Parks & Recreation Event Ideas

Unique Event Ideas for Your Parks and Rec Program to Try

Nothing turns local neighbors into friends faster than shared moments of community engagement. New programs and events are a great way to drum up interest in your parks and recreation organization. They also increase much-needed revenue that can then flow back into your community. But sometimes it’s hard to come up with an activity that hasn’t been done a million times before. What you need are some innovative ideas that are sure to turn heads.

If you need to infuse your parks and rec organization with a little creative inspiration, here are five unique public event and program ideas for locals of all ages.

1. Canoeing Under the Stars

Many neighborhoods and towns feature rivers, streams and lakes that offer incredible canoeing and kayaking opportunities. For a fun twist, why not host a canoeing under the stars event. Participants will love gliding over the water with only the stars as their navigation system. They’ll also gain an appreciation for your community’s natural resources as they refocus and unwind from the stress of everyday responsibilities.

2. Outdoor Fitness

From beach workouts to outdoor yoga, outdoor fitness classes allow your community members to have fun, get a good workout and enjoy the beautiful weather. Even if your community doesn’t have access to the beach, a lovely park or a patch of grass will do the trick. You can combine a variety of different exercises so that this event can appeal to all fitness levels.

3. Outdoor Movie in the Park

Everyone loves the magic of the movies. But more and more nowadays, enjoying a film is a solitary event. Whether it’s streaming the latest blockbuster on your phone or picking up a rental at the box outside the grocery store, you can watch a movie without ever seeing another real human being. In the 1950s, movies were a community event, and nothing exemplified that more than the Drive-In movie theater.

Make the movies a social event by hosting an outdoor movie night at a local park. These family-friendly gatherings are a wonderful opportunity to get together, socialize and enjoy a great film.

4. Art-Inspired Playspace

Playspaces don’t have to be just for kids. Your parks and rec organization can create a place that becomes a destination spot for all ages and abilities. Interactive art installations bring a feeling of whimsy into your community. They invite everyone to gather, take pictures and have fun. The more tactile, the better.

5. Splash Pads

There’s a reason splash pad popularity is booming. These fun water experiences offer a smart and exciting alternative to costly community pools. As the jets and sprays shoot water in a combination of choreographed movements and intensity, young and old alike play and cool off during hot summer days. Splash pads can exist as stand-alone elements or be integrated into existing pool areas or playgrounds.

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