Outdoor Movie Business Opportunity

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Outdoor Movie Business Opportunity

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Why License with FunFlicks®?

Why join the FunFlicks® Network?  You can help yourself with a rewarding business relationship & help us realize the dream of growing Nationwide!  Working together helps BOTH of our goals.

We are still looking for Business Owners to represent FunFlicks® in many States including:
AL, AK, AR, GA, IA, ND, MS, NC, NM, OK, SC, SD, TN, UT, WY & some locations in other States.  Click for our current locations.

By joining our Network, YOU will be provided customer leads obtained from our website in exchange for an annual advertising fee.

You will get TOP PLACEMENT on GOOGLE, YAHOO, MSN, AOL and other major search engines along with a National Marketing, Press Releases and Public Relations.  Our national marketing creates more awareness of the outdoor movie industry which all benefits the FunFlicks® Website and it's affiliates.
By joining our network and advertising with us, these leads could be yours!

We are sharing an enormous opportunity with our Outdoor Movie Business Support. Call now to join forces…
This could be your ticket to Hollywood!
(818) 732-6872

We are a young, dynamic new company set to dominate this new market niche. Our goal is to form ultimate partnerships with leading organizations that will help us grow our national brand. In growing our brand, we intend to help our advertisers and licensees achieve their financial and professional goals.

We are NOT your competition!  All outdoor movie companies can benefit by marketing with us. We do not want to compete with you in your state.

When joining as a FunFlicks® Licensee, we may even provide you with booked customers!

So feel comfortable using Fun Flicks® as your #1 marketing source. You will get customer leads & new
customers - GUARANTEED!

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License Your Outdoor Movie Business with FunFlicks®

If you have just started or are considering starting an outdoor movie business, use our success - to help you be successful!
We can provide EVERYTHING to help make your business as succesful as ours! There is no reason to compete with us, it will only take money from both of us. Licensing with Fun Flicks guarantees YOU Proven Strategies, Valuable Support and a protected territory where you will never have our competition!

Remember, as a licensee YOU will obtain ALL the leads from our website (within your protected territory). Your business will be profitable much faster at a minimum expense.

As a Fun Flicks® Licensee YOU GET:

      1. Unlimited Customer Leads in your protected area

A Protected Territory - Where you have absolutely NO competition - you will get ALL leads within your territory - you will be the only option!

Marketing on Yahoo, Google, MSN, AOL & others - all with Top Placement saving you the expense!

National Advertising Exposure in magazines & publications & periodicals. We pay the expense - you reap the benefits.

Trademark rights to Fun Flicks®. Fun Flicks® is a Leading, Growing, National Brand Name. Your business will benefit with this name.

Complete Use of our Creative Website

Your business name @ funflicks.com email account

Helpful & Constructive Support from our National Affiliates – to help you and your business thrive

A Complete Start-Up Guide – on how to run an outdoor movie business

Reservation tools including booking calendar, accounting and invoicing program – all to help you run a professional & organized business

Wholesale prices on outdoor movie equipment including inflatable screens, projectors, speakers, popcorn machines and more. Our inflatable movie screen prices - are HALF of what others charge! Take a look:
Inflatable Movie Screen Prices

Equipment BUY-BACK Program: We believe your market will be so successful, we are willing to help minimize your start-up risk by offering to buy back your equipment if your business does not grow!

Marketing Programs that will pay for your licensing fees! We have several marketing & sales programs in effect, when used properly will COMPLETELY PAY for any and all licensing fees paid to Fun Flicks. Seriously - This is REAL. NO HYPE. Use our proven program, it will pay for itself over and over.

Plus more & more & more!
Much of this might sound too good to be true - It is REALLY GOOD, and REALLY TRUE! Pick up the phone call us
or one of our licensees - find out more today: (818) 732-6872
This is a ground floor small business opportunity. Licensee rates will increase as our program grows stronger - so get in now while we are still "giving it away"!

Basically, by licensing with Fun Flicks In & Outdoor Movies, we can provide you with Proven Marketing, Support, Experience & Knowledge – all to make your business better & more profitable faster!

Licensee rates are 8% of outdoor movie rental sales. So understand, we don't make money if you don't make money - it's a win-win for both!!

Keep in mind, we won't offer this to just anyone - just those that we think are motivated to succeed with our proven program.

Jump Start Your Outdoor Movie Business Today - States are starting to Sell-Out!
Call today - before someone else licenses your state! 1 (818) 732-6872

Do you already offer outdoor movies - or own a similar business?

You can benefit from our National exposure by joining forces. All leads obtained in your territory will be forwarded direct to you. Potential customers find your listing while on our website. They have the option to call you direct or fill out an online request form. View your state listing page here: Make a Reservation

94% of our customers find us through our website, our business is thriving. Now these customers can be yours in your state. The Fun Flicks website has top placement with the major search engines with over 350 strategic keywords and phrases.

Your inflatable movie business WILL be found - GUARANTEED!

Are you paying for Top Placement in Search Engines? WE ARE! Check out major keywords related to outdoor movie rentals. You will find Fun Flicks on the first pages! When customers link to our site and need service in your area - they will call you! Use our top placement as your main advertising source.
As you can see from our placement, marketing and design, we have spent THOUSANDS of dollars to facilitate, maintain & market our website. This outstanding lead generating tool can be yours when you join our winning team.

Just two bookings from our website could pay for a year worth of leads!

Call Now - to get more information! (818) 732-6872