How LED Screens Can Benefit Church Gatherings and outdoor events

How LED Screens Can Benefit Your Church Gatherings

Your church family likely gathers on a weekly basis to fellowship with each other and practice faith through services and programming. Outside of these weekly sermons, you may cultivate your community with special events and gatherings. Integrating high-quality LED screen equipment into your church’s sermons and events can add practical depth and dimension to the gathering, creating more useful and engaging experiences for your congregation.

What Are the Benefits of Renting LED Screens for Church Services?

LED screens are captivating tools that engage audiences with crisp visuals and dual concert-grade sound systems. Communities typically see LED screens being used in drive-in movies, concerts or business presentations. They also offer a range of benefits for church services, like:

  • Higher engagement: Church members may better understand your message with LED visual tools. The screens may also help them remain locked in and engaged at a deeper and more meaningful level.
  • Greater flexibility: LED screens are customizable, both in terms of size and the type of media displayed. Your church can feel more inspired to deliver a creative and unique experience to help members grow deeper in their beliefs.
  • Community-wide reach: Using LED screen technology paired with other digital methods, you can minister to your community and offer enrichment and fellowship outside of your weekly Sunday services.

Additionally, you can bring your church services and events outdoors using LED screens — a huge benefit for events where you’re looking for ways to safely accommodate a larger audience.

How Your Church Can Use LED Screens Indoors and Outdoors

Coming together as a church body can be extremely valuable for developing deeper and more meaningful relationships. Here, we’ve brainstormed some ways you can use LED screens for indoor and outdoor events with your church family:

LED Screens for Indoor Church Services

LED screens for outdoor church services

Your church building provides a reliable space for your congregation to worship and gather for group activities. You can enhance your church’s environment and technological capabilities using LED screens. Outside of weekly sermons, you can rent LED screens for indoor church services, such as:

  • Special events: By renting an LED screen to place along your church’s wall to broadcast special events — such as baptisms, weddings, plays and infant christenings — people in the back of the church or those with poor eyesight can see and equally engage with joyous events and celebrations.
  • Speaker presentations: Likewise, you can broadcast the camera feed of special guests who come to preach at your church. Or, with some preparation, you can show video footage, song lyrics and other presentation visuals to supplement the pastor or speaker’s message.
  • Distant worship: When you expect a larger mass, like during Christmas, you can rent an LED screen or two to set up in designated overflow rooms. You can broadcast a live camera feed from the sanctuary so everyone can benefit from the sermon or special event.

Paired with other technology, you can also livestream your indoor and outdoor events to community members who couldn’t attend. This is particularly helpful for those with disabilities, older adults and other individuals who may find it physically challenging to go to church.

LED Screens for Outdoor Church Services

LED screens are ideal for bringing your worship to the outdoors. When hosting events outside, your congregation can come together in a more casual setting and safely partake in wide-scaled events, celebrations and services. Some outdoor events your church may consider hosting are:

  • Community-wide events: Transform your church lawn or parking lot into a fun-filled event for youth and families. Invite your community to a faith-based movie night, hold a carnival to celebrate Bible memory achievements or anything else your church enjoys outdoors. Of course, the event wouldn’t be complete without some family-oriented games and delicious food and snacks!
  • Holiday celebrations: When you’re expecting more people during holidays like Easter, consider holding a special service outdoors. You can use the extra space to welcome a larger congregation and offer fun activities like an Easter egg hunt.
  • Open-air services: Your congregation may appreciate celebrating Creation and hearing a sermon at an outdoor service. When the weather is right, you can hold your gathering outside using an LED screen as a visual aid for songs and a sermon. After your service, you can take full advantage of your LED screen rental by hosting a congregation-wide event, like a Sunday brunch or potluck.

Whether a one-time event or a monthly open-air sermon, your congregation may appreciate the refreshing outdoor church service capabilities.

Renting the Right LED Screen Size for Your Church Event

The right LED screen size is largely dependent on your church’s layout, congregation size and the type of event you’re hosting. In general, the more congregation members, the larger the screen size and quantity you want to have. For outdoor events, group size will vary the most. As a guide, we recommend the following sizes when renting outdoor LED screens for your church:

  • For 250 people: A screen size of 16 feet by 9 feet.
  • 500 to 750 people: A screen size of 20 feet by 12 feet, up to 25 feet by 15 feet.
  • 1,000 people: A screen size of 30 feet by 17 feet.
  • 3,000 people: A screen size of 40 feet by 20 feet.

Our specialty lies in full-service LED screen rentals, but we also offer outdoor movie screen and projector packages for those who prefer to keep an inflatable screen on-hand. Our outdoor inflatable screens are extremely durable, easy-to-use, wrinkle-free, wind-resistant up to 20 mph and machine washable.

Having your own inflatable screen comes with unique advantages. If your congregation often holds outdoor services or your church undergoes renovations, you can more easily commit to more open-air services or a temporary meeting location. If you find yourself stuck between purchasing an inflatable screen or relying on our full-service LED screen rentals, talk to one of our friendly specialists. We’d love to help you find the right-sized screen at the right price!

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If you’re looking for somewhere you can get large outdoor LED screens for your church services, opt for a trusted professional within the industry. As America’s #1 Outdoor Movie Equipment Rental Company, we believe FunFlicks® is your best bet. We specialize in full-service LED screen rentals, where our tech professionals will do all the work setting up and operating the LED screen, and will even stay throughout the duration of your event to make sure everything operates smoothly.

Based on your church’s unique events and outreach, FunFlicks® can help you deliver meaningful experiences to your community and congregation. Contact your local FunFlicks® representative today to learn more about our leading LED screen buying and rental options.

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