Halloween Themed Event

The Halloween themed event: "The Dreaded Drive-In" Film Festival launches Fall 2021.

Secure your date & location NOW for proper planning!

FunFlicks® customers are encouraged to enjoy this FREE Film Festival event.

Simply provide your typical location & staff.  Dreaded Drive-In will market, promote and sell tickets to the general public to cover expenses.

Revenues are shared! Funds earned can be used for next years FunFlicks® outdoor movie event, donate to a local charity, or keep for your organization.

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Love Scary Movies?  Your Community does, too!

FunFlicks® has created a unique concept for existing customers that desire to host movie nights during the month of October.  This fantastic concept requires no payment!  Share a scary movie this Fall for the "adult" crowd in your community.

Halloween is one of America's top favorite holidays.  Mainly, Christmas, Mothers Day, Thanksgiving and Independence Day are first in line.....Then there's Halloween.  People LOVE to celebrate with scary festivities.  With the creation of the "Dreaded Drive-In", you can give your audience what they really want!  Give them a Halloween themed event including a scary outdoor movie night.


  • Scary Drive In Cinema 
  • High Schools
  • Fairgrounds
  • Bowling Alleys
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Shopping Centers
  • Fire Departments
  • Parks
  • Malls


Currently, the Dreaded Drive In has received THOUSANDS of inquiries.  People are requesting to buy tickets for this new, exciting event in YOUR area!  

Utilizing FunFlicks® larger screens your crowd will be entertained via "Drive In" style - or on your field or lawn spread out on blankets, etc.

Revenue Share Program


Since you are most likely a current FunFlicks® customer, you understand how to manage and operate your typical movie night.

The Dreaded Drive In is basically the same.  However, the film is included - and tickets are pre-sold for your event to ensure a crowd.  With tickets being sold online we can guage the popularity - and of course pay for the equipment rental, movie rights and marketing of the movie night.

To help even more, the Dreaded Drive In is happy to share revenues of ticket sales after their initial expenses are covered.  This is a WIN-WIN-WIN for YOU, FunFlicks® & the Dreaded Drive In.

Revenues earned from your Haunted Movie Night can be redeemed for a future FunFlicks® movie night, donated to a charity of your choice, or simply take the check to spend how your organization pleases.

Projections below are based on your sold-out movie night with an average car-load of guests priced at $49.  This is for the Dreaded Drive-In double feature.  Amounts expected to earn are: 

  • $4748 PROFIT - based on the 52' screen for up to 350 cars
  • $2731 PROFIT - based on the 40' screen for up to 200 cars
  • $1289 PROFIT - based on the 32' screen for up to 100 cars
  • $821 PROFIT - based on the 26' screen for up to 75 cars

IDEA: Consider selling concessions including drinks, popcorn, glow items, etc.  You keep 100% of these profits while your Halloween themed event becomes that much more entertaining!

This is very different than a typical FunFlicks® equipment rental.  Your organization would typically PAY $1200-$4200 for this service!


How to Join this Haunted Outdoor Movie Event?

Need more information or wondering how to join this Haunted Outdoor Movie Event?  Pick up the phone and call your local FunFlicks®!  

No deposit is required.

The only the commitment that you provide is your location and staff.

Once your location is confirmed with FunFlicks®, you will be added to the Dreaded Drive In website location map.  With this, marketing begins and movie tickets are pre-sold for your specific event.

Remember, this event includes everything at no cost to you.  

FunFlicks® provides all the Drive-In movie equipment, including:

  • Sound systems
  • FM transmitters
  • Cables
  • Generators (additional expense if you don't have standard electric)
  • Drive-In cinema screen(s)
  • High Definition (HD) Drive-In movie projector
  • Trained professional event technicians

FunFlicks® can even provide full-service popcorn machine rentals and other supplies to ensure your Drive-In festivities go off without a hitch.

Haunted Drive-In Cinema Screen Rentals Include:

  • Drive-In Movie Theater Production
  • HUGE Inflatable Drive-In Movie Screen (various sizes)
  • High Definition (HD) Projection
  • Intense Sound System
  • FM Transmitter (if desired)
  • DVD/Blu-Ray Player
  • Delivery, Setup and Removal
  • Event Host / Technician On-Site During Your Event

Standard event lasts about 2.5 hours with the double feature

Designed with FM transmitters mixed with incredible sound systems, we ensure everyone hears the screams and gets their fill of jump scares! 



Drive-In Screen Rental Locations
for Drive-In Movie Equipment Rentals

Host a Haunted Drive In Movie By FunFlicks®

Give your audience something special for Halloween.  The Dreaded Drive In will be playing the entire month of October.  Be sure to add this event to your calendar!

Information Request:

Fill out this form, and we'll send you the Vendor Location Kit brochure via email.  Looking forward to hosting a howling good time!!

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Start Planning Your Haunted Drive-In Event Today!

Wait no longer!  Get on the schedule for this October with a FunFlicks® exclusive.  Once you commit your location and date(s), tickets will go on sale almost immediately.  GOAL: To sell-out your event months in advance!  If sold-out, you could add more dates to the calendar to create more revenues for your organization.  Don't delay, call us today for the Vendor Location Kit.  Talk soon!

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