Corporate Event Planning Guide and Ideas

FunFlicks LED wall at a corporate event

So, your boss has asked you to plan your annual office party. Or, maybe you’re getting everyone on board with a fun company outing. If you’re new to corporate event planning, we’ve got some fresh ideas to make your office party a major hit. We’ll also hook you up with an event planning checklist geared specifically for your work event. With a little creativity and a lot of organization, you’ll soon know how to plan a corporate event like a pro.

Top Benefits of Corporate Events

Whether you’re a manager looking to get the most bang for your buck or a party planner trying to get approval for a truly spectacular celebration, it’s helpful to know why corporate events rock. Yes, they’re a chance to kick back with co-workers, and they have a plus side that will make the big boss happy, too.

Boost Team Morale

First, the good stuff: Events are fun. We tend to think of having fun as a distraction from good old-fashioned hard work when really, it is fundamental to how we manage our teams. A chance to let loose with the workgroup is a reward for a job well done. Employees see events as a sign their company cares about their well-being by nurturing a positive work culture.

Boosted morale can also save companies with some major dough. The average cost per new hire is a whopping $4,129, and estimates project employers will shell out $680 billion in turnover costs in 2020 — that’s billion with a “B.” People without a healthy work-life balance at their jobs are more apt to throw in the towel. So, events can be a big deal. Companies that nail their corporate events keep their employees happy and increase their retention rate.

Communicate With Employees

Getting the whole team together is the perfect chance to celebrate company success, announce new strategies and provide training to keep your employees on the cutting edge. So, whether you’ve had a killer quarter or are gearing up to kick off a product launch, get your team in on the action. People are always ready to listen and engage when they’ve got good food in their bellies to fuel their thoughts. So, a company-wide meeting is a stellar way to communicate with the team. Just make sure to throw in some playtime, too!

Build Stronger Teams

You know what they say — people who laugh together stay together. Events give people a chance to get to know each other without the stress of the everyday work environment. They can enjoy some goofy team-building exercises to cut the tension or get together for a grand old time. Turning your team into a well-oiled machine isn’t an exact science, but helping them bond is undoubtedly the first step. Studies have shown that groups who have fun together are more likely to learn from one another, too.

Company Event Ideas Your Team Will Love

Ready to get the party started? We’ve got your back! These out-of-the-box corporate event planning ideas will take your event entertainment to the next level.

Retro Drive-In Movie Night

Get the greasers and the squares on the same page with a movie night that turns back the clock. You’ll be one cool cat when you complete a 1950s-themed get together with your very own drive-in movie screening. Whether guests roll up in their hot rods and Chevy convertibles or picnic on the lawn with the whole gang, an outdoor movie night is sure to make a splash. Watching movies outside on the big screen is certainly something we don’t see every day. You can also give the party an authentic drive-in feel by beaming in the sound via headphones.

Need a bit more “educational value” to get the approval from the higher-ups? You can turn the event into a team-building activity by having guests team up to script or film mini Hollywood masterpieces. You can end the night by kicking back to enjoy the show with popcorn, drinks and a film everyone loves.

Cooking Class

Whip up some delectable treats for the whole team with a group cooking class! They say food always tastes better when you make it yourself, so why not serve up handmade entrées? Cooking classes make great bonding experiences because every team member can work together to create a delightful dish. Some people chop veggies, others pepper in the spices. In the end, everyone has a savory-smelling dinner they made together.

Are you looking to up the ante? You can make a cooking class even more of an experience by pairing it with a wine and cheese tasting event. Teams get valuable bonding through mixing ingredients and creating culinary perfection and then get to cheers to a job well done with classy drinks and hors d’oeuvres.

Karaoke Concert

Who’s got the best pipes at the office? Find out with a competitive karaoke sing-off and have teams compete to win big at the company “Grammies.” Use fun categories like “loudest,” “best group performance” and “best new artist,” then hand out trophies by applause. Karaoke gets people out of their comfort zones and lets people show off their talents in a fun, relaxed setting. Pro tip: A quiet or shy bunch could do with a little liquid courage to get them ready to jump on the mic.

Your Personal Planning Guide and Checklist for Corporate Events

How do you organize a business event? With a little planning and a lot of elbow grease. After you’ve picked a corporate social event idea to wow your boss and your co-workers, it’s time to make all the arrangements. Here’s an office event planning checklist you can use to make sure no stone goes unturned.

Two Months Before the Event

  1. Get a party planning committee together: Assign roles and pick a theme for your event.
  2. Set a date and make reservations: You might have the party in your office, but if you’re going off-site, make sure to book the venue far in advance.
  3. Talk money: Get a good idea of how much you’ll need to spend to throw the office party of the century, and be ready to explain these costs to your boss. Work to create a realistic and reasonable budget.
  4. Book vendors: Do you need tables, chairs or tents? Find an event rental company and make sure you know who’s responsible for setting things up. Book catering and bar service and lock down any entertainment you’ll be hiring.

One Month Before the Event

  1. Save the date: Send out invites to the whole team so they can plan.
  2. Order decorations and party supplies: If you’re decking out your venue to the nines, make sure you know who’s available to set up! Remember to buy utensils and napkins.
  3. Decide if you’ll offer transportation to the venue: Book buses or partner with a rideshare app to make sure your team has a safe ride home.

Three Weeks Before the Event

  1. Plan your food and drink menu.
  2. Make a grocery list for additional snacks or food not provided by the caterer.
  3. Meet with your party committee to discuss entertainment. If you booked your event activities, decide if you’ll offer any extra games and buy plenty of prizes.

Two Weeks Before the Event

  1. Send out a reminder to your office. Get people pumped up for the big night.
  2. If needed, make a seating chart and creative nametags.
  3. Put your DJ skills to the test by making the perfect party playlist.

One Week Before the Event

  1. Check in with your vendors to make sure they have everything squared away for the event.
  2. Let vendors know of any changes to the schedule.
  3. Give your caterer a final headcount.

One to Two Days Before the Event

  1. Go to the venue to set up decor, tables and chairs.
  2. Locate trash bins and make sure they have extra bags.
  3. Go on a grocery shopping spree for anything on your list you still need to buy.

Party Time!

  1. Send out a final reminder to the whole office.
  2. Set up any food you’re responsible for, plus cups, plates, napkins, etc.
  3. Take on any last-minute prep for games or entertainment vendors.
  4. Make sure someone is there to greet vendors and show them where to set up.
  5. Have the time of your life — and take lots of pictures.

Event Rentals for Your Corporate Party

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