Drive-thru Graduation Ceremony

Rent FunFlicks® for your High School Graduation Ceremony during Covid-19.  Offering Drive-Thru, Drive-by and Drive-In rental Equipment to host your quarantined Graduation Ceremony.

Quarantine Ceremony Cinema by FunFlicks®

Lock Down in 2021?  Host a FunFlicks® Quarantine Drive by Gradtuation.  Yes!  We come to you!  With 500+ enourmous entertainment screens in most States across the Nation, you can trust our experience for your event.

It's easy to create your Drive-by Graduation Drive-In Ceremony:

1. Gather: Videos, Photos & Speeches from your students & faculty.

2. Create: a custom presentation (or have FunFlicks® create for you)

3. Present: Using FunFlicks® Drive-in Theater equipment, Show your unique creation to your high school graduation audience.  

Your students deserve a memorable graduation ceremony!  During the COVID-19 epedimic, hosting a drive-in, drive-by, drive-thru graduation ceremony ensures safety - since everyone sits in their own cars to enjoy your presentation!  Be sure to end your program with a fun-filled college-themed memorable movie!

Drive-In Graduation Equipment Rentals

A dash of nostalgia and a pinch of the latest audio-visual technology — mix that together and you're in for one heck of a drive-by graduation ceremony.

DAY or Night - Some locations have HUGE LED screens viewable in direct sunlight for daytime ceremonies.

Your Ceremony Cinema Drive-In rental includes everything required to host the perfect quarantined graduation ceremony – outside under the stars….in the CARS! We provide all the Drive-In movie equipment, including:

  • Sound systems
  • FM transmitters
  • Cables
  • Generators
  • Drive-In cinema screen(s)
  • High Definition (HD) Drive-In movie projector
  • Trained professional event technician
  • LED Screens for DAYTIME Events

Our high-quality Drive-In movie screens and rental equipment make for an extraordinary graduation experience for all your guests, families, and car enthusiasts and is sure to be the talk of the school.

School Ceremony Rentals Include:

  • Drive-In, Drive-thru, Drive-by Graduations Priced from $999+
  • HUGE Inflatable Drive-In Movie Screen (various sizes) LED, too!
  • High Definition (HD) Projection
  • Intense Sound System
  • FM Transmitter (if desired)
  • DVD/Blu-Ray Player
  • Delivery, Setup and Removal
  • Event Host / Technician On-Site During Your Event

Lockdown Graduation Ceremony - THEATRE RENTALS


For Ceremony Cinema Rental Locations - Visit:
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Ceremony Cinema By FunFlicks®

We have hosted Drive-In events for hundreds of organizations across America.  Tesla, Toyota, Lamborghini & other Exotic Car companies have all participated.  Give us a call to reserve your Drive-In Graduation Ceremony.

Start Planning Your Ceremony Cinema Event Today!


"social-distance" compliant alternative to the traditional graduation ceremony, allowing appropriate recognition for high school seniors impacted by COVID-19.  We have massive portable inflatable screens we use for drive-in movies, as well as an FM broadcaster to allow engagement from within their vehicle. As more and more communities and businesses reach out to us to provide drive-in movies, we felt it important to offer this service to students who have spent the majority of their young lives working towards the goal of a high school diploma.  Celebrate your accomplishment with a FunFlicks® Drive-by Graduation Ceremony - Ceremony Cinema. 

Our vision for your event - a slideshow with photos and the name of each graduating student. This can be accompanied with a microphone and live announcer, or with pre-recorded videos of other speakers, such as the valedictorian.  As names are called cars honk and blinkers flash as families are able to celebrate and show their pride in their graduates.


What are you waiting for? A FunFlicks® Ceremony Cinema is the perfect way to set your graduation ceremony celebration apart and create nostalgic, unforgettable fun. Contact a friendly FunFlicks® Drive-by Graduation Ceremony Specialist near you to get started!

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