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YES - We are LOCAL and offer professional Kentucky Movie Screen Rentals for Indoor & Outdoor Events at Schools, Parks, Churches, Businesses, Apartments, Backyards, & More.

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Kentucky Event Rentals with LED

HUGE LED Screens for Kentucky Event Rentals
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Inflatable Movie Screen Rental in Kentucky

Kentucky's outdoor movie scene is a delightful mix of Southern warmth and cinematic enjoyment. Our people have embraced the enchantment of cinema against its rolling hills and breathtaking views, from vintage drive-ins like the Franklin Drive-In Theatre to the modern FunFlicks® experience enjoyed throughout the Bluegrass State. Friends and strangers alike congregate in parks, churches, and even at wineries beneath the starlit Kentucky sky to watch classics and the latest blockbusters. Kentucky's outdoor cinema tradition reflects the spirit of the South, where the simple joy of viewing a movie beneath the open sky is amplified by hospitality, making each showing an unforgettable time.

Kentucky Event Rentals for Drive-Ins

With advanced audiovisual technology, FunFlicks® has revolutionized the historic drive-in experience. Viewers can catch the films they love on our huge inflatable screens, while the audio is transmitted straight to their car radios.

Our high-quality projector screen rental equipment and professional technicians are available for all Kentucky outdoor movies and events. We provide the most affordable yet professional audiovisual rentals in the country, including crystal-clear laser projectors, booming high-definition speakers, and the best blow-up movie screens.

Make a reservation with your Kentucky FunFlicks® crew for a one-of-a-kind drive-in event.

#1-Rated Kentucky Inflatable Movie Screen Rentals

Because of our variety of screen sizes, FunFlicks® Kentucky movie screen rentals can amuse a wide spectrum of crowds. Events can take place in a park, a gym, atop a building, or almost anywhere else in the region. Your FunFlicks® Kentucky inflatable movie screen rental personnel will arrive at your location, set up our audiovisual equipment, and then remove it at the conclusion of the event. We supply the necessary equipment and help in order to ensure the success of all events, from 5 to 5,000 attendees.

Thanks to our excellent clients, it is a pleasure to be the #1 Kentucky outdoor movie screen rental company.

Kentucky Outdoor Movies are Experiences for Everyone

Kentucky indoor and outdoor movie events bring together families, friends, neighbors, and strangers from all across the land. Whether we are providing our Kentucky projector screen rental services to a huge Louisville film festival or a small family birthday celebration, everyone who attends has a fantastic time. We provide professional and tailored events to a diverse clientele in Kentucky.