Large Outdoor Movie Screen

FunFlicks® allows you to rent an absolutely GIGANTIC inflatable movie screen for the ultimate movie experience

GIGANTIC 52' Outdoor Movie Screen

The LARGEST screen and the highest quality inflatable outdoor movie screen set-up we offer


Don’t you wish you could bring the ultimate movie theater experience to you? Luckily, you can with FunFlicks®! Our Premium Quality screens (made by AIRSCREEN®) are quick to set-up and have a seamless cinema-quality viewing surface perfect for you to sit back, relax, and get lost in your favorite movie on the big screen. Speaking of big screens, our absolutely GIGANTIC 52’ AIRSCREEN® is one of the largest inflatable display screens in the world and YOU can rent it from anywhere in the United States.

What else is there to offer?

Not only do we supply amazing inflatable screens, we also bring the best sound systems, projection, and customer service to your event. Also, our DCI-compliant screening equipment allows us to PLAY MOVIES THAT ARE ONLY AVAILABLE IN THEATERS at the highest quality that you deserve. Rent our GIGANTIC screen for your film festival, drive-in, concert, neighborhood block party, family reunion, company gathering, holiday celebration, church –name the event, we bring the experience. Movies, video games, live sports, music videos, live footage, and visual advertisements are all media that we can display for you. What are you waiting for? Go GIGANTIC for your event.

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Available Anywhere in the U.S.


1300 Square Foot Projection Surface

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The Best Quality

Why Rent the GIGANTIC Outdoor Movie Screen?

Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI)

Looking to show a movie provided as a DCP for a film festival or movie night? Through our professional network we can create custom rentals for your needs to provide a DCI-compliant screening. This allows us to play any movie, including those only released in theaters, at the highest quality.

Big Screens

Big crowds require a big screen. We utilize the best screens in the outdoor movie industry.

Our GIANT 52’ stands 40 feet high, the projection surface starts at over 10 ft off the ground with a viewable diagonal of 60 feet. making it perfect for drive-ins and large crowds.

Our large outdoor movie screens use a professional projection surface, this provides the ideal conditions for providing a bright, clear image for your event.


Back-to-Back Projection

Back-to-back projection surfaces are available on 30', 40' and 52’ Premium Quality outdoor movie screens.

This feature can DOUBLE your crowd size.

Screens can be synchronized to show the same movie, or separate features.

The Best Projection

Our high end projectors of 8,000 lumens, 12,000 lumens, and higher (depending on screen size rented) give you the best image possible.

High end laser projectors ensures a crisp, bright image for your event.

Quality Sound

Multiple audio options include subwoofers, delay speakers, FM transmitters, Silent Cinema Headphones. Each can be tailored to your needs.


Call Today: (844)-556-6843

Event Production

We are well into our second decade of producing events.

Using high end video switchers and presentation software allows us to help produce film festival events, graduations , premieres, activations and corporate outings.

Our film festival ready AV boxes include an integrated wireless mic, HD video switch, and dual media playback devices with an integrated panel for attaching to our FM transmitters.

We can incorporate live PTZ cameras and video feeds into systems that allow us to display live stream footage.

Our film festival setup allows seamless switching between a preshow and the movie.

Professional Standards

With large screens, safety is a concern. Therefore, we have a structures training program to insure the highest standards from our equipment and event staff.

Meet Your FunFlicks® Event Host

Movie Screen Rental Sacramento California by Paul the Outdoor Movie Guy at FunFlicks®

Not only do we provide the perfect large outdoor movie screen set-up, we also bring the most accommodating and veteran support to your event. Paul Jackman has been working with FunFlicks® since 2009 and is ready to travel from the California Bay Area to host your large outdoor movie screen event from anywhere in the United States! Woah! Funflicks® always brings the best visual display arrangement and the best service to make sure your event is unforgettable.


Bring the ultimate GIGANTIC outdoor movie screen to your backyard, school, park, church, concert, work, you name it, we bring it!

We promise you a large outdoor movie screen experience that no one else can offer at the same price and quality.

$4700 GIGANTIC screen rental
$6000 GIGANTIC screen rental + AV equipment

Call our office today or fill out the quote form to have the largest screen in the FunFlicks® fleet at your event.

Want to Rent a Smaller Outdoor Movie Screen?

Looking to rent a high quality movie screen at a smaller size? Luckily, we have a variety of smaller screen rentals at more affordable prices. Contact your local FunFlicks® and view our nationwide locations by clicking the button bellow. We provide the best outdoor movie experience on the planet!

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