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Outdoor Graduation Ceremonies

Until last spring, the size and scope of commencement ceremonies were the only reasons to cause concern for graduation event planners. The pandemic turned everything upside down. Suddenly, high schools and colleges were left scrambling, looking for alternative graduation ceremony ideas. Although things are looking more optimistic, it appears the typical grad ceremonies won’t be possible for those graduating in 2021, due to COVID-19.

However, this is a big moment for these students. They’ve worked for years to earn their degrees and deserve recognition from their alma mater — plus their nearest and dearest loved ones. LED screens from FunFlicks® are the perfect solution.

High School and College Graduation Alternatives Using LED Screens

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that a little creativity goes a long way, especially when commemorating special moments. Graduation is a very special event, which is why it’s essential to find alternatives for this unforgettable moment. LED screens can be used in several different ways to ensure friends, family members and others involved can still participate in this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Outdoor Ceremonies

Outdoor graduation ceremonies are a great way to safely socially distance. There’s just one little problem — depending on how far families live from their grad student, they won’t see the action at all. The solution is a cinch. Big LED screens can be set up anywhere, from a grassy field to a parking lot to a football stadium. The screen displays a live feed of the ceremony, ensuring everyone in the crowd remains safely distanced while still seeing what’s going on.

Drive-In Graduation Ceremonies

While outdoor commencements are a great idea, there’s not much of a contingency plan for rain. Drive-in graduations are a similar idea to old-timey drive-in movies. Families and friends drive into a parking lot or another ceremony space and experience the entire graduation from the safety of their cars.

Everything is displayed on a gigantic LED screen, including speeches, diploma receptions and other live happenings. You can even create a special video highlighting the students’ accomplishments throughout the year, making this moment especially thoughtful. The audio plays through speakers or with an FM transmitter so car occupants can hear the sound directly from their car’s stereo.

The Benefits of Using LED Screens for Graduation Events

You can enjoy many benefits of using LED screens at your graduation ceremony during this unprecedented pandemic, as these displays will:

  • Ensure the graduation is not canceled.
  • Allow more people to attend the graduation.
  • Keep the event socially distanced.
  • Reduce the risk of liability to the school or university.

Make Your Outdoor Graduation a Success With FunFlicks®

Whether you need an epic LED screen or wish to create a drive-in graduation experience, FunFlicks® wants to partner with you. We’ve got rental locations throughout the U.S., each outfitted with all the equipment and know-how you’ll need to create an unforgettable graduation. When you choose FunFlicks®, we bring:

  • LED screens both large and small.
  • A sound system or FM transmitters.
  • Trained event technicians who deliver, set up the system and stay throughout your event.

An outdoor graduation is a safer alternative during these times of social distancing, and it’s also a unique and fun way to make this moment memorable for graduates and their families. If you’ve set a date for your upcoming commencement ceremony, learn more about our LED screens. Then, find your local FunFlicks® to book your LED screen rental.

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