Community Event Ideas

Bring a Sense of Community to Your Neighborhood With These 7 Event Ideas

Technology makes it easier than ever to connect with people around the globe. Yet, for some reason, our communities have never felt more isolated. Gone are the days of asking your neighbor to borrow a couple of eggs, and neighborhood get-togethers are becoming extinct. Instead of giving in to these sad turn of events, it’s time to make a change. If you’re looking for a way to infuse some friendliness and connection into your neighborhood, then it’s time to host a family-friendly event.

Community is a crucial part of life. Establishing relationships with those around you is a great way to ward off loneliness and create new friendships. So, if you and your family feel like you’re surrounded by strangers, check out these seven tried and true neighborhood event ideas.

1. Block Party

Block parties may have originated in urban neighborhoods in New York City, but they had their heydey in the suburban sprawl of the 1950s. Street parties are still a great way to build community spirit and for people of all ages to have a lot of fun. Attendees can bring something to share, while the host usually provides hamburgers, hotdogs and something to drink. Play classic games like horseshoes or cornhole, or plan something off the wall. Block parties can be as unique as your neighborhood.

2. Classic Drive-In Movie

Endless streaming services mean people are spending more and more time with their faces glued to their electronics, and less time enjoying their favorite movies with other people. There’s no sense of community or connection when you’ve got these films flashing on your phone or laptop.

Gather your neighborhood together for a classic Drive-In experience. Who doesn’t love watching a great flick with a large tub of buttery popcorn? With the silver screen flickering, your neighbors can pull up in their cars or sit on blankets for a movie under the stars.

3. Community Garage Sale

Garage sales are a great way to get rid of unwanted items without resorting to throwing them away. Plus, you get to make a little money in the process. Just remember to arrange for anything that doesn’t sell to get taken to a local thrift store afterward. If you don’t have things to contribute to the garage sale, you can roam your neighbors’ sales to meet new people and maybe find a thing or two you need.

4. Arts and Crafts Fair

Your neighborhood may be home to a number of budding artists and craft enthusiasts. Give them an opportunity to show off their wares by creating a community arts and crafts fair. Crafty people of all kinds can set up stalls and showcase their knit-wear, jewelry, watercolor paintings, photography, pottery and more. Those who aren’t artistically inclined will love browsing and finding new items to give as gifts or display in their homes.

5. Outdoor Drama

For most people, their high school musical was the beginning and end of their theatrical career. Gather some aspiring thespians from among your community and organize an outdoor show. Outdoor dramas take out the need for stage and light rentals. You can set it up in a local park or create a walking performance. Young and old alike will love interacting with the actors up close.

6. Bake Sale

You can never go wrong with delicious food. Fill your neighborhood with intoxicating smells by hosting a community bake sale. Allow your neighbors to show off their baking skills or get donations from local bakeries. You can even donate your proceeds to a local charity. Bake sales are a great opportunity to eat some delectable goodies and do some good.

7. Bonfire

Whether it’s the middle of summer or a cool autumn night, bonfires light up the night sky, bringing a cheery glow to your neighborhood. Just be sure to have all the fixings you need for s’mores on hand to keep your neighbors warm and fed.

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