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YES - We are LOCAL and offer professional South Carolina Movie Screen Rentals for Indoor & Outdoor Events at Schools, Parks, Churches, Businesses, Apartments, Backyards, & More.

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Inflatable Movie Screen Rental in South Carolina

South Carolina outdoor movies are an enchanting blend of film and Southern charm set amid the magnificent scenery of the state. Both old and young love the open-air cinema experience, from the classic drive-ins popular in the 50s to today's FunFlicks® events at Charleston parks, on the beach, and throughout the Palmetto State. Everyone gathers to watch a variety of films, from old favorites to contemporary jewels. Outdoor movies in South Carolina convey the heart of the community amid a background of colonial buildings or seaside views, making each night beneath the stars in South Carolina a treasured celebration.

South Carolina Event Rentals for Drive-Ins

FunFlicks® South Carolina has the most affordable yet professional inflatable movie screen rentals for your drive-in, with booming high-definition sound, enormous displays, and high-resolution projection. We use modern technology to redefine the classic drive-in experience. Our ENORMOUS inflatable movie screens will wow your audience. Viewers can relax in their cars while watching their favorite movies on our massive displays, with music sent directly to their vehicle radios. With our knowledgeable staff and cutting-edge South Carolina screen rental technology, you can host an unforgettable drive-in.

#1-Rated South Carolina Inflatable Movie Screen Rentals

We strive to give back to the community as South Carolina's #1 top-rated movie screen rental company. Local event professionals will arrive at your site, arrange our inflatable movie screen equipment, and then take it down after the screening. We provide essential assistance and equipment, whether there are 5 or 5,000 people. Because of our extensive assortment of screen sizes, our movie screen rentals can amuse a wide range of audiences. Events can take place at a park, on the beach, inside, in your backyard, or almost anywhere in the USA!

South Carolina Outdoor Movies are Experiences for Everyone

We provide tailored services to a diverse range of clients. FunFlicks® South Carolina projector screen rentals are appropriate for a wide range of events, from giant debut screenings in Charleston to small birthday parties in the comfort of one's own home. The silver screen brings together families, friends, and strangers for an evening of entertainment.