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YES - We are LOCAL and offer professional Indiana Movie Screen Rentals for Indoor & Outdoor Events at Schools, Parks, Churches, Businesses, Apartments, Backyards, & More.

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Indiana Event Rentals with LED

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Inflatable Movie Screen Rental in Indiana

The heartland spirit of communal celebration and family fun remains alive with Indiana outdoor movies and events from FunFlicks®. For decades, our people have enjoyed watching the big blockbusters outdoors, from unforgettable evenings at the Tibbs Drive-In Theater in the 1950s to the present-day FunFlicks® inflatable movie screen experience enjoyed throughout the Midwest. The unique outdoor moviegoing pastime is a staple of our Hoosier identity and shows our distinct culture.

Indoor movie parties are popular during the colder months, when the weather outside is frightful. We provide the most affordable, premium-quality equipment and technicians year-round in order to ensure that your indoor or outdoor event is one to remember.

Indiana Event Rentals for Drive-Ins

With cutting-edge audiovisual technology, FunFlicks® transformed the iconic drive-in. Audiences may see their favorite movies on our giant displays from the comfort of their own cars, while audio is relayed straight to their radio.

Our expert technicians and professional projector screen rentals are available to rent all throughout Indiana. We provide high-quality gear at a low cost, such as crystal-clear laser projectors, booming high-definition speakers, and the greatest inflatable movie screens. Imagine your visitors' reactions when they witness our massive 52' screen arise!

With the support of your local FunFlicks®, you can bring the excitement of the drive-in to your town in Indiana!

#1-Rated Indiana Inflatable Movie Screen Rentals

FunFlicks® Indiana movie screen rentals are suitable for all kinds of events thanks to our wide range of screen sizes. Events can take place almost anywhere, including at your home, inside a gym, at the park, or even on top of some of the largest buildings in Indianapolis! You get to choose when and where the magic happens. Our team will arrive at your site, set up our audiovisual system, handle our equipment throughout the presentation, and then pack everything away at the end. We provide high-quality equipment and assistance to ensure the success of any gathering of 5 to 5,000 people.

It is our pleasure to offer our state the #1 locally rated Indiana outdoor movie service.

Indiana Outdoor Movies are Experiences for Everyone

At your FunFlicks® event, bring people from your community together for wonderful memories and camaraderie. Your guests will have a great time, whether your Indiana projector screen rental event is a drive-in with hundreds of automobiles or a tiny backyard birthday celebration. We offer specialized services to a wide variety of clients.