Mobile LED Trailers and Modular LED Walls For Live Feed Sporting Events

Mobile LED Trailers and Modular LED Walls For Live Feed Sporting Events

Calling all sports fans, hosts, and exemplary entertainers searching for a method to optimize live feed sporting events, watch parties, or tailgating festivities. Our LED screens create the perfect opportunity for all hosts to upgrade their event to a whole new level. Besides you want the best when your in charge of the entertainment.

Every fan or spectator values a prime perspective and an inside look into the action of the long-awaited game of the day. Our large LED screens provide the preeminent display for viewers to watch the game. Put all your guests in the premiere seating section with the premiere ticket prices. No matter the seating arrangement, as long as the LED screen is in sight,  prepare to enjoy a clear, crisp, and vibrant spectacle of the game. Moreover, our IP65 screens can endure inclement weather conditions. So enjoy your live feed sporting event or tailgate festivities rain or shine.

Whether it’s the Super Bowl, your favorite team’s tailgate festivities, a NCAAA marquise basketball match up, an NHL rivalry game, or any live feed sporting event, sports enthusiasts are guaranteed to gain an experience they will never forget. Imagine your team taking the victory on our HUGE LED screens.

Watch Parties

With our LED screens, watch parties will enhance your and take it to the next level.  Use our LED screens for viewing season premieres, season finales, music awards, academy awards, daytime movie events, and much more!

Think of us as a huge television or computer monitor. Whatever feed you supply we can broadcast! Contrary, we use our inflatable outdoor movie screens at prestigious events including a live view of the Bachelorette finale at dusk, Super Bowl parties, Fortune 500 companies’ grand openings, etc.  But our LED screens have the advantage of providing prime viewing experiences in the daylight plus night life experiences. Don’t forget that our LED systems will  handle inclimate weather. Enjoy the Bachelor premiere, the CMA Awards, the Grammy Awards, or your favorite show’s finale to name a few. Guests love to watch their treasured show at an optimal level.

We have everything needed to provide the event to include commercial rated “quiet” generators for powering the 16 foot x 10 foot LED screen and concert quality sound. All you need to provide is the video feed! Additionally, with our top-notch equipment, each event is configured by our certified technicians ensuring your party runs smoothly. We also have an effective capability to bypass generator power for indoor events or enclosed areas.

Step up your next live feed sports event, tailgate party or watch party with our ultimate LED screens! Blow away your guests and be the buzz of the town with a FunFlicks LED screen rental.

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