in the new year with the…

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Top 5 Fun Christmas Movie Party Ideas

Christmas time is here, and what better way to enjoy it than with a merry movie night? A holiday movie party, whether with family, friends, or coworkers, is an amazing opportunity to celebrate the season with others. We’ve helped people throw festivities for decades as the nation’s largest LED & projector screen rental service. Get…

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How to Organize a Concert in 10 Easy Steps

Band performing on stage

Concerts bring people together under a common love of music. Such an event has the potential to create unforgettable experiences for those in your community. If you’re wondering how to organize a concert, allow us to help you with our decades of expertise. For over 20 years, we have offered exceptional technical support and audiovisual…

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