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Outdoor movie screen rentals delivered to your LOCATION.  Inflatable movie screen rentals include: Projector, Sound & Host.

FunFlicks Outdoor Movie Events

Outdoor Movie Rentals? Yes & Delivered Anywhere!

FunFlicks® brings the fun of the 1950s to your 21st-century event. We provide full-service outdoor movie screen and equipment rentals for all your shindigs, whenever and wherever — local parks, schools, apartments and more. Heck, we'll even set things up in your own backyard.

Get everything you need for a magical night at the movies. We include a large movie screen rental, and all the fancy equipment like the projector and sound system. Plus, a friendly FunFlicks® tech will host your extraordinary outdoor cinema experience.

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Join in on the fun when you host your own Drive-In experience in your community! From intimate family gatherings to big whopping events, we have outdoor movie screens of different sizes, so you're sure to get the perfect fit for your event.

Find a friendly outdoor movie equipment provider and specialist near you when you book online with your local FunFlicks®.

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Experience the joy of outdoor cinema!

Drive-In Movie Theater Rentals

Turn back the clock to the time of sock hops and malt shops. When Buddy Holly ruled the airwaves and the Drive-In movie was the height of entertainment.

This was the Golden Age of Hollywood, when glittering stars like James Dean and Marilyn Monroe graced the silver screen. The Drive-In movie theater was where every hep cat brought his girl on a Saturday night.

Yes, it’s true. For those not familiar, there used to be Drive-In theaters sprinkled across the U.S.A. Old and young alike would burn rubber to the local Drive-In to show off their sweet ride and watch the latest flick outside in beautiful nature.

Now, FunFlicks® provides outdoor movie rentals that bring back the nostalgia of the 1950s. In other words, we're bringing back the community feel of the Drive-In with all the fixings of the modern movie-going experience. We utilize:

  • Inflatable movie screens that tower up to 52 feet!
  • Concert grade sound systems
  • Premium HD projection

Inflatable Movie Screen Rental Services

Once you host your first outdoor movie extravaganza, you won't want to watch movies any other way. With a huge inflatable movie screen rental from FunFlicks®, sitting under the stars watching your favorite film is just the beginning.

As your guests stare up at our towering movie screen, it creates a "WOW" factor that's pretty unforgettable. When you rent one of our blow-up movie screens, be sure to include our concert grade sound and premium projection to get the full effect.

FunFlicks® is the perfect way to plan a movie event in your community. We deliver lasting smiles and a nostalgic, memories-for-a-lifetime experience everyone will be talking about.

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Outdoor Movies Event Tickets

Movie Nights & More:

Movie nights are perfect for audiences of all ages, whether at a community event, church social or business gathering. Everyone will love rubbing shoulders as you lay out on lawn chairs or kick back in your cars on a warm summer evening, sharing the joy of outdoor cinema.

From pools to schools, apartments to parks, our movie equipment is transportable, affordable and downright cool.


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Fantastic and Easy!

We absolutely loved working with FunFlicks. The entire process was so easy and the staff was great from beginning to end! The audio and visual quality were both fantastic. We definitely plan to use FunFlicks again and will be recommending them to other organizations as well. Thank you!

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Excellent Quality Experience

Truly FunFlicks provides the perfect way to provide a fun and rewarding community event to bring large screen outdoor movies to your park or similar venue. The event hosts are very easy to work with, setup and takedown is quick, efficient and clean. The quality of the inflatable screen and the projection surface is excellent. The projector, playback equipment and audio system are top notch. The audience loved it each and every time we had this event. I highly recommend using FunFlicks.

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It was a great experience and some of the people there were so impressed they said they would book a rental

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The BEST for School Drive-ins

We've used FunFlicks for all of our school drive-in events. They're very professional and friendly from beginning to end. We've recommended them to other schools for their drive-in events.

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We Are Kind and Helpful

Everyone was so kind and helpful. Truly a pleasure to have them help us out on this event. Greatly appreciated.

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Easy Process!

The whole process was easy. Emily was fantastic with her information back to me, and Jose was phenomenal on site, he was kind, pleasant, and very proficient in his job. We will definitely be using FunFlicks again!

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Charles / California

Wedding Party

I was awfully nervous having never used a service like FunFlicks. I also needed the screen/projector setup to be mid-wedding due to rearrangements that would occur AND it was for a surprise video to the bride and groom, but I couldn't have worked with a more flexible and competent host, Sean. Big thank you to Sean and Fun Flicks for making this a seamless experience!

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Vikki M. / Riverside, CA

Well Worth It!

"WELL WORTH IT! The technician sets everything up and stays on sight in the event there are any technical difficulties. He was very friendly and came way ahead of time to ensure he had everything he needed for the event to begin on time. All in all, we were VERY pleased!"

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Jeff Mollan / Michigan

School – Summer Movie Night

Everyone loved family movie night!! It brings with it the atmosphere of a drive in movie. An event that everyone enjoyed and will remember as a great summertime memory.

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Leasing Agent / Bakersfield, CA / Melissa

Resident Event – Apartment

You guys are always so awesome! Rochelle makes the booking process completely seamless, even when it is last minute! And Dejuan is such an awesome, respectful, knowledgeable, and self-sufficient host. Thank you guys again! Our residents are SO happy with the event...We will have another one soon. Thank you. 🙂 Melissa

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