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Currently FunFlicks® represents 110+ locations in 36+ States.   We are seeking family oriented people to operate their own outdoor movie business.  To learn more about this unique movie business, Call (818) 732-6872 or fill out our online info request form - Click Here: Online Request Form

We are looking for people in: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, Maine, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Wyoming and parts of many other States - Call Today!

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Start a FunFlicks® Outdoor Movie Business

Join us in our quest to evolve outdoor movies across America!

You Run Your Own Fun Flicks® Outdoor Movie Business - using our Proven Knowledge, Support and National Brand Marketing.

You have the option to take a 3 day education program - all to learn our secrets to success + plus crucial information to organize, promote and facilitate YOUR own outdoor movie business.

When you license with us - you are provided with a proven National Brand, Marketing Tools, Customer Leads,

Business Education, Support & More - all to jump start your new outdoor movie business.

You are provided with a Protected Territory, where you will have NO COMPETITION! All to help your new business GROW!

Many Licensees are provided with customer leads right from the first day! Fun Flicks has top placement in the major search engines - all to guarantee YOU with customer leads. We might even hand you booked clients or accounts to really JUMP START your business!

Licensing works for both of our goals. You grow your own outdoor movie business, using the Fun Flicks® Brand, we grow our company Nationwide. We are encouraged to help you grow and succeed - since the licensing fee is a percentage of your earnings. Basically, the more successful you are with your business, the more valuable the Fun Flicks Brand becomes. We NEED & HELP YOU SUCCEED!

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License Outdoor Movie Events with Fun Flicks

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Join Fun Flicks® in a quest to dominate the outdoor movie industry.

If you are an outdoor movie provider or considering providing outdoor movies, by joining marketing forces with Fun Flicks® – your advertising will be found….and you WILL grow your outdoor movie business with more customers! Help us & we will help you!

The nostalgic Drive-In is back & this “Golden Globe” opportunity awaits you.

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Our goal is to bring back that nostalgic era of the 50’s Drive-in by providing America’s families with a memorable outdoor movie experience.

By joining us, we can continue to market outdoor movies across the nation – and you can take advantage of National exposure to pick up more & more outdoor movie clients & customers!

It's YOUR business, you are just renting our name - With our name comes NATIONAL EXPOSURE - and bigger things to come! Get your PROTECTED territory before all states and counties are licensed to others.