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San Antonio
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Texas Event Rentals with LED

HUGE LED Screens for Texas Event Rentals
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Inflatable Movie Screen Rental in Texas

Outdoor movies emerge throughout the great expanse of Texas as a spectacular celebration of cinema underneath the huge sky of the Lone Star State. Texas has always celebrated the enchantment of film with huge Southern flare, from the classic drive-in era of the 1950s to today's FunFlicks® events in Austin parks, along the Gulf Coast, and across the state. Open-air cinema brings folks together for a time of family-friendly recreation and shared memories. Films from timeless Western classics to local independent films are shown at such screenings. Whether held right in the city sprawl of downtown Dallas or way out in the countryside, Texas outdoor movies are for everyone to enjoy.

Texas Event Rentals for Drive-Ins

FunFlicks® Texas has modernized the drive-in experience with cutting-edge technology. We provide the most cost-effective yet professional inflatable movie screen rentals for your drive-in, with high-resolution projection, booming high-definition sound, and a wide range of inflatable movie screens to meet any crowd size. With our Texas outdoor cinema screen setup, viewers can watch the film from the comfort of their own cars, while audio is sent straight to their radios. From the moment it's blown up, our MASSIVE inflatable movie screen will surprise everyone in attendance, towering over everything in its area. We go big or go home in Texas. You can throw a magnificent drive-in with our professional technicians and advanced Texas projector screen rental equipment.

#1-Rated Texas Inflatable Screen Rentals

Our mission as the #1-rated Texas movie screen rental provider is to give back to our local communities. Nearby FunFlicks® techs will arrive at your event location, set up our inflatable movie screen equipment, and then remove it all at the end of the party. Because of our extensive assortment of screen sizes, our movie screen rentals can amuse a wide range of crowds. We provide critical assistance and technologies to audiences of 5 to 5,000 people. Events can take place in your backyard, at a park, indoors, at your church, or even on top of Houston's largest buildings!

Texas Outdoor Movies are Experiences for Everyone

We provide tailored services to a diverse range of clients. FunFlicks® Texas projector screen rentals are appropriate for a wide range of events, from huge film festivals in San Antonio to small gatherings way out in the country. Wherever you may be, the silver screen brings together families, friends, and strangers for a time of great memories.