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YES - We are LOCAL and offer professional New Hampshire Movie Screen Rentals for Indoor & Outdoor Events at Schools, Parks, Churches, Businesses, Apartments, Backyards, & More.

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Inflatable Movie Screen Rental in New Hampshire

New Hampshire outdoor movies bring folks together amongst wooded mountains or tranquil lakeshores, making each event a treasured celebration of storytelling and shared experiences. From the golden age of drive-ins in the 1950s to the modern FunFlicks® experience enjoyed across the region, our people have gathered together to partake in the open-air cinema experience for decades. New Hampshire outdoor movies are a combination of recreation and the enjoyment of quality cinema. Friends and families congregate on grassy lawns or warm town squares, blankets spread, to watch a wide selection of films, from timeless classics to modern jewels. Outdoor movies are an amazing tradition in New Hampshire, set against the picturesque splendor of our state.

New Hampshire Event Rentals for Drive-Ins

With revolutionary technology, FunFlicks® New Hampshire has transformed the old-fashioned drive-in experience. Audiences can watch the movies they love on our massive inflatable screens with audio delivered directly to their radios, allowing them to relax comfortably in their vehicles. We provide the most affordable yet professional inflatable movie screen rental services in the country, including cutting-edge screens in a variety of sizes, booming high-definition sound, and high-resolution laser projection. Our professional crew and state-of-the-art projector screen rental equipment will make your New Hampshire outdoor movie event one to remember.

Impress the guests at your drive-in with our excellent New Hampshire inflatable movie screen rental services.

#1-Rated New Hampshire Inflatable Movie Screen Rentals

FunFlicks® New Hampshire movie screen rentals can entertain a wide range of crowds thanks to our large selection of screen sizes. Whether the event has 5 or 5,000 attendees, we provide the required help and gear. Events may take place practically anywhere in the country, including in a backyard, at a park, inside a building, or even on top of one of Manchester's tallest structures. Local event specialists will arrive at your location, arrange the inflatable movie screen equipment, and then remove it all at the end of the party.

As the #1 New Hampshire movie screen rental company, we are thrilled to give back to our state's communities.

New Hampshire Outdoor Movies are Experiences for Everyone

FunFlicks® New Hampshire projection screen rental services are excellent for a wide range of events, from large drive-ins in Manchester to tiny birthday parties in the country. The silver screen draws families, friends, and strangers together for a night of entertainment. We offer specialist services to a diverse range of clients throughout the Granite State.