School Movie Night

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A School Movie Night is a fun way to get families, teachers and students together for a fun filled night under the stars


School Outdoor Movie Events Include:

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Outdoor Movie Screen and speakers for rent

FunFlicks® School Outdoor Movie Event
includes complete outdoor movie theater equipment rental, delivery, set-up, removal and Fun Flicks Host. Everyone will be amazed with the extreme quality - guaranteed! You simply provide the movie - we provide the rest! Priced from $299-$599+ depending on crowd size.

Super Sized Inflatable Movie Screen
Our whopping inflatable screen comes complete with advertising space, blower & roping. The size will comfortably please the eyes of up to 250 guests. (We also have screens to satisfy up to 5000!)

Ultrasonic & Amplified Upgraded Sound System
The crowd always requests us to turn down the volume! Your outdoor movie presentation will be clear, intense & exciting.

A warm and friendly FunFlicks® Host
will stay to oversee your movie night. We are always friendly, professional, clean-cut, honest & dependable. We will take care of all technical components & serve your guests popcorn if included.

High Quality Digital Projection
incredible sound system, VHS/DVD player, equipment tables & cables. Truly enjoyable for you & your guests!

Complete delivery, technical set-up and removal for your school movie events.

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Popcorn Addition to School Movie Nights

Popcorn prices listed ADDED to the movie equipment
rental - call today! Popcorn Cart Rental & Kernals

Worried about the
 We gotcha covered!

Add a rain date Guarantee to any event - to ensure
momma nature doesn't stomp on your parade.

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Not Big Enough?

We have
Bigger screens

UPGRADE Screen sizes from 26'-40' for audiences from 200-5000

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School Outdoor Movie Events

Every school movie night transpires into a wonderful Family Fun Night. Students, Parents, Faculty and Staff come together to experience a movie in a public relaxed environment.

There’s something about sitting on a blanket with your kids and their friends, hearing the sounds of chuckles and laughter when Dory spells “escape”. Or the tears the audience shares when Nemo hugs Dad....

Outdoor movies are different than watching a movie at home or at the theater. At home, you might experience it alone or with a friend or family member.

The meaning of the movie stays with you. When your school hosts the film and produces its own outdoor theater, the audience becomes connected through the experience.

It plays out the emotional connection of the movie as the film maker originally desired. You know the kids on the blanket behind you, Your kids know the teachers & the other family on the blanket to the left. You are surrounded by familiarity and comfort and you truly experience the movie in a different way – that gets the kids minds out of the cell phone, and into the experience WITH the families & friends surrounding them.

Back in the day, Sunday Night at the Movies was the biggest thing on television. Monday morning at school, the kids would ask “Did you see what happened last night”?

There was one of 3 choices to experience. It was talked about on Friday prior – What are you watching on Sunday? We laughed and shared our experience about the movie – unless your Dad watched 60 minutes instead! But that was shared and in a humorous way, all shared with a friend.

You can’t help to feel the emotional connection – you might even hold back tears in fear of embarrising the kids in front of their best friends

This is the purpose of a movie night under the stars. This event gets you, and your community together for something meaningful & to share the experience and emotion pulled from the inner you.

Your school can easily create your own memories and experiences with our school outdoor movie night.

You can make it as simple as spending your already raised school funds, or create a school fundraiser. Outdoor Movies are also a fantastic silent auction idea – where the school can offer an outdoor movie party to raise funds.

FunFlicks® is HAPPY TO HELP!

Hosting your own outdoor movie night at the school could never be easier. Give your local FunFlicks operator a call, text or email. Ask the questions, and hold your event date.

FunFlicks will provide you with a marketing kit to help spread the word to reach your attendance goals.

We will help with consessions including candy, popcorn & drinks.

You simply provide the date, field, gymnasium or parking lot – we will provide marketing and media if desired.

OH, don’t forget the movie! This is the HARDEST part of the process!

What movie do we show?

Click here: on how to choose a movie for your school movie night.

Let’s Get The Party Started!

Ready to book your school movie event? Connect with your local FunFlicks® today!