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Looking to Buy a FunFlicks® Blow Up Movie Screen?

From building an epic backyard entertainment hot spot to hosting community-wide movie screenings that bring the magic of the silver screen to your friends and neighbors, there are a lot of reasons to buy your own large-sized movie screens. If you're looking for high-quality blow-up movie screens for sale, look no further than FunFlicks®.

Over the years, FunFlicks® has worked to create extraordinary indoor and outdoor movie-watching experiences that bring back the awe and wonder of movie magic — one event at a time. One key ingredient to our success is high-quality equipment, including the best inflatable movie screens on the market. Our custom-designed, USA-made, industrial-grade inflatable movie screens ensure audiences recapture a little bit of the magic of movies when we host their event.

Whether you love hosting summer outdoor movie block parties for your neighborhood or you run the local Parks & Rec department and need a reliable way to screen family-friendly movies, we've got you covered.

Contact FunFlicks® to purchase the same state-of-the-art inflatable screens we've used to produce tens of thousands of successful movie events nationwide. We offer tons of inflatable movie screen options, varying in sound and image quality, size and price so that you can find a large movie screen for sale that meets your exact needs.

Reach out to FunFlicks® today to learn more about owning your own blow-up movie screen when you give us a call at (877) 263-0480, extension 2.

First – Choose Your Quality:

Premium | Professional | Generic

A. Premium Quality
Outdoor Movie Equipment

Whether it's for your own personal use or you're browsing options for your business, picking out the right inflatable movie screen can be somewhat confusing, especially if this is your first time. So, let's explore some of the options you'll find when you buy your blow-up cinema screens from FunFlicks®, starting with screen quality. You've got three options to choose from — Premium, Professional and Generic.

Airscreen Equipment Package Image

Premium Screens by AirScreen®
Both Screens and|or Equipment Available

Why Premium Quality?

For some people, only the absolute best will cut it. If you're dedicated to producing an astounding movie-watching experience that's second to none, that means you need a Premium Quality screen by AirScreen®. While our other options are great, these high-quality inflatable screens ensure even the most discriminating movie lover will have an incredible time. 

Our 16-foot inflatable Premium Quality movie screens start from $4595. Our Complete Packages, including Inflatable Movie Screen, Sound System and Projector are priced from $9595.

Here are some of the features you'll enjoy from our Premium Quality movie screens:

  • Various screen sizes available, from 12 to 80 feet
  • Sourced from a reliable company with a 20+ year reputation
  • Patented features, field-tested and stable in winds up to 24 mph
  • Seamless outdoor cinema-quality viewing surface
  • Three-year warranty
  • Local FunFlicks® support to help train staff and manage events (additional cost)

B. Professional Quality
Outdoor Movie Screens

Screen used for Projection Screen Rentals

Various Inflatable Movie Screen Sizes Available

Why Professional Quality?

Professional events deserve Professional Quality screens. This option is slightly less expensive while still providing a "Wow" factor for any corporate gathering or school-wide event. Whether for business or pleasure, our Professional Quality inflatable screens will do the job quite nicely. 

Our 16-foot inflatable Professional Quality movie screens start at $2895

Here is a bit more information about our Professional quality movie screens:

  • Various screen sizes available, from 16 to 40 feet
  • Reliable and frequently used in the rental industry
  • Reasonably priced
  • Made in the USA
  • Seamless quality viewing surface up to 32 feet
  • One-year warranty
  • Local FunFlicks® support to help train staff and manage event (additional cost)

C. Generic Quality
Outdoor Movie Screens

Inflatable projector screen size for Blockbuster events

Various Inflatable Movie Screen Sizes Available

Why Generic Quality?

While Generic Quality may be our most inexpensive option, you can still count on an impressive home cinema or community movie viewing experience. This selection is perfect for backyard barbecues, community poolside swim-ins, or anywhere you need a big screen movie night.

Our 16-foot Generic Quality inflatable movie screens start at $2295

Here's more info about our Generic Quality movie screens:

  • Various screen sizes available from 16 to 40 feet
  • Best price 
  • Dependable and often used in the rental industry
  • Field-tested and stable in winds up to 19 mph (depending on size)
  • Made in China
  • Seamless viewing surface of up to 21 feet
  • No warranty, no support

FunFlicks® Professional Quality Inflatable Movie Screen
Price & Sizes:

Inflatable screens get pretty big — pretty darn big. Choosing the right size will depend on a few variables, such as how many people you want to entertain, whether you need it for outdoor or indoor use, and the type of projector you're planning on using. We've got blow-up movie screens of every shape and size for whatever movie-viewing experience you need.

Smallest Indoor Theater Size

Smallest Indoor Theater Size

9' x 5' Screen
Up to 20 guests

Inflatable projector screen for backyard parties

Inflatable Projector Screen for Mid-Sized Events

12' x 9' Screen
Up to 75 guests

outdoor movie screen and projector sized for backyards

Movie Screen Sized for Backyard Outdoor Movies

16' x 9' Screen
Up to 250 guests

Rent projection screen for school events

Projection Screen for School-Sized Events

20' x 12' Screen
Up to 500 guests

Rent Projection Screen for Parks and Recs

Projection Screen for Parks and Recreation Departments

25' x 15' Screen
Up to 750 guests

Sized for Company Events

Screen Sized for Company Events

30' x 17' Screen
Up to 1000 guests

Projection Screen Rentals for Drive In Movies

Projection Screen for Drive-In Movies

40' x 20' Screen
Up to 3000 guests

projection screen equipment for outdoor movies

9' x 5' Screen
Up to 20 guests

Inflatable projector screen size for mid sized events

12' x 9' Screen
Up to 75 guests

FunFlicks® offers Blow Up Movie Screens | Projectors | Speakers & More. Give us a call for details. Yes, we know our inflatable movie screens are HALF the cost of other companies. Our screens are great quality - at half the price! We produced over 5000 events last season - using these outdoor movie screens. They work GREAT for us, they will work great for you!

Call Today: (877) 263-0480 ext. 2

Why Buy FunFlicks®
Outdoor Movie Equipment?

FunFlicks® can provide you with tried and true outdoor movie screen equipment that will ensure your next big-screen movie-watching experience is a huge hit. If our portable indoor and outdoor screens and equipment work for us, we know they'll work for you. After all, we're the nation's leader in movie screen rentals. 

We do not custom-make our inflatable movie screens — we're in the business of creating movie memories, not manufacturing equipment. Instead, we obtain wholesale discounted screens direct from trusted manufacturers purchased for our National Program on a regular basis. These screens come in pre-designed sizes that we use to accommodate crowds of all sizes. 

Contact FunFlicks® Today: (877) 263-0480 extension 2

  • Industrial Quality – proven in the vigorous rental market
  • Incredible Value & Pricing – since we buy in volume
  • Masterfully Designed & Excellent Projection Quality
  • Seamless White Surface up to 32′– Made in the USA
  • Superior Performance for the Outdoor Environment
  • Local FunFlicks® Representation – initial set-up & on-going support

Movie Screen Ownership Is Great For…

There are tons of people and organizations that would benefit from investing in their very own high-quality inflatable movie screens. Here are just a few ideas we've come up with:

  • Organizations with frequent movie events who want to up their viewing game
  • Families building their own premium outdoor home theater
  • Parks and Rec programs, pools, HOAs and apartment complexes that host community movie events
  • Schools and Universities hosting movie events for fundraising
  • Those starting their own outdoor movie business
  • And so many more

Blow Up Movie Screens by FunFlicks®

Benefits of Blow Up Movie Screens From FunFlicks®

Whether you're hosting an outdoor movie night or diving into the inflatable movie screen rental business, there are tons of benefits to purchasing your inflatable movie screens from FunFlicks®. Last season alone, we hosted over 5000 movie watching events across the country, so we know what to look for in high-quality inflatable screens:

  • Professional design: Our screens are custom designed and have been perfected over the past nine years, ensuring superior outdoor movie viewing and excellent projection quality.
  • Incredible value and pricing: Since we buy in volume, our inflatable movie screens are priced at half the cost of other companies.
  • Industrial quality: All our screens have been proven in the demanding rental market.
  • Durable: Our screens are long-lasting and tough. Our program includes some original units from our initial production order, and they're still going strong and providing a great viewing experience.
  • Self-supporting, free-standing inflatable frame: Most screens are designed to need minimal roping and stakes. In fact, you may not even need to secure your portable screen unless winds are high.
  • Set up anywhere: Enjoy the magic of the movies almost anywhere — parking lots, tennis courts, gymnasiums, fields, lawns and so many more locales. Our inflatable movie screens are also excellent for locations where staking is limited. Plus, the wind rating is easily 20+ mph. 
  • Clean and wrinkle-free screens: Our movie screen surfaces are wrinkle-free and removable for easy, machine-washable cleanup.
  • Front or rear projection: Most sizes allow for both front and rear projection.
  • Local FunFlicks® representation: If you need help with initial setup or ongoing support, a local FunFlicks® representative can come to your event and lend a helping hand.

Contact FunFlicks® to Learn More About Professional Quality Inflatable Movie Screens, Projectors and Sound Systems for Sale

At FunFlicks®, we offer blow-up movie screens, state-of-the-art projectors, concert-grade sound systems and more. Our screens are incredible quality at half the price. Since they work great for us, we know they'll work great for you and your upcoming movie extravaganzas.

For more information about our industry-leading screens or to place your order, give us a call at (877) 263-0480, extension 2 for details.

Want to Start Your Own Outdoor Movie Event Business?

If you've always wanted to start your own business in the movie event rental industry, partnering with FunFlicks® makes it a cinch. We provide customer leads and all the support you need to help you own your own family-run business and grow in this flourishing field. Learn more here!