10 of the Best Outdoor Event Ideas

FunFlicks inflatable movie screen at a neighborhood party

Do you want to enjoy the nice weather outside while it lasts? Throw an outdoor party! There are tons of creative outdoor event ideas that can make your party one you’ll never forget. We’ve put on events for people all across the United States since 2001. Given our experience with outdoor events, we want to help you plan your party with some of our favorite ideas.

FunFlicks outdoor movie party at a school

1) Have an Outdoor Movie Party

You have the chance to bring the movie theater to you. An outdoor movie party is the perfect choice for people of all ages to enjoy. Not only is an outdoor movie event fun for all, but we make it really easy for you to put on. Local FunFlicks® event technicians are responsible for bringing our state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, setting everything up, and packing it all up at the end of the evening. There’s something magical about sitting under the stars while watching a great movie with friends and family around you. To make your party even more special, immerse your guests in an overall theme reflected by decorations, choice of movie, music, or costumes. Throwing an outdoor movie party is affordable, easy, and fun for everyone.

2) Invite Guests to a BBQ

Nothing says the weather is nice outside like the smell of a BBQ cookout. Invite your friends, family, or the whole block over for good times and good food. A summer BBQ is a great excuse to get outside and relax in the warm weather. Here are some amazing BBQ recipes for you from Creme de la Crumb®:

Creme de la Crumb® Korean BBQ Chicken

Korean BBQ Chicken

-1 ½ pounds boneless skinless chicken breasts - cut into 1.5 inch pieces
-Salt and pepper
-1 teaspoon Asian five spice (optional)
-3 green onions (finely chopped)
-Steamed rice or cooked noodles for serving (optional)

Korean BBQ Sauce
-½ cup low sodium soy sauce
-⅓ cup brown sugar
-4 tablespoons rice vinegar
-2 tablespoons toasted sesame oil
-1 tablespoon sriracha sauce (or 1 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes)
-1 tablespoon minced garlic
-2 tablespoons cold water + 2 teaspoons corn starch

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Creme de la Crumb® Ultra Juicy Grilled BBQ Pork Chops

Ultra Juicy Grilled BBQ Pork Chops

-4-6 thick-cut boneless pork chops
-Salt and pepper

BBQ Sauce
-1 cup ketchup
-⅔ cup brown sugar - packed
-3 tablespoons worcestershire sauce
-3 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
-2 tablespoons dijon mustard
-1 teaspoon mesquite seasoning - see note
-½ teaspoon garlic powder
-½ teaspoon salt
-¼ teaspoon cracked black pepper (if using ground pepper, reduce to 1/8 teaspoon)

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FunFlicks outdoor movie party by the pool

3) Throw a Pool Party

Cannonball your way into summer with a pool party. Guests should arrive with bathing suits and towels to dry off with so that everyone is prepared to have a good swim. If you don’t have a pool on your property, find a location that does and ask for permission to hold your event there. Wherever your pool party may be, make sure that people are having a fun and safe time. If you plan on partying into the night, consider renting one of our screens to watch a movie by the pool. It’s truly one of the best outdoor summer party ideas. Here are some of our favorite poolside movies to watch:



“The best horror film ever created. This one usually gets a veto from the uptight figureheads. But rest assured, if you show this film at your pool event, EVERYONE will come and EVERYONE will enjoy it. Just be prepared for the slap in the face from that one mom in the crowd who thought it was inappropriate.” –Todd Severn (FunFlicks® Founder)

The Sandlot

The Sandlot

“A true summertime classic, perfect to watch by the poolside after a hot day. Fire up the BBQ, handout popsicles, and watch this movie on the big screen for an unforgettable summer event.” –Todd Severn (FunFlicks® Founder)

Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo

“A #1 top-grossing film at the box office and another FunFlicks favorite in 2004. I must have seen this film 40 times in 2004. This film, along with Shrek (amazing soundtrack), Toy Story, and Monsters Inc., will all fill my library of nostalgic favorites, and I will never get tired of watching them.” –Todd Severn (FunFlicks® Founder)

FunFlikcs drive-in movie party

4) Host a Drive-In Film Event

The drive-in experience is a classic one that people have enjoyed since the days of greased-back hair and rock-n-roll. Reminisce on the days of old while enjoying the future of outdoor audiovisual technology with a FunFicks drive-in. At every event, we bring state-of-the-art movie theater technology with booming high-definition sound and crystal-clear laser projection. We make your life easy with local event hosts throughout the entire United States who set up all the equipment, stay during the movie, and pack everything up after the party is over. Learn more about how to host a drive-in event by following our guide:

Click Here to Learn "How to Throw a Drive-In Movie Event in 10 Easy Steps"

Band performing at a FunFlicks outdoor music festival

5) Organize a Music Festival

Celebrate local talent with a music festival! Such an event is a great opportunity to gather your community together for a time of fellowship and good music. It’s easy to host a local music festival; all you really need is a location to hold the event, performers, and sound equipment. The location should have a stage and an area large enough for both the performers to play on and for the crowd to be in. You will need permission to access property that is not your own. Local noise ordinances should also be followed so that your event doesn’t get shut down. Spread the word prior to your festival by advertising on social media or reaching out to artists to find performers. Learn more about organizing a music festival by following our guide:

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Outdoor video game tournament on a FunFlicks LED screen

6) Compete in a Video Game Tournament

Looking for summer party ideas for kids? Test your skills to find the ultimate gaming champion with an outdoor video game tournament. A video game tournament is a fantastic party activity for your guests to compete in. With our audiovisual equipment, your event is sure to be one you’ll always remember. You’ll just need to provide us with a gaming console that has an HDMI input. We’ll simply plug in and display your game in all of its glory on the big screen. Make sure you have enough controllers for your guests.

FunFlicks party on the beach

7) Throw a Party on the Beach

If you are close to the ocean or a lake, take advantage of the season and throw a beach party! It’s a great opportunity to get people out of the house and soak in the sunlight. Just make sure you have permission to throw a party in the area beforehand. Activities can include beach volleyball, surfing, sand castle building, or just having a good time being surrounded by great people. Don’t let the fun end after the sun has set; keep the party going with a bonfire and a movie night under the stars. A movie night on the beach is a memory that you’ll never forget.

FunFlicks karaoke sing-off party on a driveway

8) Have a Karaoke Competition

Get your vocal chords warmed up for a karaoke competition. We’ve thrown many karaoke parties through the years, and our guests always tell us that it’s one of the best summer party ideas for adults. We have all the equipment you’ll need: a display screen for lyrics, high-definition speakers, and a microphone for letting your voice be heard. If your laptop has an HDMI input, we can easily plug it in and get the karaoke going. Make things interesting with judges who grade each performance. A grand prize for the winner will encourage more people to join in and have fun giving it their best shot. For those listening in the crowd, consider providing beverages and food. Your karaoke evening is sure to be a blast with FunFlicks®!

NCAA basketball

9) Compete in a Basketball Tournament

A basketball tournament is a fun way to get friends together this summer. Find at least one court that your event can be held at, and be sure to reserve it. Once the location has been figured out, sort players into teams and form a tournament-style bracket. If you expect a big crowd, we can heighten the action with our audiovisual equipment. Need music? We can bring high-definition speakers to pump up the jams. Want live commentary? We have microphones for your hosts to use. Not to mention, our state-of-the-art screens will catch all the action for the audience to see.

Ping-pong paddles on a table

10) Play Ping-Pong with Friends

Anyone can play ping-pong. It’s a game of reflex, skill, and late-night pizza parties. Set your table outside to enjoy the nice weather while it lasts, and play against friends to find out who is the ultimate ping-pong champion. Place your bets for the winner to enjoy to heighten the stakes. Once the sun goes down, continue the fun with drinking games. Beer pong is a popular party favorite that can be played on a ping-pong table.

Audiovisual Rentals for Your Outdoor Event

FunFlicks® Inflatable Movie Screen Rentals

Inflatable movie screen rental drive-in

FunFlicks® inflatable movie screens are professional quality at an affordable price. There's a size for everyone, whether you're throwing a massive film festival with thousands in attendance or a small birthday with family at your house. To make sure everything runs smoothly, a local FunFlicks® event technician will arrive at your location on time, set up the screen, oversee the technology, and pack it all away at the end of the screening. Booming high-definition sound, crystal-clear laser projection, and a larger-than-life display are all included when you book an event with us.

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Xtreme 50'
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FunFlicks® LED Screen Rentals

LED screen rental event among palm trees

FunFlicks LED screens are perfect for day or night display in almost any environment. Utilizing electroluminescent technology, our LED screens generate light effectively at any time of day. Each panel is rated IP65, meaning they are both rain and dustproof. Day or night, rain or shine, you get to decide when the magic happens. All of our mobile LED trailers have onboard generators for portable power. Therefore, no power supply is needed. Similar to our inflatable screens, our fleet of LED screens comes in a variety of dimensions for a variety of crowd sizes. Local event technicians across the country are available to bring our LED trailers anywhere for you to enjoy video games, live sports, movies, advertisements, or almost everything else!

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100 Cars

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