How to Host a Halloween Party for Kids of All Ages

Outdoor Halloween movie party

Want to throw a Halloween party for kids of all ages? For over two decades, we've helped people across the nation throw their own fall festivals and Halloween celebrations. It can be difficult to plan a party that caters to a variety of age groups. Given our experience, we can assist you with our tips and tricks to make your kids Halloween party a memorable success.

How to Throw a Halloween Party for Toddlers

Halloween party for toddlers

Halloween Party Theme for Toddlers

Even the youngest children can have a fun time at a kids Halloween party. If you plan on inviting older guests, be careful not to scare the toddlers. Your theme should reflect the lighthearted elements of the season. Decorate the area with pumpkins, scarecrows, and cobwebs at your Halloween party for toddlers. For the most immersive party experience, guests should be encouraged to dress up in festive costumes.

Trick-or-Treating with Toddlers

If you plan on taking your toddler trick-or-treating, keep a close eye on them. Trick-or-treating can be a valuable opportunity to teach your kids how to thank others with good manners. Check their candy and discard those that have unusual wrappings or harmful objects. To avoid sugar sickness, limit how much they eat for their own health.

Halloween Snacks for Toddlers

Apple slices with caramel are a nutritious snack that toddlers will love at your Halloween party for kids. Not only are they simple to prepare, but they also go well with the autumn theme.

How to Throw a Halloween Party for Preschoolers

Preeschool Halloween party

Halloween Activities for Preschoolers

Preschoolers have active minds that are eager to learn and discover new things. Arts and crafts are an enjoyable activity to do before watching a festive film. Hand painted ghosts are simple to make and require few materials: black construction paper, white finger paint, and black finger paint. Instruct the kids to paint their hand white and create an imprint on the black paper. Now that they have an imprint on the paper, flip it over and use the black paint to make a face for their ghosts.

Halloween Snacks for Preschoolers

Ghost bananas are a healthy snack that doesn't take much effort to prepare at your Halloween party for kids. Simply peel and split a banana in half, then put two chocolate chips for the eyes and one for the mouth. You now have a creepy ghost banana. "Tangerine pumpkins" complement banana ghosts perfectly. Simply peel your tangerines and place a stalk of celery in the center to create "tangerine pumpkins." Since Halloween is a time for sweets, having healthy snacks available is great to keep in mind. It's critical to keep track of how many sweets your child eats on Halloween. If you want to go trick-or-treating at night, make sure that you watch your children and inspect their candy before they consume it.

Halloween Movies for Preschoolers

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How to Throw a Halloween Party for Kids

Halloween party for kids

Halloween Activities for Kids

Bobbing for apples is a fun, traditional fall game to play at your Halloween party for kids. Simply have a large tub of water available with apples inside. The goal is for the contestants to try to grab a floating apple with their mouths while their hands are behind their backs. If you're worried about spreading germs, have individual buckets for each player to bob from.

Halloween Snacks for Kids

After players are finished bobbing and have won an apple, make their prize even more worth it by turning their apple into a caramelized treat. You will need store-bought caramels, heavy cream, pop cake sticks, optional toppings (peanuts, sprinkles, oreos, or M&Ms are great options), and plenty of apples.

How to Make Caramel Apples

Rinse your apples and place them on a baking sheet to put in the fridge so that the caramel can easily melt onto them later on. Next, pour your cream and place your caramel candies into a microwave-safe bowl. You'll need to place your bowl in the microwave and take it out every thirty seconds or so to stir and place it back in until it becomes runny, hot caramel. Once the caramel is finished, puncture your apples with sticks, dip them in the caramel, and add toppings. Feel free to put your caramel-dipped apples in the fridge for them to harden. After following those easy steps, you are done and have successfully made caramel apples!

Halloween Movies for Kids

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How to Throw a Halloween Party for Preteens

Two Jack-O-Lanterns

Halloween Activities for Preteens

"Toilet paper mummy" is a great game to play at a Halloween party for preteens. All you need is a group of kids and lots of toilet paper. Divide the party into four teams and let the players decide who wants to be wrapped in toilet paper as the team’s mummy. Each team has one mummy; the rest of the players are wrappers who need one roll of toilet paper. The team that wins is the one with the best-looking mummy (usually the person most wrapped from head to toe in toilet paper). Give the players 2 minutes to compete, and allow the team to wrap up the mummy. Once the 2 minutes are up, there should be an adult judge who decides which team has the best mummy. Consider giving out Halloween treats as a winning prize.

Halloween Snacks for Preteens

Want to make a scary Halloween snack? "Bloody Finger Hotdogs" are a great choice for your party to enjoy. These are easy to make and only require hotdogs, hotdog buns, ketchup, and water. First, boil a large pot of water on the stove. While you wait for the water to boil, carve out "fingernails" and "knuckles" on your hotdogs. After you have finished your carvings, boil your hotdogs for 4-5 minutes. If you wish to barbecue your hotdogs, then make these carvings after they have been cooked. Once the hotdogs are fully cooked, place them in buns and add ketchup (mimicking blood) at the bottom of the "finger" and at the bottom of the hotdog in the bun. After following these steps, you should have scary-looking bloody fingers in buns that taste great.

Halloween Movies for Preteens

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How to Throw a Halloween Party for Teens

Ceramic Jack-O-Lanterns

Halloween Activities for Teens

Pumpkin carving is a must-do Halloween activity that even teens will enjoy. A table is the perfect surface to carve your pumpkins on. Be sure to avoid carving on uneven surfaces. A plastic cover over the area is great protection from the mess that will ensue. In addition, supplying a trash bag for each carver is wise so that they have a place to discard guts and seeds. To begin, make sure that you have enough pumpkins available for everyone wanting to partake. Use a serrated knife or pumpkin cutting tool to cut a lid into the top of the pumpkin. After the top has been cut out, use a scraper or spoon to remove the guts and seeds. Once the pumpkin is hollowed out, carve out a design. Finally, place a candle or an electric light inside to create a jack-o-lantern.

Halloween Snacks for Teens

Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are an irresistible seasonal treat that are easy to bake. Begin by preheating the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. While you wait for your oven to heat, whisk a bowl of melted butter (1 stick), brown sugar (¼ cup), and granulated sugar (½ cup). Once the solution has softened and the brown sugar chunks are gone, add 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract and 6 tablespoons of pumpkin puree and whisk until mixed. In a separate larger bowl, whisk flower (1 and a 1/2 cups), baking powder (¼ teaspoon), salt (¼ teaspoon), baking soda (¼ teaspoon), cinnamon (1 and a ½ teaspoons), and pumpkin pie spice (1 teaspoon).

How to Make Pumpkin Cookies

Next, pour the wet ingredients into the dry bowl and stir until the solution has turned into dough. One-half cup of chocolate chips should then be mixed into the bowl with the dough. Be sure to chill the cookie dough for at least 30 minutes. Remove the dough from refrigeration and scoop it from the bowl onto the cookie sheets (there should be about 1 and a ½ tablespoons of dough per cookie). Place the cookie sheets in the oven for roughly 10–11 minutes. After the time has expired, check to see if the cookies have formed and take them out if so.

Halloween Movies for Teens

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Watch a Movie at Your Halloween Party for Kids

Home decorated for Halloween with a movie projected in the driveway

With Halloween on its way, what better way to celebrate than by watching a festive film with your friends and family? We provide the highest-rated inflatable and LED screen setups in the country. Your inflatable movie screen rental includes a powerful high-resolution projector, high-definition sound equipment, and an expert event technician to operate our gear. Furthermore, our cutting-edge LED displays are for those looking for a premium viewing experience at any time of day.

If your party has a variety of age groups, consider throwing a double feature. A film for the kids and one for the adults. With our rental services, we’ll make it the most memorable and stress-free Halloween you’ve ever had.

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Event Rentals for Your Halloween Party for Kids

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