5 ULTIMATE Football Watch Party Ideas

Fans watching the Super Bowl on an LED screen

Root for your favorite team on the big screen with your friends, family, or even rival fans for the best football watch party experience. There’s no better way to celebrate gameday than by having everyone over for a party. For decades, we’ve helped college football and NFL fans across the nation throw their own. From intimate backyard gatherings to massive stadium tailgates at the Super Bowl, FunFlicks® has done it all. We have the ULTIMATE football watch party ideas for your event, no matter the size.

Aaron Rodgers vs Vikings throwing the football

5) Place Your Bets

Make your event even more fun by placing your bets before kickoff. Football Squares is an excellent party game to play. First, draw a 10x10 grid on paper or, if you have one, a large poster board. Then, label each row and column from 0 to 9. Your guests will be able to place bets by writing their initials on the inner squares and putting down money for a chance to win. Every square on the board represents the last digit of the final score between the two teams in each quarter. For example, if your team is up 27-13 at the end of the first quarter, the person who wrote their initials in the box with a 7 on the top half (representing the first team's second digit score) and a 3 on the bottom half (representing the second team's second digit score) wins the quarter.

Beer pong at a football watch party

4) Play Party Games

Simply bringing out classic party games is one of the best tailgate or football watch party ideas to keep your guests entertained. Cornhole is fun for everyone to play at an outdoor event. If you plan on having a lot of people, take cornhole up a notch by making it a tournament that your guests can compete against each other in. The champions get bragging rights or a prize if you have one! For adults, drinking games like beer pong are a tailgate must. All you need are ping pong balls, red Solo cups, a table, and lots of beer.

Football in a backyard

3) Toss the Football

Have some fun prior to kickoff by passing around the football. If tossing the old pigskin isn't enough for you, feel free to start a game. Captains can select their team's schoolyard style, or you can make things interesting with fans vs. rivals. Heighten the stakes with a prize for the winning team.

Football watch party BBQ

2) Throw a BBQ

If you’re wondering how to throw a football watch party that everyone will enjoy, bring out the grill and make your gathering a cookout. Having a football watch party and throwing a barbeque go hand in hand. Hotdogs and burgers are easy to make for a large crowd and are definite cookout favorites. Just remember to have plenty of buns, condiments, plates, and utensils for your guests. Along with providing plenty of food, make sure there are enough drinks. Most importantly, there should be plenty of water for everyone to stay hydrated. Hydration is especially important if your football watch party will be outdoors. If you don’t want to worry about cooking, catering from a food truck is one of the best football watch party ideas to keep everyone fed and happy with minimal effort on your end.

49ers playoff game on an LED screen

1) Rent an LED Screen

To throw a successful football watch party, you need to have a screen big enough for everyone to view the game on. This is the most important element of an event that’ll define its success. Take your watch party to the next level by renting one of our state-of-the-art LED screens. FunFlicks® LED trailers and modular walls are highly portable, feature high-resolution displays, can endure the elements, and are fully visible day or night. Our fleet of various display sizes is available to rent almost anywhere in the United States. With the help of our professional technicians, you can enjoy all the gametime action while we take care of operating our equipment. Go big or go home with a FunFlicks® LED screen at your NFL or college football watch party!

Football on the field

How to Throw a Football Watch Party

Planning any event can be intimidating. Simply follow our guide and ask us for advice on the best football watch party ideas so that your gathering can be a success.

Choose a Location

Throw your football watch party at a location that can handle the estimated number of people. If you're considering having your event on property that isn't your own, be sure to ask for permission beforehand. There should be enough seating so that fans can enjoy their time watching the game. If you intend to watch the game on grass, be sure sprinkler systems are switched off. You might want to rent folding chairs or tell your guests to bring blankets or lawn chairs to sit on. Along with providing seating for all of your guests, ensure that both restrooms and garbage cans are provided. To reduce waste and clean up after the game, restrooms should be equipped with soap and toilet paper, and trash bins should be strategically placed throughout the area.

Promote Your Event

Once you’ve finished all the initial planning, it’s time to spread the word! For more intimate gatherings, invite your guests by sending them a text, email, DM, or a physical letter in the mail. Be sure to include important details in your invitation, such as what time your party starts and the location address. If you’re throwing a large watch party or tailgate, it may be more effective to advertise your event with posts on social media or by putting up physical advertisements. When promoting your event, do so weeks or even months in advance for the best turnout. For custom graphics and invitations for your football watch party, visit our Event Marketing page:

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Prepare for the Elements

If it's going to be hot outside, make sure you have plenty of water and fans to keep everyone hydrated and cool. For chilly conditions, you might want to have portable heaters or a fire going to keep your visitors cozy. Bring your party indoors if intense weather is a concern.

College football tailgate BBQ

College Football Tailgate Ideas

Are you looking to throw the GREATEST college football party? We have a few college football tailgate ideas that will ensure that you have a successful event.

Get Permission

Before planning a tailgate on school grounds, get permission weeks in advance. That way, your party won’t get shut down, and everyone can have a good time.

Fire Up the BBQ

There aren’t many football tailgate ideas better than firing up the barbeque. Steaks, burgers, and hotdogs are all welcome.

School Spirit Competition

Cheer for your team the right way with a school spirit competition. Before the tailgate, inform everyone that the person wearing the best game day attire will have a chance to win a prize. Ask others at your tailgate who they feel has the best fan outfit. The person who receives the most votes wins!

Event Rentals for Your Football Watch Party

FunFlicks® Inflatable Movie Screen Rentals

Inflatable movie screen rental drive-in

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