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We're Bringing Back the Drive-In with our Pop-Up Outdoor Movie Rental Business!

There’s something about sitting under a star filled summer night, watching a favorite outdoor movie with 20 of your closest friends & family members. There was something so special about this phenomenon, that over 4200 owners of Drive-in movie theaters entertained crowds for over 3 decades. As we know, the Drive-in has lost its place in today’s world giving into the real estate boom.

We will never forget that excitement & anticipation of being cramped in a dark trunk with 3 buddies, the sneaking arm around a girlfriend’s shoulder, or the laughs and smiles of a heartwarming comedy!

Now, FunFlicks®, in its own special way, is bringing back the nostalgic atmosphere that entertained many of us throughout our childhood. Drive-In movies using HUGE Pop-Up Movie Screen Rentals including mobile inflatable screens for outdoor movies in your car, backyard, field or lot!

We provide mobile pop-up movie screen rentals, projection and sound systems to entertain friends & families of any sized crowd from 5-5000 at their location of choice.

The parties and events we provide at FunFlicks® truly bring back nostalgia the Drive-in once provided. Our slogan reads: It’s all the fun of a Drive-in, with or without the cars!

The pop-up & drive-in movie screens are easily mobilized, the sound system boasts outstanding quality and the projection is better than many movie theaters. A FunFlicks® outdoor movie rental business presentation is truly a remarkable experience.

Most importantly, our events satisfy the need most parents want to provide, that of unique entertainment at birthdays and sharing our childhood memories of the good ole’ days.

Simply put, we provide a fun, unique, satisfying form of outdoor entertainment in a safe environment.

We offer Drive-In Movie Theater Equipment for an outdoor movie screen business.

Unique Outdoor Movie Rental Business Business was Born

In the summer of 2001, our Founder Todd Severn needed an idea for his son’s birthday party.  His wife thought to have a movie party and show a movie on the side of their barn and invite some friends.  The picture may have been fuzzy and the sound mediocre, but the people who attended had ecstatic reactions, motivating Todd to bring his unique new outdoor movie party idea to life.

After developing the concept further, ads were placed and outdoor movie events were performed.  The buzz hit the streets and word of mouth spread like wildfire.  Equipment took 3-years to perfect, and now a fantastic system is in place for top quality entertainment for crowds of 5, 50 or 500 or 5000.

FunFlicks® started this fun, part-time, seasonal, one-man business conducting outdoor movies solely in Baltimore, Maryland.  The service quickly expanded throughout Maryland, Pennsyvania, New Jersey, Delaware & Virginia.  Over the years, FunFlicks® has evolved Nationwide expanding to include outdoor movies in California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Indiana, Louisiana, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Massachuesetts, Rhode Island, New Hamphire, New York, Montana & More!   (click for our locations)

Now we entertain thousands of families, schools, communities, parks, apartments & more.

Events can be held indoors or outdoors.  Screens range from 9-foot to 62-foot!  Drive-In events are the new norm since Covid-19, however Pop-Up Cinema screens can be erected in any field or parking lot to entertain any-sized group.

Expansion & Growth

With this expansion, came more attention to FunFlicks®.  With mentions in “Style” and "In Style" magazines,  our outdoor movie rental business skyrocketed even more.  The success of FunFlicks® has come so naturally, Todd could only envision others to share in his exciting concept and evolve it Nationwide.  It was decided the best way to evolve FunFlicks® Outdoor Movies, was to reward other individual business owners through the genius of licensing. (This is where you come in!)

Sharing the Opportunity with YOU!

If you're searching for the hottest new business or a part or full-time venture, you may have just found it!

Our goal is to provide you with an organized, fun, part-time, seasonal, and expandable outdoor movie rental business system that is rewarding, satisfying and entertaining to yourself and America’s families.  We know we can’t duplicate that nostalgic era of the 50's drive-in, but we can sure bring some of its fun back, and we want you to contribute!

This Could be YOUR Ticket to Hollywood!

Come join our network, and let's market outdoor movies together.  For more information about starting your own outdoor movie rental business in your location.

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