How to Power an Outdoor Movie Screen

FunFlicks outdoor movie screen set up

When renting an outdoor movie screen, it is important to make sure that you can supply enough electricity. But no worries, this is VERY EASY to do. As long as you have enough outlets that run from separate power sources or a powerful enough generator, you’ll be more than ready for a time of fun. We promise to provide at least 100 feet of extension cables to power our equipment at every event. Depending on your unique setup and the equipment being rented, the minimum power required will vary. In this guide, we detail how electricity is used to power an outdoor movie screen and how much you will need to provide at an event.

Electricity Requirements to Power an Outdoor Movie Screen

Indoor 12’ (9x5)

Recommended Electricity Needed: 3000 watts
20-Amp Outlets: 1
Blower: One 1/2 HP Blower (5.5 Amps)

Backyard 16’ (12x7)

Recommended Electricity Needed: 5000 watts
20-Amp Outlets: 2
Blower: One 1/2 HP Blower (5.5 Amps)

Premiere 21’ (16x9)

Recommended Electricity Needed: 3000 watts
20-Amp Outlets: 1
Blower: One 1/2 HP Blower (5.5 Amps)

Blockbuster 26’ (20x12)

Recommended Electricity Needed: 5000 watts
20-Amp Outlets: 2 (3 for Drive-in events)
Blower: One 1 HP Blower (10.6 Amps)

Elite 32’ (25x15)

Recommended Electricity Needed: 5000 watts
20-Amp Outlets: 2 (3 for Drive-in events)
Blower: One 1 1/2 HP Blower (11.5 Amps)

Epic 40’ (30x17)

Recommended Electricity Needed: 7000 watts
20-Amp Outlets: 3 (4 for Drive-in events)
Blower: One 1 1/2 HP Blower (11.5 Amps)

Xtreme 50’ (40x20)

Recommended Electricity Needed: 9000 watts
20-Amp Outlets: 4 (5 for Drive-in events)
Blower: Two 1 1/2 HP Blower (23 Amps)

AIRSCREEN 52’ (52x26)

Recommended Electricity Needed: 11,000 watts
20-Amp Outlets: 5 (6 for Drive-in events)
Blower: Two 2 HP Blower (23 Amps)

FunFlicks inflatable movie screen in a parking lot

What is a volt?

A volt measures how much of an electrical current is being PUSHED.

What is an amp?

An amp (ampere) is a measurement of how much electrical current is being DRAWN through power cables.

What is a watt?

A watt is the total amount of electrical power that a device uses. Wattage is determined by how much an electrical current is being drawn (amps) and pushed (volts) to result in a total measurement (Watts = Volts x Amps).

How do I find out how much power my circuit can produce?

Generally, your circuit breaker should have a label on it identifying the amperage rating. Most home circuits are rated at 15-20 amps. Both 15-amp and 20-amp circuits are 120 volts. If your breaker is not clearly marked with an amp rating, find the rating by researching the manufacturer's name and part number. It’s very important to never exceed 80% of the maximum amount of overall amperage that your breaker can produce. If more than 80% is exceeded, power outages or electrical fires may result. To calculate the amperage of the equipment you are renting, divide watts by volts. (Amps = Watts/Volts)

How close to an outlet does the screen need to be?

Outlets must be within 100 feet of the screen setup. Our extension cables can only plug into Type B outlets. We provide electric cords up to 100 feet, but for distances greater than 100 feet, our customer must provide 12-gauge extension cords up to 200 feet. We will not set up equipment more than 200 feet from a power source. It is NOT recommended that the screen location be farther than 200 feet since your breaker will trip due to the extension cable length.

Should I use a gas generator?

If you’re worried that your circuit breakers cannot supply enough power or if there are no outlets (Type B) nearby, then consider using a gasoline generator. In some FunFlicks locations, we allow customers to rent generators directly from us. In FunFlicks locations that do not offer generator rentals, you’ll need to provide your own or rent one. The generator should provide enough power for the setup that you’re using. Make certain before your event that:

  1. Your generator works properly.
  2. Your generator can supply enough power to the rented equipment.

We are not responsible for issues caused by a generator that is not our own.

How to Use a Gas Generator

Make sure that your generator has enough gasoline available to power the equipment for the duration of the event. We recommend having a full tank of gas. The generator should be in an open outdoor space at least 3 feet away from anything else and at least 20 feet away from any open windows or doors. The process of turning on your generator varies between types (follow the steps within the given operations manual), but generally, the fuel valve, engine switch, and ignition switch should all be turned on before pulling the recoil cord to get the engine to run. After the engine has been running for a couple minutes, you can move the choke back to its ‘run’ position.

Should I use a gas generator?

All of our LED mobile trailers have on board generators. Therefore, no power supply is needed from the customer. Most FunFlicks locations can provide power generators for our modular systems for an additional fee. If shore power is available, the amount of power needed and amperage is based upon display size. Contact your local FunFlicks if you want to supply your own power for a modular display.

Event Rentals for Your Outdoor Movie Party

FunFlicks® Inflatable Movie Screen Rentals

Inflatable movie screen rental drive-in

FunFlicks® inflatable movie screens are professional quality at an affordable price. There's a size for everyone, whether you're throwing a massive film festival with thousands in attendance or a small birthday with family at your house. To make sure everything runs smoothly, a local FunFlicks® event technician will arrive at your location on time, set up the screen, oversee the technology, and pack it all away at the end of the screening. Booming high-definition sound, crystal-clear laser projection, and a larger-than-life display are all included when you book an event with us.

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Backyard 16'
12'x7' Display
100 Guests
20 Cars

Premiere 21'
16'x9' Display
250 Guests
50 Cars

Blockbuster 26'
20'x12' Display
500 Guests
75 Cars

Elite 32'
26'x15' Display
750 Guests
100 Cars

Epic 40'
30'x17' Display
1500 Guests
150 Cars

Xtreme 50'
40'x22' Display
3000 Guests
250 Cars

FunFlicks® LED Screen Rentals

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FunFlicks LED screens are perfect for day or night display in almost any environment. Utilizing electroluminescent technology, our LED screens generate light effectively at any time of day. Each panel is rated IP65, meaning they are both rain and dustproof. Day or night, rain or shine, you get to decide when the magic happens. All of our mobile LED trailers have onboard generators for portable power. Therefore, no power supply is needed. Similar to our inflatable screens, our fleet of LED screens comes in a variety of dimensions for a variety of crowd sizes. Local event technicians across the country are available to bring our LED trailers anywhere for you to enjoy video games, live sports, movies, advertisements, or almost everything else!

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8'x5' LED Trailer
75 Guests
15 Cars

12'x7' LED Trailer
100 Guests
20 Cars

15'x8' LED Trailer
250 Guests
50 Cars

17'x10' LED Trailer
500 Guests
75 Cars

23'x13' LED Trailer
750 Guests
100 Cars

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