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In and Outdoor Projector and Screen Rental Service.  Rent a movie screen for your outdoor movie party & events with a FunFlicks® Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen Rental.

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Rent an Inflatable Movie Screen

“FunFlicks® passion is focused on bringing generations together in the local community to create extraordinary experiences, one event at a time.”

What does that mean? Basically, we believe in the magic of movies. It wasn't too long ago that the height of entertainment for young and old alike was a trip to the drive-in or the downtown cineplex. In our world of smartphones and countless streaming services, we seem to have forgotten the simple joy of watching a great flick as a community.

Well, FunFlicks® is here to turn back the clock and take you back to a simpler time. We're a full service indoor and outdoor movie event provider for individuals and organizations large and small. Towns, Cities, Parks and Recs, Schools and Pools, Neighborhoods and Communities, Churches, Apartments, Backyard Birthdays, Graduations — no matter what you're celebrating, we'll help you host an unforgettable movie experience in your neck of the woods.

The FunFlicks® Difference

Wondering what sets us apart? Let's just say we have grown Nationwide for a reason — We Price it Right and Do it Right! Rent a movie screen from America's #1 Outdoor Movie Equipment Rental Company and enjoy some pretty stellar benefits.

Outstanding Quality Equipment

What good is planning an unforgettable movie viewing event if you're going to wind up with a rinky-dink screen and substandard equipment? At FunFlicks®, we rent OUTSTANDING quality equipment along with expertise and 10 years of experience in the field of audio production and projection. You also get an epic inflatable outdoor movie screen rental good for both indoor and outdoor movie events.

YES... we know our prices are half of what our competition charges! But don't let our low prices scare you...

Our equipment is state-of-the-art and rated #1 in the industry by many.

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We are LOCAL in your Community

FunFlicks® is the leading and only National In and Outdoor Movie Equipment Provider in America. How have we come so far? Well, it's not alone, that's for sure. We are a company of individuals and families across the nation who have a vision of bringing world-class entertainment to your event. Our Company Brand is formed with individual business owners in each state that guarantee quality equipment and customer service.

Each location is educated on customer service and business processes, including event management and fulfillment.

All local licensees in our national network are committed to offering friendly and professional service along with fair pricing to facilitate your event. When you work with FunFlicks®, you can take pride in knowing that you're supporting a small, local business. Some of our local owners have been with us 10+ years, bringing the joy of the cinema to communities like yours.

Most Affordable and Highest Quality Screen Rental

Competitive Pricing Alone Should Win You Over!

Many companies charge $1,200 or more for similar equipment.  At FunFlicks®, you get superior Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen Rental and Outdoor Cinema Event Production for any sized crowd for nearly half the price.

Movie Events from $599
Backyard Movie Parties from $299
Fair and honest pricing that saves your budget.

Specializing in movie events since 2001

Since 2001, in an effort to grow the FunFlicks® Brand, we have jumped state lines by offering business owners a piece of our American Pie!

Now, with 68 Movie Screen Rental Locations in full operation, we can easily reach one-third of the nation with LOCAL representation in most states.

Operating our business local to you is important to us to ensure fantastic customer service and competitive pricing.

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FunFlicks® Outdoor Movie Rental History

All FunFlicks® locations are family owned and operated. Owners participate in an education program that details the FunFlicks® philosophy of business management. Each business owner is versed in Event Production, Business Etiquette and most of all Customer Satisfaction.

Our goal is to provide you with fun, friendly and professional service at a price that is fair and affordable for all businesses, schools, churches, families and communities.

Contact Your Local FunFlicks® Representative Today!

No matter which of our locations you choose to rent from, you'll work with experts in the production of projection events including In and Outdoor Movies and Video Gaming. We are serious about our business, which means you are sure to have a successful event. Some of the benefits we provide coast to coast include:

  • All locations are licensed and insured, giving you security and peace of mind.
  • Our equipment is state-of-the-art, reliable and entertaining. Bottom line — your crowd will LOVE you!
  • Local owners are friendly, professional and honest.
  • We WILL show up ON-TIME, making it easy and worry-free.

You provide the location and we provide all equipment to host a fun-filled in or outdoor movie event. Our equipment is capable of entertaining crowds of 5, 50, 500 or 5000!

Rentals include a Huge Inflatable Movie Screen, Concert Grade Sound, HD Projection and Event Staff to safely set-up and stay for the duration of your event.

FunFlicks® Outdoor Movies Since 2007

So, how did we grow to be the Nation's leading LOCAL In and Outdoor Movie Equipment Provider? Well, as they say, necessity is the mother of invention.

Our Outdoor Movie Event was so much Fun!

Believe it or not... this whole outdoor movie event idea started in a backyard on the side of a barn! Now we have a Nationwide Footprint! Don't laugh, we all know Apple computers started in a garage.

This concept of outdoor movies started as my son Beau's 3rd birthday party.

Yvette "the wife" and I got the idea to show a movie outdoors on the side of our barn in the backyard. It was kind of rough and the picture was all but average. However, the families invited could not stop talking about how cool this theme party idea turned out.

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An Event for the Whole Family

EVERYONE enjoyed it, the kids AND the adults!

We had our outside movie night party start at 7 p.m. with cartoons on the big screen. A half-hour later intermission included birthday cake, door prizes and dancing hot dogs. Then at 8 p.m., we started the feature film: "Herbie the Love Bug." Beau enjoyed it so much he had to watch it every day for the next month!! Seriously — every day!

Nine years later, we have taken this kids party idea to a much higher level and professionally enhanced the screen quality,

We gave it the name FunFlicks® In & Outdoor Movies and made it completely mobile to deliver to any location. Now, we provide indoor and outdoor movie rental equipment for Company Events, Parks and Recreation Departments, Communities, Schools, Pools, Apartments, Churches, Fundraisers and More.

The sound system is unbelievable, the inflatable screens are enormous and the picture quality is perfect. It's just like having a HUGE movie theater in your backyard, field, lot or gymnasium! We even include the event technician and fresh popcorn.

With vision, experience and hard work, FunFlicks® has crossed the nation with the support of our affiliated local business owners – who share in the same passion to offer this exciting event production in your neck of the woods!

For more outdoor movie event and birthday party ideas, or even Halloween party rentals, be sure to visit our party planning pages. Our outdoor movie events and movie parties will be a SMASHING HIT for your organization, community or family of friends, too!

Todd Severn - Founder/FunFlicks®

Highest Quality Movie Screen Rental

Our List of High-Profile Clients Continues to Grow

What started out as outdoor movie entertainment for backyard parties and company events has grown beyond our wildest dreams. Each individual or organization that partners with us enjoys superior audio-visual equipment, epic inflatable movie screens and outstanding customer service, all presented with a smile. On top of that, we love getting to conquer unique challenges to ensure a seamless movie-watching event. Now, we're the leader in our industry and have a fantastic reputation across the nation.

Here's just a few of the events and organizations we've had the pleasure of working with:

  • National Monument Movie Night in Washington D.C.
  • Classic Drive-In Movie Theater Events for Lamborghini, Tesla, Toyota and Harley-Davidson Dealerships
  • Amazon Treasure Trunk Events throughout the U.S.
  • Medieval Times Employee Appreciation Event
  • ABC's "The Bachelor" LIVE Season Finale viewing event
  • Classic Sci-Fi Horror Event
  • YMCA family movie nights
  • The Queen Mary Summer Movie Series
  • San Francisco’s SunDown Cinema Series
  • Multiple Film Festivals across the nation, including the Napa Valley Film Festival

We're confident that if others love us, you will too.

Rent an Inflatable Movie Screen from Anywhere in the U.S.

Our Dream of Growing Nationwide – Has Become a Reality!

Come Join Us — Find Out How

You could own your own Outdoor Movie Event Company – just like ours! We are seeking individuals interested in owning and operating their own FunFlicks® Outdoor Movie Business. We want to make your dream of having your own family-run business a reality.

Click here to find out more about starting your own outdoor movie screen rental business.

Plan an Incredible Night at the Movies With FunFlicks®

Whether you're head of your HOA or president of the PTA, watching movies together as a community is a real crowd pleaser. Our Nationwide Outdoor Projector and Screen Rental Event Services are available in most states across America. Give your in or outdoor event that extra oomph and pizzazz with FunFlicks®.

Follow this link for your closest FunFlicks® location:

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