Sixteen Inch Cordless LED Cube Chair Light, New Removable and Easy Charging LED Module ,Color Changing For Your Outdoor Movie Party


led furniture for outdoor movie parties or led events

LED furniture for your outdoor movie event



16″LED Cubes are built for the outdoors. Rated IP67 Waterproof which means no ingress of dust and immersion in water up to 3 feet. Of course these are not intended for immersion but accidents happen! These easy charging led cubes are super bright and change colors with the included remote control. They are great additions to making your back yard space ready for that perfect outdoor movie experience. Or making that statement while hosting an outdoor LED event. Perfect to use (they hold up to 300 lbs.) for outdoor movie chairs or for a lounge area when hosting a special LED event.

With a single charge they will last between 10-12 hours which makes them perfect for outdoor movie pool parties, Apartment home movie events, corporate LED events, outdoor movie party chairs or LED lounge chairs for your mobile LED event.

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