How to Plan a School Family Movie Night

When it’s movie night, you probably spend the majority of your time picking out a film. How much time do you devote to making it a memorable experience for your audience?

You likely spend countless hours scouring the internet for supplies to make your event magical. What if someone could make the magic happen with zero effort from you other than a phone call? This possibility is a reality! With quality services like those offered by FunFlicks, you can put together an evening that all will remember without putting in extensive legwork.

Common Problems When Planning a School Family Movie Night

Planning a school movie night seems like a breeze, but it entails more than you may think. How will you project the film? What kind of food will you provide? How do you manage the setup and breakdown of all the audiovisual equipment?

FunFlicks will take all these problems off of your hands. There’s no need to buy or rent any equipment separately — we have everything you need for your movie night event, right down to the popcorn.

Take the Pressure off Yourself

You could run around to various places. You might find one retailer with rentals for food equipment and another for AV. You’ll have to pay multiple security deposits and write down the contact information of a dozen organizations. When it comes to balancing your organization’s books come tax time, you’ll probably face quite a mess.

If you instead embrace the idea of making one phone call to handle everything for your movie night, you won’t have to juggle a frustrating tangle of receipts after the fun ends. And if an audit rears its ugly head, you’ll have one piece of electronic paper to present to the authorities.

Don’t Forget Local Health Ordinances

Depending on your jurisdiction, you may need to obtain certification to serve food at your event. Do you have the time to sit through a course on food preparation safety before your movie night? If you don’t, it will benefit you to choose an organization well-versed in these requirements. By choosing FunFlicks, you’ll minimize food-related risk and maximize the deliciousness and fun of those traditional movie night snacks.

FunFlicks will provide you with everything down to a popcorn machine without you lifting one more finger than it takes to dial a number on your phone.

Copyright Infringement Does Have Consequences

Some films fall into the public domain. They’re distributable and easy to locate on YouTube. But if you want to schedule a viewing that doesn’t fall into the copyright timeline restrictions, whom should you contact?

You won’t have to worry about copyright infringement with FunFlicks. Our experts will provide movie licensing for outdoor movies so that you don’t get hit with an unanticipated lawsuit. You need your money to benefit the general coffers, and FunFlicks will ensure that it stays where it does the most good.

Plan Your School Family Movie Night With FunFlicks!

Now that you know how to make your school family movie night a breeze, what are you waiting for? Contact FunFlicks today to arrange your event!

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