How to Throw an AMAZING Back to School Party

Are you ready to celebrate your kids going back to school? Look no further than us for the best advice and rental equipment to make your back to school party a hit! For decades, we’ve put on back to school parties across the nation. Whether you’re a member of staff planning to put on a schoolwide event or are just a parent wanting to throw a party in the backyard, we’re here to help. Follow our step-by-step guide so that you can have an amazing back to school party.

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Why Throw a Back to School Party?

The summer is coming to an end, and the kids are sad that it went by so fast. Cure their back to school blues with a celebration! After a long break, a party can help rejuvenate their enthusiasm and motivation for learning. You’ll see your children more eager to participate and open to learning in the classroom after a fun icebreaker event. Socializing and forming positive relationships are crucial aspects of the educational experience, and a back to school party provides the perfect setting for this. Not only is a back to school party a great place to rekindle old friendships, but it's also the perfect chance for new students to feel welcome at their school. Make the first day of class less scary for everyone with a fun event where they can meet new classmates and share their summer adventures.

Steps to Having a Great Back to School Party

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1. Ask Yourself: Who? Where? When?

To begin planning your back to school party, you need to ask yourself some essential questions:

Who do you want to invite?

Start planning your back to school party by gauging the number of people who’ll be there. It’s recommended to start the planning at least a month in advance.  Estimate the expected crowd size first so that you can better answer later questions in your planning process. Creating a list of the students, parents, teachers, or staff members that you plan on inviting to the party will give you an idea of how many people will be there.

Where will the party be?

After making a guest list, you’ll need to choose a location that’s fitting for the expected crowd size. Keep in mind that not only guests will occupy the area; tables, audiovisual equipment, or planned activities may require extra space. The comfort of your guests should be your highest priority in order to ensure that everyone can have a good time. Be sure to ask for permission beforehand if you want to hold your party on property that is not your own, such as at a school, park, or another home. Whether you’re wanting to hold your back to school party on your property or someone else's, you need to make sure that restrooms and garbage cans are available. Restrooms should be clean and supplied with soap and toilet paper. Trash cans placed around the location will save you time cleaning up after the event.

When is the best time for a back to school party?

To maximize your party’s attendance rate, you’ll need to throw it at a good time for everyone. Ideally, a back to school party should happen the week before classes start. That way, families will have time to be back from vacation, and students will be able to meet new friends and revisit old ones right before school begins. Having guests arrive in the afternoon or evening is a great time to get the party started.

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2. Decide on a Theme

Having a distinct theme at your back to school party will fully immerse your guests for the most enjoyable experience. When picking your theme, let your imagination run wild. To celebrate the end of a fun summer, your theme can reflect this with a tiki luau, water war, or under-the-sea celebration. The theme isn’t only important for your guests' enjoyment; it also ties everything together neatly. The theme is one of the most important parts of the party. When choosing your theme, think about what is most appropriate for the occasion and audience. Reflect your theme in your decorations, outfits, food, or activities.

3. Plan the Activities

Every back to school party needs activities to keep the kids entertained throughout the event. Consider the age group of your audience and what they might most enjoy.

Watch a Movie

Kids watching a movie at an indoor back to school party

Having an outdoor movie night is a great way to bring everyone together for a time of fun. Luckily, we’ve helped people around the country have their own movie nights for decades, and we make it easy for you. With a variety of different screen sizes and types, we have the perfect display for you, whether you’re throwing a party for the entire district or with a few classmates in the backyard. A local FunFlicks technician will set up all the equipment at your location and will be there for the entirety of the event. With our state-of-the-art equipment you won’t find anywhere else, your watch party will amaze everyone, from young to old. This is a great bonding opportunity for the school to come together under the big screen.

Have a Dance Party

FunFlicks dance party event

Pump up the jams and get everyone excited for back to school with a dance party. All you need for the most basic dance party is proper audio equipment and a device to play music from. Make sure you choose music that’s appropriate for the entire audience.

Slip-n-Slide Out of Summer

Slip n slide at a back to school party

Savor the last bit of summer with a water party! If you want to watch your kids laugh and have fun for hours, supply them with water balloons and water guns for an all out water war. Water slides and slip-n-slides are both fun for the kids and a great activity to have at your back to school party as well.

5. Advertise the Event

Now that you’ve planned everything out, it’s time to let everyone know about your back to school party. For those throwing a small backyard event, send direct invitations through mail, text, or email. To get the word out about a schoolwide party, send parents emails or announce the party on social media. However small or large your party may be, it’s vital to include details such as the start time and location. Build up the excitement by previewing the activities in your announcement.

If you’re needing premade or custom invitations, visit our Movie Event Marketing page:

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6. Prepare the Area

It’s almost time to party, which means it’s also time to prepare the area. To make sure everything is in order, create a checklist of duties that need to be completed before guests arrive. This could include making sure the food is prepared, cleaning up outside, or setting up for activities. If your party is outdoors, make sure that the sprinklers are all turned off. We make preparing for your back to school party easy with the help of our amazing event technicians. They’ll arrive on time and be ready to help.

Kids baseball team at an outdoor FunFlicks party

7. Most Importantly, Have Fun

It’s most important to remember to relax and enjoy your event. Parties are fun and you should be having a good time. Don’t forget it!


Screen for an Outdoor Evening or Indoor Party


Our fleet of inflatables is the best quality of screen that you can rent at an affordable price. Whether the party is going on in your backyard or at a large venue, there is an inflatable screen for everyone to enjoy. Our assortment of inflatable screens have a seamless viewing surface and can be blown up in minutes. We’ll be sure to get everything up and running before the show begins. At every event, we bring high-definition speakers that will knock your socks off and a theatrical projector with a crystal-clear display. For optimal viewing, an inflatable event should take place in a setting with minimal lighting and winds of under 15 mph.

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Epic 40'

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Xtreme 50'

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LED Display Screens

If you want a screen that can display day or night in almost any environment, renting an LED screen is the best option for you. Using electroluminescent technology, our LED screens generate light safely and effectively at any time of day. Hence, it isn’t a problem if you want to watch a morning show or an evening movie on our LED screens. Our panels and trailers are rated IP65, which means they are both rain and dust proof! All of our mobile LED trailers have onboard generators used to power the display. Therefore, no power supply is needed. Similar to our inflatable screens, our fleet of LED screens come in a variety of dimensions for a variety of crowd sizes. Event technicians across the country are available to bring our LED trailers anywhere for you to enjoy video games, live sports, movies, advertisements, or anything on!

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