LED Display Rental FAQs

Questions and Answers to Consider for your Outdoor LED Display Rental

What is LED Display?

Light emitting diodes (LED) uses electroluminescence to generate light efficiently and safely. In addition, LED technology can operate great under full sun and colder climates that other display technologies struggle with. The versatile aspect of our LED display screens allows the fun to happen any time of day in a variety of climates. Our LED screens do not produce any heat or UV emissions considered harmful to the environment.






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LED screen rentals in California utilizing mobile screen for sporting events during the day.

At FunFlicks®, we proudly prioritize transparent pricing. Therefore, we are upfront about costs of LED screens, inflatable movie setups, photo booths, and other service rentals. Due to variations in screen size, display types, travel fees, and availability, our LED screen rentals vary in pricing. The office staff is available and happy to answer any questions regarding rental pricing. 

Our prices are the MOST COMPETITIVE in the United States!

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What is pixel pitch?

Pixel pitch is defined as the distance, in millimeters, from the center of one pixel to the center of the pixel adjacent to it. The lower the distance, the higher the pixel density. As result, a higher pixel density translates to a higher image resolution in a given amount of space.  For example, a panel with a pixel pitch of 4.1 mm will be a higher resolution  and more crisp standing 10 feet from the panel with a 6.0 mm pitch.  (Hence the reason we use only the 4.1 mm pitch in all our mobile LED displays.)

What pixel pitch are your panels?

Our mobile LED trailer displays are 4.1 mm.  However, the modular panels vary depending on application.

Are your LED walls weatherproof?

Most of our modular panels and trailer display panels are rated IP65, therefore, they are rainproof and dust proof.

Do I need to supply power?

All of our LED mobile trailers have on board generators. Therefore, no power supply is needed.  We can provide power generators for our modular systems for an additional fee.  If shore power is available, the amount of power needed and amperage is based upon display size.

What is the set-up time?

The LED display trailers can be set-up in about 30 minutes with minimal staff.

Usually, the larger modular LED display will require more staff present and takes longer to set-up than a mobile LED trailer display.

What does the rental process look like?

Pretty simple. Feel free to fill out the LED quote below and we’ll contact you shortly.  Once we chat and determine your specific needs, we’ll send you a detailed quote which can electronically be turned into a contract and your LED rental is booked!  

But, we don’t stop there. We will communicate with you up until your event to insure all your needs are met and your video display is perfect!

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